Halo 3D Model Kit: Master Chief HelmetHalo 3D Model Kit: WarthogHalo 3D Model Kit: UNSC Mantis
We're huge gaming fans here at Gadget Inspector, so we found it hard to contain our excitement when we saw these arrive in our warehouse. These are the incredibly detailed Metal Earth Halo 3D Metal Model kits, and yes, they are just as spectacular in person as they are on your screen. They're really simple to build and there's no soldering or glueing required just put them together using slots and grooves. They'd look great on any mantelpiece or desk. So with that being said here's a quick run through on what set's we have to offer. 

Everyone knows who Master Chief is he's a gaming icon! And now you own your very own model of the ultimate Super-Soldier Helmet.

Halo 3D Model Kit: Warthog
I speak for all of us when I say we've all dreamt of owning our very own Warthog to travel around in. 
Halo 3D Model Kit: Pelican
If your desk is looking a bit bare then this Metal Model will certainly vamp it up! 
Halo 3D Model Kit: UNSC Mantis

If you're fed up of people borrowing you things, then have this Mantis Model on your desk and no-one will touch your stuff again! 

Click Here to view our other Metal Earth Model Kits. 

Fellow gadget fans...allow us to introduce our brand new RC Inflatables! These adorable inflatables make a great gift for Christmas; they can move in any direction, turn 360 degrees, and even talk to you!

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, our RC inflatables make the perfect gift for any child, although we're sure that fully-grown adults will love playing with them too! Here's a quick run-down of what we have to offer:
RC Inflatable R2 D2 Pump and Play - With 4 New Original Sounds
Just £39.99!

From a galaxy far, far away comes everyone's favourite droid! Our inflatable R2-D2 enables to embark upon your very own intergalactic adventures - just inflate him and get going!

RC Inflatable Darth Vader Pump and Play - With 8 Original Sounds
Just £39.99!

Have you always wanted to conquer the galaxy? Well, now you can with this cool RC Inflatable Darth Vader! This inflatable Sith lord is sure to have the rebels running for cover.

RC Inflatable Yoda Pump and Play - With 11 New Original Sounds
From £39.99!

You can now bring the ultimate Jedi master to life in your living room with this RC Inflatable Yoda. Children of all ages (and probably adults, too) will love controlling Yoda and hearing him talk, so grab yours now before the Sith take over the galaxy
Just £39.99!

Did you love the Despicable Me and Minion movies? Of course you did! Well, you can now have your very own star of the show: Kevin!
 Talking Minion: Inflatable Stuart RC Toy
Just £39.99!

If your children preferred Stuart to Kevin, then this inflatable Minion is perfect! We think they're all amazing and just love playing with them!
Twist Pong logo

Beer pong is a bit of a favourite here at Gadget HQ. When the day's work is done, we can often be found tossing balls at cups and getting progressively tipsier in the process.

But here's the problem: practice, as you know, makes perfect, and most of the GI staff can end the game in half a dozen throws nowadays. The challenge is fading, and the whole boozy endeavour has become significantly less thrilling than it used to be.

Thank goodness, then, for Twist Pong. True to its name, this game puts a fresh new twist on the beer pong we all know and love - you still have to throw balls at cups, but if your opponent's ball lands in one of your cups, your fate will be decided by the spinner!
Twist Pong
In a normal game of beer pong, you would simply drink the contents of your slain cup and carry on with the game. In Twist Pong, the drinking of the beer is preceded by a twist of the spinner, whose instructions must then be followed without question. Here's a list of the possible outcomes:
  • BUZZKILL (Miss a turn)
  • DIZZY (Spin around 8 times before taking your next shot)
  • DOUBLE UP (Drink two cups instead of the usual one)
  • GO LONG (Take 3 steps back before taking your next shot)
  • SAFETY (You may keep the cup that your opponent just hit)
  • SWITCH (Switch sides with your opponent - their cups are now yours)
  • TRICK (Perform a trick shot on your next turn)
  • 1UP (Refill one of the cups you have lost and put it back in play)
As you can see, anything can happen, and it won't necessarily be good news for the player who just scored!

