We had our fair share of fun over the Christmas break, but now it's time for us to get back to reality and back to work. Faced with the daunting task of endlessly hearing the same question of  "Good Christmas?", and giving the same drab reply on auto-repeat, it's already feeling like a bit too much to deal with this soon after the holidays! 

To cheer you all up, we thought we'd share some of our brilliant office gadgets, which are all sure to brighten up your workplace!

Just £8.50 

It's a stapler, shaped like a bunny rabbit! Surely you can't get more cheerful than that? This adorable stapler is the cutest desktop accessory in all the land, and is guaranteed to make stapling be the most enjoyable part of the day! 

Just £4.99 

It's the first day back and you're guaranteed to make some mistakes, so what better way to correct them than with this set of Novelty Rubbers! Whether zombies or soldiers are more your thing, these characterful erasers are sure to bring some fun to your stationary selection.

Just £8.00 

If you turned over a new leaf during the Christmas break and decided you want a nice clean desk to start the new year with, then this Genius Paperclip Holder is perfect for you! Save yourself the torture of having paper clips all over your desk, just stick them on Albert's head instead!

Just £9.99 

There is always one person (or a dozen) in the office who likes a good moan, but at this time of year you really don't need any more negativity. This Complaint Department Grenade Ornament is the perfect gift for to put them in line, and is guaranteed to get a few chuckles around in the office.

Just £4.99

After having so much fun during your Christmas break, you're bound to be slightly miffed about getting back to your regular nine to five! If that's the case, then why not brighten up your mood with one of our desktop game sets? After a few heated sessions of our desktop games you may even completely forget that you're back in work, so just remember to finish off your tasks by the end of the day! 

Just £14.99 

The mess from your lunch break stands no chance against this mini R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum! It's the perfect way to indulge your inner big kid, whilst also honouring your promise to keep your desk tidy!


Just £4.99 

These Desktop Standees are the perfect accessories to brighten your desk and add a little humour to your workspace! We realize that it's not quite like having a real office minion, but it's most certainly the next best thing (unless you plan on selecting a not-so-lucky employee to participate in spot of fancy dress!)

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