Cup of coffee

Thank goodness for mugs, eh? Not only do they give us a practical way to drink hot beverages, they also make excellent gifts for people who are otherwise impossible to buy for.

You see, regardless of hobbies, interests, upbringing, and any other factors you'd care to name, just about everybody can appreciate a good mug. Tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are exceedingly widespread pleasures, and even if you're shopping for some kind of freak who doesn't like any of those drinks...well, mugs can hold other things too. Soup, for example. Or alcohol.

Naturally, the humble mug's status as a universally appropriate gift choice has spawned millions of different varieties. There really is a novelty mug for everyone nowadays, and with Christmas just around the corner, a shrewdly-chosen mug could be just what you need to complete your seasonal shopping. Here are a few suggestions from Gadget Inspector's own collection...
Don't Make Me Angry - Hulk Mug
Perfect for: Comic book fans (Marvel), movie buffs, friends with anger management issues.

Perfect for: Overworked colleagues, highly-strung relatives, fire wardens.

Perfect for: Star Wars geeks, your dad, other people's dads.

Perfect for: avid golfers, sports fans, people who might enjoy running their fingers over that tactile dimpled surface.

Batman The Dark Knight Boxed Mug
Perfect for: Comic book fans (DC), vigilantes, bat fetishists.
Man Flu Mug
Perfect for: Hypochondriacs.

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Everyone loves a mug. We are constantly drinking hot drinks throughout our days, so why not have a mug you're proud of that shows off your personality. We have recently had three new mugs come into Gadget Inspector that we all love, and we know you will love too! If you are a big fan of Star Wars then this is the mug for you. The I Am Your Father Mug is a must have mug, with one of the most famous lines from the Star Wars films, written upon it. No one in your office will forget what mug is yours when they're making a round of tea.

If you are not a fan of Star Wars, maybe you will be a fan of Batman. We have two new Batman mugs up on our website that we are sure you will love. If you fancy yourself as the villain, then the Batman The Joker Boxed Mug is for you! Or maybe you fancy yourself as the superhero, then the Batman The Dark Knight Boxed Mug is a must have. Enjoy your favourite hot drink in your new novelty mug, at work or at home which ever you prefer. Why not buy two, and have one for home and for work if you love Batman and Star Wars that much? These mugs are always great for gift ideas, especially with Christmas coming up and the cold chilly days rolling in.

If Twitter's list of trends is to be believed, today is Yorkshire Day! We actually didn't know there was such a thing, but we've had a look, and it turns out that Yorkshire Day has been celebrated on the first of August since 1975. Crikey! We're kind of ashamed of ourselves for not having heard of it sooner.

Now, if there's one rule of thumb here in the Gadget Inspector office, it's this:

Any excuse for a cup of tea.

We understand that Yorkshire folk enjoy a cup of brown joy as much as anyone, so we'd like to raise our novelty mugs in a toast to the White Rose County. All we have to do now is decide which mug to drink from: we're torn between the Egg Cup and this charming Green Fingers mug [no longer available]. Actually, since it's almost lunchtime, we may yet plump for the Take a Break mug - it's perfect for relaxing after a hard day at t'mill.

Dialectic clichés aside, here's to you, Yorkshire - enjoy your big day, and don't forget to make time for a cup of tea!

Our best-selling grenade mug has a new friend!

The grenade mug is one of our favourite items here at Gadget Inspector (we have to keep ordering more because they've sold out), so we're thrilled to report that the charmingly chunky chap has found his perfect partner. The snow grenade mug is rather harder to spot than her green counterpart, but other than that they're a perfect pair.

So we're really pleased that our pal the grenade mug has found a Snow White gal to cosy up to in the cupboard. If you and your partner are both avid tea drinkers, getting a grenade mug each is the perfect way to co-ordinate your cuppas! Especially if one of you is Russian.

And in case you're wondering what 'Z-517' means...well, we've Googled it, and it seems to be a brand of printer cartridge. We're not sure what that has to do with a grenade-shaped mug, but if you've got any ideas, answers on a postcard. 

Brighten up your tea break with our great range of funny mugs!

Tea freaks and coffee addicts everywhere are sure to love Gadget Inspector's colourful selection of novelty mugs. Your morning cuppa will never be the same again!

These funny mugs are a great way to brighten up the office, the kitchen, and anywhere else you take tea. Green-fingered tea drinkers will love this flower pot mug [no longer available], while sports nuts who are sick of sub-par gifts are sure to appreciate this golf ball mug. You can flush away the blues with this giant toilet mug [no longer available], or have a blast with out ever-popular grenade mug [no longer available]!

If you're looking for funny mugs, Gadget Inspector is the place to be, We've got all sorts of hilariously creative novelty mugs that are sure to serve up a hot cup of fun. So don't be a mug - grab something fun today!