Twist Pong is a boon to beer pong fans everywhere. That spinner breathes new life into a classic party game, and with all those different rules, you'll be on the edge of your seat until the very last cup!

Here's what the Twist Pong set contains:
Twist Pong
1 x spinner, 2 x balls, 7 x red cups, 7 x blue cups, box with instructions

Click here to order a Twist Pong set for your next party, or visit our Party Games department for more like this!
Everybody loved the Despicable Me films, right? And everybody is SUPER excited for the Minions movie that's slated for release next summer, right?!

That's what we thought. Well, we've got good news for everybody: there's a brand new toy in town, and he looks suspiciously similar to those little yellow critters you love so much...

Inflatable Minion Toy

Yes, our Inflatable RC Minion toy is BACK IN STOCK, and he's had a big of a makeover since last time he was here. For one thing, he looks a lot more like his movie counterparts now - who could resist those big brown eyes and that adorably cheeky grin?

But that's not the only improvement, no sir. The best thing about our new minion toy is not how he looks...but how he sounds.

That's right: this is a TALKING minion toy, and he's just itching to say hello to you! He says nine different phrases, all in the original minion voice from the movies. Being a minion, most of what he says is gibberish, but recognisable sayings include "Banana!", "Whaaat?" and "Woohoo!", along with various laughing, kissing, sighing and babbling noises.

Of course, some things don't need to be changed: our minion toy is still super-cute, super-squishy, and very easy to inflate. You can play with him anywhere - indoors or out - and the RC controller allows you to steer him forwards, backwards, left or right. He can perform 360-degree pirouettes, and if he falls down, he'll get right back up again, all by himself!

So what are you waiting for?! The Talking Minion Toy is just £39.99, and he's sure to make a fabulous gift for the kids this Christmas. Order yours now!

We're always adding new items to the Gadget Inspector catalogue, and this week has been particularly busy in that respect. Here, then, is a quick round-up of all the new products we've brought in over the past few days; could these be the perfect Christmas presents that you've been searching for?

A super-comfy inflatable chair with built-in speakers for a truly immersive gaming experience. Other features include sunken cup-holders in both arms, a magazine pouch, and handy pockets for pretty much everything.

Not a new product, per se - more a beloved oldie that's finally back in stock. Don't forget the attachable camera!

Listen to your favourite albums in the shower with this wireless, splash-proof speaker! It even has a hands-free phone feature, allowing you to take phone calls while you wash that beautiful bod of yours.

The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

Part garden ornament, part hilarious homage to classic monster movies, The Great Garden Gnome Massacre is a fabulous alternative to those boring old gnomes that everyone else has.

Selfy Stick for iPhone and Android

The must-have accessory for any selfie addict. See yesterday's blog for more information.

Power Pen

This is actually three gadgets in one - it charges your smartphone, it works as a touchscreen stylus, and it...uh, writes like a standard ballpoint pen.

Complaint Department Grenade Ornament

Here's a fun ornament for the office - nobody will dare to bother the boss when he's got this perched outside his door!

Love beer? Love The Simpsons? Then you'll, like, double-love this awesome mug. You can literally freeze it, resulting in the coolest, most refreshing drink you've ever had!

Prescription Pint Glass (Set Of Two)

Speaking of beer, here's another cool receptacle for your brews - a pint glass with a prescription on it! Now everyone will believe that you doctor tells you to drink beer after beer after beer.

Has your all-consuming Game of Thrones addiction left you itching to wield a Joffrey-esque crossbow of your very own? You need one of these babies. See also: Petron Stealth Archery Set.

Stag Head Construction Kit

Perfect for animal lovers who nevertheless really want a stag's head on their wall. Pop out the pieces and build it yourself!

Keep your wine fresher for longer with these colourful cork-type thingies!

Bowser Basset Hound Mask

Finally, we have this abomination. It's not quite as scary as the Cat Mask, but still, it's definitely in the same ballpark.

Still not sure what to get that special someone this Christmas? Ask us for a recommendation on Twitter!