Wooden triceratops
It's been more than a decade since Jurassic Park came out, but the way we see it, dinosaurs are due to come back in style very soon. After all, Jurassic World is out soon, and so it won't be long before a whole new generation decides that, hey, perhaps archaeology is a pretty cool career choice.

If you want to get the jump on the imminent rush of dino-fever, now is the time to do it. We've got a bunch of great build-a-dinosaur kits here at Gadget Inspector, and today, we're going to show you how we built our very own triceratops...

Dinosaur Construction kit

Here's what you get in your dinosaur kit - the first thing to do is press out all the pieces!

Building a triceratops

Start with the long spine/tail piece. This is what you'll be slotting all the other pieces into.

Triceratops step 2

Slot the shoulders and hips into the spine, then add the four legs.

Triceratops step 3

Now for the ribs! You should have 5 wishbone-shaped pieces; slot these on top of the spine.

Triceratops step 4

Finally, give Topsy a head so that she can see. Congratulations - you have just built a dinosaur!

Triceratops completed


Click here to see all of our dinosaur construction kits. You can also make a stegosaurus, a pterodactyl, a velociraptor and - yes - even a T. Rex! What better Christmas present for the kids?

UPDATE: Our triceratops is alive and she's joined Twitter! Her handle is @TopsyTri - why not give her a follow? 

After the resounding success of Dave, our inflatable RC Despicable Me Minion last Christmas (we completely sold out time and time again!) - we've been inundated with questions about when we're going to get more of the little guy back in stock. Great news - he's back! We've finally got a new shipment of these hilarious inflatable little guys...just in time for Christmas! 

If your little one loves Despicable Me then this large inflatable RC Minion is the perfect Christmas gift for them. Pump and Play Dave is easy to steer and manouver and his big googly eyes make him one seriously adorable character that any child would love to see under their tree this Christmas. 



Here are some of his vital stats:

  • He's more than 2ft (60cm) tall
  • He moves backwards, forwards, left or right 
  • He can spin clockwise or anti-clockwise 
  • He's got a 27mhz radio control
  • The pump is included! 

He needs 4x AA batterfies to function and the handset runs on 1 x 9V battery which is included. Our Dave is an officially licensed product. Despicable Me & Despicable Me 2 are trademarks of Universal Pictures. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your mitts on our Despicable Me RC Inflatable Dave Minion while stocks last! 

Fridays are usually a cause for celebration, but parents across England and Wales are seriously dreading the next one. In case you didn't know, Friday the 18th of July is the day on which summer term ends in the majority of UK schools, and while teachers will no doubt be preparing to breathe a massive sigh of relief, parents will be preparing for six weeks of unmitigated hard work. After all, the kids will need to be entertained while they wait for school to start again!

Fortunately, the Gadget Inspector team are here to help you through the summer. Here are 8 awesome activities that you and the kids can try over the next few weeks - it'll be September in no time!


1. RC helicopter races!

RC helicopter

RC toys were made for summertime. Playing with one of our cool remote control helicopters will get them outdoors for some fresh air, and since many of our choppers operate on a tri-band frequency, up to 3 of them can be flown at once!


2. Take a hike!

Mountain view

They may take some convincing, but once they're out in the big wide world, the kids are sure to have a blast! Do a bit of internet research and you're sure to find some truly breathtaking scenery near you.


3. Fun with ice!

Ice Lolly Men

Ice is an endless source of summer fun - children can make their own ice lollies, or cool off with some awesome shark-shaped ice cubes!


4. Rainy day puzzles!


This is Britain, after all - we can't expect every day to be dry and sunny! When the rain starts a-pourin', keep their young minds occupied with one of our awesome puzzle games.


5. Stomp rocket!

And when it is warm and they can go outside, stomp rockets are the ultimate excuse to do so! Stomp on the launchpad and see how high your rocket can fly (don't forget your spare rockets!)


6. Bring back the dinosaurs!


If the kids are feeling sort of crafty, why not let them make their own dinosaur? Our dinosaur construction kits contain two dinosaurs apiece.


7. Space rail!

Space rail

The Space Rail is a new generation of toy - we're not even going to try describing it! You'll just have to see for yourself.


8. Chillax in the garden!

Lounge in the garden

And, if all else fails, the kids can always just go out into the garden and chill out for a bit. We recommend the Chill Out Wedge for super-comfortable outdoor relaxation!

Whether you're a lowly intern or a high-flying executive, Gadget Inspector's desk toys are perfect for passing the time!

Desktop skittles

Even if your job isn't particularly stressful, it's sure to have its moments of excruciating boredom. But there's no reason why the office should be a fun-free zone, and with the help of our awesome executive toys, it's easy to entertain yourself without ever leaving your desk!

Desktop shooting gameSo, then - how will you while away YOUR day?

Visit our Pinterest page for more cool office stuff!

Maze gadgets

We've got quite a few awesome maze gadgets here at Gadget Inspector (as displayed in the image above), but they're small beans compared to these three goliaths...

Northern Ireland Maze

1. Carnfunnock Country Park Maze, Northern Ireland

This one won a maze design award (who even knew that such things existed?) It's shaped like Northern Ireland. Can't you tell?

2. Dole Plantation Maze, Hawaii

Supposedly the biggest maze in Christendom, with a great big pineapple at its centre. What's not to love?

3. Reignac-sur-Indre Maze, France

This one's nice because it has sunflowers. Only at certain times of year, mind - it's a much better maze in the summertime than in winter.