The Force Awakens is finally heeere! Seeing as we're all as pumped as you are, we thought we'd take a break from the Christmas posts today, to bring you one about our awesome Star Wars gifts and gadgets!

R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum 

This little guy may not be able to project holographic messages, but he can keep your desk nice and tidy. This mini version of everyone's favourite droid has a USB-powered vacuum to suck up all the crumbs and dust from your desk, while also being a cute little companion for your work station.
R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum

Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener 

Forget dull, practical presents, that really isn't our style here at Gadget Inspector. Instead, we like to provide you with useful products that also look awesome, which is certainly true of this Millennium Falcon bottle opener! Depicting all the features of Han's famous ship in a sleek 2D design, this keyring is a unique and subtle way to incorporate your love of the franchise into your everyday life. You'll certainly want to be first on the case at parties when someone asks for a bottle opener when you have this on your keys! 
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

Yoda RC Pump and Play

Ever wanted your very own Jedi Master? Well, this is probably the closest thing you'll get! This awesome inflatable RC depicts the iconic, little green, lightsaber wielding Jedi, and comes with 11 original sounds from the films! Sounds just like the real thing, it does, talk just like Yoda it will. 

yoda rc pump and play

Star Wars 3D Model Kit (Tie Fighter II)

If you're a bit crafty and fancy trying your hand at making your very own models to display in your home, then why not try putting together this incredibly intricate Tie Fighter II kit? With a sleek metallic finish, if you take your time and put it together properly, the end result should be a great addition to your Star Wars memorabilia collection! To see our full selection, click here.
star wars 3D model kit

BB8 RC Pump and Play

We're all ready and willing to love this adorable little droid, even though we haven't even seen the film yet! With the ability to spin 360 degrees and with 14 original sound effects, this little RC companion is almost as good as the real thing! He's super easy to inflate and let down, so you can always put him away neatly once you're done (not that we think you'll want to). 
bb8 inflatable rc
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Victor Frankenstein comes out in UK cinemas today, so we decided to share a few science themed gifts with you all! We have everything you need to treat the science savvy person in your life, from handy desktop gadgets to super cool drinking accessories! 

Genius Paperclip Holder 

Regardless of whether or not you take any interest in how magnets actually work, this quirky papeclip holder is a great little novelty for your desk. It gives the owner free reign to create their own hairstyle for famous physicist Albert Einstein, comprised solely from an assortment of odd paperclips that may be scattered amongst their stationary. Both fun and functional, this guy will give you a handy storage solution, while also providing a spot of entertainment for your procrastination breaks.. 

magnetic paperclip holder

Rechargeable AA Batteries 

It can be a pain having to buy a new pack of batteries every time you're gadgets run our of juice, so why not buy a set that you can keep reusing? No complicated charging kits are needed in order to jig these batteries back into action, just plug them into your computer's USB until they've recharged and you're good to go!
USB rechargeable batteries
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Periodic Table Stoneware Mug

Now you may think that the connection between 'Victor Frankenstein' starts and ends with the science theme we've picked out for our gift guide, but you'd be wrong! This mug is a great way to aid your retention of the table of elements, providing the perfect tool with which to serve your revision coffee. Now, here is where the movie connection comes in. Another way of committing your table of elements to memory, is buy learning the 'Elements Song', something that 'Victor Frankenstein' star Daniel Radcliffe knows all about
periodic table mug

'Danger- Man Cooking' Apron Set

Did you ever have to learn the scientific hazard symbols in school? Do you remember what this one means? In case you didn't remember, it's a bio-hazard sign, which could be a rather apt analogy for the gent who's not so good in the kitchen.

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Brain Money Box

This gift is ideal for the 'brain box' in your life, or that person you know who has 'more money than sense' (sorry, we can never resist bad puns). Not only does this Brain Money Box make a cool and creepy ornament for your shelf, it also gives you a great place to store all your loose change. Note: No graves were robbed in the making of this money bank...
brain money box

Chemistry Drinking Accessories 

Be honest, the best gift you ever got for Christmas was your chemistry set, wasn't it? Why not reminisce this year while having your Christmas drink, with these awesome Chemistry shot glass sets? Choose from our colourful test tubes or our teeny tiny measuring beakers, and see what strange concoctions you can come up with.
chemistry drinking accessories

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From page to screen, comic book heroes and villains have been an integral part of modern popular culture, particularly in recent years. Whether you're a budding Batman or an aspiring Avenger, we stock a wide range of themed accessories and novelties here at Gadget Inspector. To show you some of them, we thought we would put together another gift guide so you can get all of your shopping done in time for Christmas! 

