Everyone loves this little, green, lightsaber wielding Jedi master, and now you can have him for your own! Go on a range of intergalactic adventures from the comfort of your own home, with this RC Inflatable Yoda Pump and Play.

Once he is inflated and clipped into the drive unit, take the easy-to-use handset and drive Yoda forwards, backwards and in any direction you like, with the 360 degree turn function. He'll operate indoors and out, so the adventures can be taken with you wherever you go. Best of all, is the fact that he comes with 11 original sound effects from the films, so you can pretend that you really do have the famous Jedi master by your side.

At this point, you're probably wondering how you can get your hands on the this incredible toy. Well, you'll be happy to know that this RC Inflatable Yoda Pump and Play is this weeks deal of the week and it can be yours for just £34.99

So, if you're looking to grab that perfect gift before it's too late, then you'd better snap up this amazing deal while you still can! It'll have both the adults and children fighting over who's turn is it to play on it next..

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Do you love a challenge? Do you enjoy a good puzzle to get your brain working? If so, this Maze Cube - Large is perfect for you! 

This 3D Tetris-like puzzle has 19000 possible solutions, so it should keep you busy up until Christmas next year! It consists of 13 different pieces in red, blue and yellow, which make a thousand different configurations. When put together correctly, you can make a perfect cube.

If this Maze Cube interests you, then you'll be happy to know that it is our Deal Of The Week, and it is now reduced to £4.50! That's more than 50% off, what a bargain!

If you're looking for the ultimate brain teaser that will challenge you this Christmas, then look no further than our Maze Cube - Large! With over 19000 different solutions, you won't be getting bored of this in a hurry! 

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Jägerbombs, Boilermakers, Skittle Bombs, everyone hates to love them, but we just can't stay away from them when we go out to party! These bomber drinks work by dropping a shot of hard liquor into a glass partially filled with beer, but you can use other beverages if you want to. The goal is to drink your drink as quickly as possible, but we have to admit that we're not always that sharp..

These The Bomb: Shot Glasses give you an awesome way to chug your bombs! Complete with a smaller shot glass moulded into the cup, it allows you to separate both beverages easily without the need for extra shot glasses. Once you've poured in all of your drinks, it's time to chug and drink,drink,drink! 

You'll be happy to know that these awesome little cups are our Deal of the week, and are now only £4.50! What a bargain! If you're looking for that perfect bomber cup to spice up your next party, look no further than our The Bomb: Shot Glasses

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Every man has dreamt about having their very own Batcave at least once in their life. Who wouldn't? It's the ultimate Man cave! Now, that dream of yours can become a reality! Well, sort of...  

This Batman Logo Mirror is the ultimate decorative item for fans of the caped crusader! It's perfect for your long, hard, moody stares at yourself, contemplating how much it would actually cost to become Batman, and practising your best Dark knight impression: " Where is she!". 

So, if you're looking to give your regular old room an upgrade, you'll be happy to know that this Batman Logo Mirror is our Deal of the week, and is now just £23.99! What a bargain! 

Whether you're a fan of the Dark Knight, or are simply looking for that special accessory to spruce up your home, Bruce Wayne style, this mirror is perfect! Give your home a dose of crime-fighting, villain-bashing high-flying awesomeness!
Are you looking for something a little less tacky than your average garden gnome, to brighten up your back garden? Well, we can confidently tell you that your search is over, because we've found just the item for you! 

We understand that this The Butcher Garden Gnome is still of rather questionable taste, but he is a lot more interesting to look at than your bog standard garden ornament! As you can see, he's just finished beheading a Flamingo. Probably because this psychotic little fella didn't want any challenge to his reign of garden terror!

If you're interested in brining home this novelty gnome, you'll be happy to find out that it's our deal of the week, and is now just £14.99! That's £10 off the original price, what a bargain!

So, if you're looking for a bloody twist on the conventional lawn gnome, or if you're just looking for something to give your aunt a fright this Christmas, this gnome is perfect for anyone with a truly sick sense of humour! 
It's Sure to raise a few eyebrows at your next garden party....