So Marvel have announced that they're killing off Wolverine. They haven't told us how, but they have promised a four-part miniseries entitled 'Death of Wolverine' in which Logan finally meets "an adversary that he cannot win against". People have drawn their own conclusions, and as you'd expect, everyone is pretty upset:

Tweets about Wolverine's death

We haven't been told whether or not we'll witness Wolverine's death on the silver screen - can the people behind the X-Men movies really consider axing Hugh Jackman? Time will tell, but in the meantime, here's some cool stuff that you can buy to, uh, pay tribute to everyone's favourite soon-to-be-ex X-Man:

Wolverine iPhone 5 Case
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Ever wondered why Thursday is called Thursday? It's because it's named after Thor, the Norse God of Thunder (see also: Friday, named after Queen Frigg of Asgard, and Tuesday, named after the Norse Law God Týr). We think that 'Thor's Day' sounds a lot more badass than 'Thursday', and so we've decided that we'll be referring to it likes Norsemen from now on.

Oh, and to celebrate the fact that it's Thor's Day, we thought we'd offer you a couple of cool deals that are tangentially realted to Marvel's third most attractive Avenger (after Tony Stark and Black Widow). Check these out:


Thor Costume (with Muscle Chest)
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Thor Dress-Up Set for Kids
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It's one of Pixar's most popular franchises - only Toy Story comes close in terms of the merchandise it spawned - but how much do you really know about Pixar's Cars (and its sequel, Cars 2)? With a third movie now in the pipeline, here are five cool facts about Lightning McQueen and his anthropomorphic automobile allies:

  • Several Cars characters (including Sally and, in Cars 2, Giuseppe) are named after characters from Isaac Asimov's Sally, a short story about - guess what? - sentient cars. Asimov, of course, is best known for writing I, Robot and coming up with The Three Laws of Robotics.
  • Luigi, the Italian car who runs the tyre shop, has the following number plate: 445-108. These are the exact co-ordinates for Ferrari's factory in Modena (Luigi states in the first film that he is a big Ferrari fan).
  • Doc Hudson was voiced by Paul Newman in one of his very last roles. In addition to his considerable acting talents and his non-profit salad dressings, Newman was a keen motorsport enthusiast and, at one point, a professional racer himself. Clearly, he was the perfect choice for the role!
  • A British writer named Jake Mandeville-Anthony tried to sue Disney, claiming that they stole his idea for Cars. According to Mandeville-Anthony, he had written a screenplay called Cars in the late eighties and sent it to numerous companies (including Disney), complete with character sketches and plans for the merchandise. The lawsuit was dismissed after a judge decided that the two works didn't really bear any relation to one another.