Gadget Inspector Summer Essentials
If, between cat videos and Twitter arguments, you've glanced out the window recently, you may have noticed that the outside world has a strange sort of brightness about it right now. We're told that this phenomenon is called 'British Summer Time' - an annual thing that tends to start around the same time as Wrestlemania and end just before Halloween.

Our sources indicated that many people use this so-called 'Summer' as an excuse to go outside and get drunk with their friends. This is news to us, but just in case you're planning to dust the Dorito powder off your hands and venture outdoors this summer, here are a few things that seem like they might come in handy:

Chill Out Wedge
Our boffins have observed that lots of people enjoy lying on the grass during summertime, perhaps with a book or a cocktail of some sort. If you intend to join them, we recommend using this comfortable suede wedge - after all, the grass is teeming with insects and parasites, and this brightly-coloured inflatable will go at least some way to protecting you from them. It's good for your posture, too.

The Selfy Stick
Many see summertime as a prime opportunity to take photos with their friends (probably because of the improved lighting). This extendable stick will increase the range of your camera, allowing you to fit more of your friends into the shot. Or, y'know, more empty space.

Red Beer Bong
We mentioned drinking, and while most are content to drink their beer from bottles or cans, we at Gadget Inspector know of a far more efficient way: the beer bong! This snazzy red number has a 2.5 pint capacity, and the incredible rate at which liquid flows through the device will allow you to finish your beer quickly and get back indoors where you belong.