Red and blue solo cups

The 2015 UK general election is mere weeks away, and the whole country seems to be getting terribly excited about it. Candidates are hitting the campaign trail, journalists are placing their bets, and everybody is tweeting like Kanye West just interrupted yet another acceptance speech.

However, we appreciate that not everybody can muster that level of excitement for politics. If a night in with David Dimbleby and Nick Robinson doesn't sound particularly thrilling to you, we've got the perfect solution: alcohol!

Yessir, there's nothing like a drink or five to make the election night go by that little bit faster. We've even got colour-coded drinking accessories for each of the five big parties - it's time to pick your side and support them by getting squiffy!

16oz Red Solo Cups
Red Solo Cups (Labour)
These bright red cups (which you may recognise from American Pie and countless other teen movies) are the perfect match for Ed Miliband's party. Of course, if your loyalties lay slightly further to the right, you may prefer...

16oz Blue Solo Cups
Blue Solo Cups (Conservatives)
...the royal blue version! Ideal for cheering David Cameron back into No. 10 while you get sloshed.

Bomber Jagerbomb Cup (Individual)
Yellow Jagerbomb Cups (Liberal Democrats)
Given the losses that experts have forecast for the Lib Dems come election day, Nick Clegg and his followers may well need something slightly stronger than beer when the results are finally announced. Jagermeister might do the trick, and this lovely yellow cup is exactly the right colour for LD supporters. If you live north of the border, it also works for the SNP.

Ultimate Purple Beer Bong (UK Independence Party)
Given Nigel Farage's fondness for being photographed with a beer in his hand, we're slightly surprised that we haven't yet seen him chugging a proper British ale through one of these beer bongs yet. It's even the right colours for UKIP.

Not a UKIP fan? Fear not - here's a beer bong that's slightly more suitable for left-wing drinkers! The Green manifesto is pretty tough on waste, mind, so make sure you don't spill any.

Of course, if you're more interested in the other kind of party, there are plenty of other apolitical items in our Party Essentials section. Happy drinking!