Some days it can be dull when you're working in an office. You're sat down staring at the same four walls and having the same old conversations everyday, it's inevitably going to get a little boring. That being said, here at Gadget Inspector we have some of the best desktop novelties and gadgets to brighten up those dull days! 

just £6.99 
This Basketball Desk Tidy is the perfect solution to your break time boredom. Shoot some hoops if you have writers block, and get those creative juices flowing! It's the perfect place to store all your stationary, plus It also comes with a handy dry wipe backboard, so you can remind yourself of important tasks or when it's someone's birthday in the office. 

Basketball Desk Tidy

Was £9.99, Now £8.50
This Bunny Stapler is the perfect desktop pet! It doesn't need feeding or cleaning, and as well as being cute also doubles as a stapler! Just push down on the ears and it'll hop to it, stapling your documents with utter precision. Three cheers for a gift that's both adorable and efficient!

From £10.00 
This USB mug warmer is ideal for workaholics who survive on coffee! Simply plug it into your computer's USB port, plonk your mug down on top of it, and it will keep your beverage cosy and warm no matter how long you're at your desk. The mug warmer pad is also shaped like a delicious-looking cookie, which won't help the cravings but will certainly look good!

From £7.95 
This Mini Table Tennis is perfect for relieving the stress of everyday office life. Simply turn off your monitor, clear away those papers, and set up the net. Et voilàyou can have your very own game of table tennis at your desk! Don't blame us if you get too into it and you start missing deadlines though... 

Mini Table Tennis
Just £4.99 

This Stuart Desktop Standee is the perfect work companion! You won't be able to stop yourself from smiling, every time you take a glimpse of his dopey facial expression while you're typing away. Your work friends will all want one of their own once they've spotted him!

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Secret Santa ideas

If you work in an office, there's a strong chance that you'll be somebody's Secret Santa this Christmas. You know the drill: you pull a name out of a hat, and then you have to buy that person a present within the given budget.

This is great fun (after all, you get a gift out of it as well) but it can be a big source of stress, especially if you don't know your co-workers all that well. It's easy to shop for your partner/children/parents because you're (hopefully) familiar with their hobbies and interests, but unless you're actually friends with the other people in your office, you may well find yourself completely stumped when it comes to Secret Santa.

Luckily for you, the Gadget Inspector gang are on hand to give you a little bit of inspiration. Even if you know next to nothing about your co-workers, we're sure to have a whole bunch of Secret Santa presents that will pull you through. Check these out...

For the smartphone addict...

Touch Screen Gloves (Black)
£5 Budget: Try these Smartphone Gloves, which keep you toasty while still allowing you to operate a touch screen!

£10 Budget: This Portable Smartphone Charger will give your colleague an extra bit of battery when they need it most!

For the weekend warrior...

If you work with someone who's always bragging about their weekend drinking exploits, they're sure to appreciate this Snakes & Ladders Drinking Game.

For the colleague who never stops eating...

Wild Dining - Lion Motif Dinner Plate
£5 Budget: Give your hungry pal a Superman Sandwich Tin and ensure that their packed lunch is always safely guarded!

£10 Budget: A Wild Dining plate will allow your co-worker to have fun while they munch their lunch!

For the caffeine addict...

This Take a Break Mug is sure to be a whole lot snazzier than whatever your jittery friend is currently sipping their coffee from.

For the paperwork-pusher...

Micro Tape Bunny Stapler
£5 Budget: If you're shopping for someone who's trapped under a pile of paperwork, a Micro Tape Sticker Dispenser will make those endless documents a little more eye-catching!

£10 Budget: Alternatively, this Bunny Stapler may go some way to brightening up their desk.

For the person who's constantly checking Facebook...

Social Media Fridge Magnets
These Social Media Fridge Magnets are perfect for anyone who spends more time on social media than on actual work.

Still short of ideas? Visit our Stocking Fillers section for more ideas, or talk to us on Twitter - we may be able to recommend something!

Thinking about Christmas presents and stocking fillers for the family and friends now that Christmas isn't too far away? We have the perfect puzzles for anyone who loves a challenge and has the patience of a saint! Introducing our maze puzzles, do you think you have the skills to complete them?

First up is the Mini Maze Ball, which is perfect for taking anywhere with you as it is mini! Pop it into your bag or try and solve it in the car, so you can always play whilst on the go. You have to steer the ball bearing through the layered maze, through all the twists and turns that you stumble upon. There are also easier missions for you to take, if you start further along the maze at a different bay, it is a lot easier to complete. If you prefer things to be on a bigger scale, then the Maze Ball is an absolute must have! This is just like the Mini Maze Ball but on a larger scale. You steer the ball bearing through the layered maze to the finish.

The Maze Racer is a great maze puzzle if you want to time your mission, and compete against yourself and other friends. This maze is slightly different as you steer the ball bearing around the race track holding onto the steering wheel! This maze even has a LCD display that shows your time and fastest maze time - so competing against family and friends just got so much easier. To add to the tension, this maze has sound effects, and comes in two options of colours.

You can see from the pictures just how well designed the mazes are and how challenging they can be, making these the perfect Christmas gifts, and Christmas stocking fillers.

It is fast approaching one of our favourite times of year... Christmas! However, that also means that it is that time of year when names are being pulled out of a hat for Secret Santa. We know how difficult Secret Santa can be, and how finding the right present can be pretty awkward. Worry no more, because we have a whole new page on our Gadget site dedicated to Secret Santa gifts. This page is split into two sections, of under £5 gifts, and under £10 gifts. So if you are stuck for ideas and restricted to a budget, check out what we have on offer on our Secret Santa page! No more worrying about what to buy the work collegue that you've never spoken to, or your friend that already has everything. With Gadget Inspector you know there will be something to your liking! Our Secret Santa gifts are also fantastic Christmas stocking fillers! Kill two birds with one stone with our Secret Santa page!