Let's hear it for slobs, everbody! We all know one, and if you somehow don't have a lazy-yet-lovable oaf in your life, then frankly, you're missing out. If nothing else, having a slobby friend serves to make you feel much better about yourself.
Now, as we may already have mentioned a couple of times, Christmas is just around the corner - this means that you need gifts for all the people you hold dear, and your favourite slob is no exception. Here are 3 great gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on the face of whichever slob you're buying for:

Bladez Transporter - RC Helicopter
If there's one thing that slobs really hate, it's getting up. Whether they're lying in bed or sat on the sofa, slobs despise anything that forces them to, y'know, move.

That's why the Bladez Transporter is such an awesome slob gift. It has a little winch attached to it, which means that your slob can pilot the helicopter across the room, pick up whatever it is they need*, and fly it back across the room without even getting up. Perfect!

*As long as the item in question weighs 10g or less and has something that the winch can latch onto.

Slobs crave comfort above all else, and now that winter is on its way, your #1 slob is going to find it more and more difficult to get snug 'n' cosy. Why not lend a hand by giving them one of our festive onesies? One reviewer called her onesie "the comfiest thing I own" - that's a recommendation if ever we heard one!

Bonus slob points if your slob can go the entire holiday season without taking the onesie off.

Clocky - The Running & Jumping Alarm Clock
Even the world's leading slobs have to get out of bed occasionally. At this time of year, though, leaving the bed is easier said than done - the duvet is so warm, and everything else is so cold...

That's where Clocky comes in. He's the alarm clock that won't take 'no' for an answer, and if you dare to press 'Snooze', he'll go utterly bananas, running away from you and beeping madly until you have no choice but to jump out of bed and chase him around the room. An extreme measure, perhaps, but depending on just how slobby your friend is, it may be the only measure that works!

Get yours before they're all gone!

Rubik's Cube Light

The Rubik's Cube - an icon of the '80s, and the best-selling puzzle game of all time - celebrated its 40th birthday a few weeks ago. You may remember the interactive Google Doodle that was created to mark the occasion.

Well, Cube fans now have a second reason to celebrate, and its name is the Rubik's Cube Light. This awesome item isn't just a cool, retro-themed lighting accessory; it's actually fully playable, allowing you twist, turn, and solve it just like any other Rubik's Cube!

We think that the Cube Light would make a great gift for anyone (yourself included), but you'll have to be quick about buying one - we've only got a few left!

Click here to order your Rubik's Cube Light - just £29.99!

Christmas stocking fillers can be such a chore to pick, and a great deal of effort when you have to buy a million other gifts for a million different people. To save you guys the hassle, we have compiled our very own Christmas stockings to negate the problem of picking what to put in each stocking! The one we are focusing on today is the Dad Christmas Stocking. If you want to get your dad something special, and ensure that he loves it then this is the stocking for him! This red and white stocking is packed with gadgets that any dad will just love! The stocking includes:

  • Red Santa Stocking
  • Comfort Rules Back Scratcher
  • Rock Glass and Ice Ball
  • Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
  • Stromtrooper Mints
  • Rock Twister Lollipop

Sounds great right? Your Dad is sure to love this amazing Christmas stocking, this will definitely be a favourite present for him on Christmas day! Why not check out our whole range of Christmas Stockings, there is something for everyone. 

Smartphones can be difficult to use, especially when the touch screen icons are so small, and you're all fingers and thumbs! With the App Writer Touch Screen Stylus, using your touch screen smartphone becomes a lot easier. This nifty little gadget enables you to have faster gaming, easy messaging and better drawing! The App Writer plugs into your headphone socket, and is attached on an elastic cord, so it is so easy to use! It also includes a precision touch stylus tip, and it really is precise allowing you to press any button you wish! We have lots of different designs for you to choose from, so however you want to portray your personality, you can!

At just £4.49, this is an absolute bargain and a great idea for Christmas stocking fillers! So what are you waiting for? You'll never mistype anything ever again, and you'll be completing all of your games with ease now that you have the App Writer!

We are feeling rather generous, so this Friday we are running another weekly competition! As the cold weather has definitely crept in this week, and Christmas isn't too far away we are giving away the amazing Snug Rug Christmas - Snowman! Stay warm and snug in this lovely, Christmas themed blanket. So not only are you staying warm but you are getting into the festive spirit as well!

All you have to do is RT and follow us on Twitter - simple right? The competition closes on Friday 29th at midday, and we will randomly select a lucky winner.