Merry Christmas

With just a couple of days left until Christmas, we at Gadget Inspector are starting to wind down for the holidays. We'll still be processing your orders, of course, but you won't be hearing much from us on social media or this blog for the next week or so.

We'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has made this season such a success for us - we've been overwhelmed by people's responses to our new website, and we're thrilled by all the new customers who have come on board over the last couple of months.

We'll be back to normal in January; in the meantime, have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
We know, we know - it's not even Christmas yet, so how can anyone be expected to start thinking about New Year's?

Don't worry, though, because that's the whole point: we know that you're neck-deep in wrapping paper and Quality Street right now, and so we're here to think about the New Year so that you don't have to.

If you're hosting the party...

Hosting the New Year's Eve party is a big responsibility, and not just because of all the tidying you'll have to do (probably hungover) on New Year's Day. When the party is being held at your house, the onus is on you to give everyone a night to remember. Here are some of the things you'll need:

Touch Speaker
Parties need music, but how best to provide it? If you use your stereo, you'll have to change the CD every 45 minutes; if you play Spotify off your phone or laptop, well, it'll sound like it's being played off a phone or laptop. What you need is this ingenious Touch Speaker - simply place your phone on top for instant amplification! There are no cables or pairing required, which makes this speaker ideal for parties - if someone wants to put their own music on, they simply have to take off the current phone and put theirs on instead!
16oz Red Solo Cups
Paper cups are surprisingly hard to come by at the last minute - by the afternoon of December 31, every shop in your area will most likely have sold out. So why not order some Solo cups now and save yourself the panic on the day? These top-quality cups are just like the ones you've seen in countless American teen movies, and those parties are always awesome, right?

Jager Bomb Cups
Of course, Solo cups aren't the only option, and if you're planning to serve up a few Jagerbombs at your NYE bash, these specially-moulded Bomber cups may well be a better choice. Fill the middle section with alcohol, fill the rest of the cup with energy drink, and get ready to drop one last bomb before the big countdown!

You can rest assured that people will bring plenty of booze to your party, but all of those bottles will be useless if you've no means of getting into them. You'll need a bottle opener at the very least, but if you want to turn things up to 11, we heartily recommend our 'Manly Bar Tool' set (featuring, among other things: a hammer-shaped bottle opener, a screwdriver corkscrew, and a saw for slicing lemons).

Beer Pong
No party is complete without a bit of beer pong! This American-style kit contains 14 cups, 2 balls, and a pair of mats on which to place the cups; if you really want to impress your guests, you might consider purchasing a Professional Beer Pong Table too!

If you're going to somebody else's party...

Just because you're not the host doesn't mean that you can't make an effort. Here are a few fun items that you might consider bringing along - each one is sure to kick the party into a higher gear!

Challenge your friends and find out who the best drinker in your group is! As the name suggests, this absurdly large vessel holds and entire YARD of ale (or lager, or whatever). Furthermore, it's marked with ratings (ranging from 'Wimp' to 'Solid Legend') that will let you know exactly how a big a drinker you are.
Ultimate Beer Bong
Of course, if drinking is your game then there's no beating a good old-fashioned beer bong. We've got a huge variety of bongs to choose from, ranging from the classic 2ft design to double bongs, balcony bongs, six-person bongs and more besides!

Nothing whiles away the hours 'til midnight like a couple of drinking games. Our personal favourite is Drinking Jenga (pictured above) - pulling those blocks out becomes even harder when you're already a bit tiddly!

There's loads more like this in our Party Essentials section. No matter what you're doing this New Year's Eve, we hope you have a great time - try not to get too drunk!
Delivery info

Holy moly, you guys - Christmas Day is just 7 DAYS AWAY! This time next week, we'll be opening presents, eating roast dinner, and watching a boatload of brilliant Christmas telly. How exciting is that?

Still, as the big day draws ever nearer, your opportunities to purchase that perfect present get fewer. If you are planning to purchase some gifts from, today is your LAST CHANCE to use our standard UK delivery service - if you don't place your order BEFORE 2PM TODAY, we may not be able to get it to you by Christmas Day.

Now, if you miss this deadline, don't panic. You can still get your gadgety goodies in time for Christmas; you'll just have to use our Next Working Day delivery service to speed things along. The deadline for these orders is 2pm TOMORROW - that's the 19th of December. See our Delivery page for further details.

Right, now that we've cleared all that up, we're going to go and stare longingly at our Christmas countdown panel:

7 days till Christmas

It's so CLOSE!!
Gadget Inspector deals

Christmas is a time for giving, and so we at Gadget Inspector are embracing the Yuletide spirit and giving our customers a whole bunch of amazing discounts and deals to choose from!

Here's how the game works: we'll be announcing a new deal via Facebook...ooh, every 30 minutes or so. Keep an eye on our December Deals album this afternoon; we've already revealed 3 of our 16 deals, but while there are clues to what the other 13 will be, you'll have to wait a little while before we let you know for sure.

In the meantime, here are the deals that we've already announced:

Brew your own cider
These home brewing sets usually cost £14.99, but for a limited time, you can make 10 pints of your very own cider for just £7! The 20 pint version is also reduced - from £24.99 to £15.

hovva copter
This cool RC chopper takes off at the push of a button, hovering in the air until you give it further commands! It normally costs £34.99, but we've knocked a tasty ten quid off that, so now you can have it for just £24.99!
Final Touch Skull Beer Pint Glass
This one's a little more complicated, so pay attention. This awesome pint glass costs £12.99, but if you enter the code TH1RSTY at the checkout, you'll get a rather nice 15% discount. Remember to use the code!

That's yer lot at the moment, but be sure to keep checking our December Deals album on Facebook - new deals will be revealed throughout the day!
For the last few weeks, the Gadget Inspector homepage has been home to our very own Christmas Countdown. Here's what it looks like at time of writing:

Now, if that's not cause for excitement, we're not sure what is. Nine days! Just NINE DAYS until we can stuff ourselves with turkey and unwrap our presents and watch the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special. We can't wait!

Before any of that, however, we've some business to attend to. It has been brought to our attention that some people still haven't completed their Christmas shopping, and if you're one of those people, you may want to take a look at our Christmas Delivery Deadlines. There's not much point in purchasing a Christmas present if it's not going to arrive before the 25th, so pay attention and make sure you get your order in before it's too late...
  • If you are using our Royal Mail 3-5 working days delivery service, your order must be placed BEFORE 2pm on Thursday the 18th of December.

  • If you are using our Royal Mail 24hr delivery service (i.e. Next Day Delivery), then you will need to place your order BEFORE 2pm on Saturday the 20th of December.
If you miss the above deadlines, we cannot guarantee that your order will arrive in time for Christmas Day. Any orders received after 2pm on Saturday will of course be processed ASAP, but don't be surprised if they don't arrive until after the big day.

One final thing: it goes without saying that Royal Mail are exceedingly busy at this time of year, and we would like to remind our customers that, sometimes, delays are unavoidable. Since your order is being delivered by normal human beings (as opposed to a jolly old man with a magic sleigh), we will accept no liability if your order arrives slightly later than promised. Place your order now to avoid disappointment!