Batman Apron

Bruce Wayne may have Alfred to do all of his cooking, but some of us just aren't that lucky! If you don't have an elderly butler to do all of your work, don't despair, we have the perfect solution to your problems. This easy-tie apron is perfect for whipping up a hearty meal in a hurry, particularly if you find yourself having to pop out between dishes, to deal out a dose of justice on the streets of your city.

batman cooking apron

Hulk Mug

If you find that your tea demands often go unnoticed, this hefty Hulk mug could be the solution to all your beverage bothers. Shaped to resemble the sizeable fist of the green Goliath, this mug not only provides you with a generous helping of your chosen drink, but also sends out the message that you won't take no for an answer! 
hulk fist mug

Joker Wallet and Belt Set.

If badass bad guys are more your speed, then why not show your allegiance with this awesome, Joker wallet and belt set? Complete with a cool, retro comic book design, these additions to your wardrobe are an ideal way to show some love to good ol' Mister J. Just pair them with a purple suit, and you have the perfect combo! 
joker wallet and belt

Superhero Logo Cufflinks 

The Batman v Superman film is being released in the new year, so it's high time that we all picked a side! Wear your allegiance on your sleeve (quite literally), with one of our superhero cufflink sets! Whether your a high-flying businessman or a justice-serving journalist, be sure to show where your loyalties lie. Browse the rest of our selection here.

         superhero suit cufflinks

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Today is International Men's Day, so we thought it would be the perfect time to share our 'Gifts for Him' guide with you! Here at Gadget Inspector, we have a great range of unique gifts and novelties for your loved ones, which is perfect if you're struggling to think of ideas! 
Below are just a few of our cool gifts and gadgets, but remember to check on our site and blog for more cool and creative ideas!

Batman Logo Mirror 

Let him spruce up his very own Batcave, with this awesome Batman Logo Mirror! Perfect for fans of the films and comics, this mirror adds a dose of Gotham glamour to any room. Just don't get too alarmed when the recipient starts moodily staring at themselves, and mumbling in a low, husky voice...

batman mirror

Racing Car Alarm Clock

Does the man in your life dream about waking up to their very own supercar on Christmas morning? Well, now they can wake up to that every morning! (I mean, sort of..) This car motif alarm clock is fitted with flashing headlights and the sound of a V12 engine, ensuring that the owner is fully awake and ready to start their day.
car alarm clock

Man Flu Mug

This novelty mug is an ideal gift for the guy who's prone to a good old moan when he's feeling under the weather. Great for sipping a hot lemon or chicken soup, this mug is a perfect way to combat the common cold. 

man flu mug
Vintage Racer USB Hub

This one would be a handy and fun little gadget for all the tech-savvy fellows you know. Not only does is quadruple your USB capability, but it also functions as a working toy race car! Just flip open the bonnet to reveal the USB ports, or pull back to accelerate and watch it speed across your desk.

race car USB hub

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

These Stainless Steel Ice Cubes bring a whole new meaning to the phrase 'on the rocks', keeping your drink ice cold without diluting any of the alcohol or bold flavours. Perfect for fans of whiskey and other spirits, these cubes are a sleek and superior alternative to the humble water-based cube. 

stainless steel ice cubes
The Gnominator Garden Gnome 

I like this gift, which is why I'm going to kill.. I MEAN  talk about it last...  This witty garden gnome depicts a certain, popular action movie star in one of his famous roles, in case you couldn't tell. Perfect for guys who like to 'let off some steam' in their gardens, this Gnome will have you saying 'hasta la vista' to all those boring, old garden gnomes. 

terminator garden gnome

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Some days it can be dull when you're working in an office. You're sat down staring at the same four walls and having the same old conversations everyday, it's inevitably going to get a little boring. That being said, here at Gadget Inspector we have some of the best desktop novelties and gadgets to brighten up those dull days! 

just £6.99 
This Basketball Desk Tidy is the perfect solution to your break time boredom. Shoot some hoops if you have writers block, and get those creative juices flowing! It's the perfect place to store all your stationary, plus It also comes with a handy dry wipe backboard, so you can remind yourself of important tasks or when it's someone's birthday in the office. 

Basketball Desk Tidy

Was £9.99, Now £8.50
This Bunny Stapler is the perfect desktop pet! It doesn't need feeding or cleaning, and as well as being cute also doubles as a stapler! Just push down on the ears and it'll hop to it, stapling your documents with utter precision. Three cheers for a gift that's both adorable and efficient!

From £10.00 
This USB mug warmer is ideal for workaholics who survive on coffee! Simply plug it into your computer's USB port, plonk your mug down on top of it, and it will keep your beverage cosy and warm no matter how long you're at your desk. The mug warmer pad is also shaped like a delicious-looking cookie, which won't help the cravings but will certainly look good!

From £7.95 
This Mini Table Tennis is perfect for relieving the stress of everyday office life. Simply turn off your monitor, clear away those papers, and set up the net. Et voilàyou can have your very own game of table tennis at your desk! Don't blame us if you get too into it and you start missing deadlines though... 

Mini Table Tennis
Just £4.99 

This Stuart Desktop Standee is the perfect work companion! You won't be able to stop yourself from smiling, every time you take a glimpse of his dopey facial expression while you're typing away. Your work friends will all want one of their own once they've spotted him!

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