Everything comes with a USB cable nowadays, and spare USB ports are often in short supply. Once you've plugged in your keyboard, your speakers, your memory stick, your smartphone, your iPod, your MIDI controller, your mug warmer, and your rechargeable batteries...heck, you've got nowhere to put your USB light!

But if your USB ports are kind of at a premium right now, we have the solution. USB hubs!

USB Hubs - Cassette Tape and Racecar

These nifty little gadgets can exponentially expand your USB capabilities. Take the Cassette Tape USB Hub, for example - that cassette is fitted with four USB ports, so when you plug it into one of your PC's ports, you're effectively quadrupling the number of gadgets that you can plug in.

And aside from their main function, these USB hubs make pretty cool desk toys, too! The cassette tape has actual spinning ribbobns on the inside, and the Vintage Racer USB hub has pull-back action - pull it back, watch it speed away, and entertain yourself all day long!

BBQ Essentials

Now that summer's here and the weather is warming up, you might be thinking, "Hey, this would be a great time to have a barbecue!"

If so, you're absolutely correct! A BBQ party is the very best way to enjoy the summer sunshine, and if you're going to be lighting up the barbie this coming weekend, here are a few essentials that you'll need:

BBQ Rocks! Spatula and Tongs

Grill and serve your food in style!

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

You'll never be short of a way to open your beer again!

Chill Out Wedge

Relax in comfort while you wait for things to heat up!

Ultimate American-Style Beer Pong Set

Something to do in between burgers!

Fist Beer Cooler

Keep your drink at the right temperature and look super-manly at the same time!

They've already conquered the skies...now they're preparing to conquer your hunger!

The video above was made by DoDo, a Russian pizza company who will soon be offering delivery by remote-controlled drone. It's a novel idea - pizza companies could save a fortune on the delivery drivers that they no longer need to employ, and it would be pretty cool to receive a pizza from an RC helicopter that's just landed in your street.

However, we envision a couple of problems with the idea of pizza drones:

  • Carrying a pizza around is like painting a great big bullseye on your back, and once people learn to recognise these pizza, they'll surely stop at nothing to bring them down and steal their precious cargo. Rocks will be thrown, BB pellets will be fired, and thousands of customers will go hungry because their pizza took a dangerous route through a nearby housing estate.

  • We don't know about you, but we often order pizza simply because it's cold and wet outside and we can't be bothered walking to the shops. These drones will do fine on sunny days, but how will they fare when the wind's a-blowin' and the rain's a-rainin'? Not well, we'd wager.

  • The drone in that video is only carrying one pizza - surely that tiny little gadget won't be able to handle our Family Feast for 4? Two large pizzas, wedges, chicken strips, a litre bottle of Coke...to paraphrase that chap from Jaws, "You're going to need a bigger helicopter thingy."

  • How on Earth does the pilot/pizza guy navigate an RC drone all the way to his customer's house? Okay, you could perhaps use some kind of camera, but even if we assume that you can see where you're going, RC helicopters can only fly so far from their pilot. If your pizza parlour is two miles from the home of your hungry customer, the drone's RC range probably won't be enough to get the pizza to their door.

  • Most pizza delivery guys use those insulated satchel things to keep the pizzas warm. Not only will your drone pizza be uninsulated and out in the open, it will be whizzing through the air at quite a clip - surely it will get cold before it finds its way to your mouth?

So, yeah, the pizza drone thing is a cool idea, but there are certainly still some kinks to be worked out. You'll probably still be opening the door to deliverymen for a year or two yet!

Want a drone of your own? It doesn't deliver pizza (sadly), but Gadget Inspector's nifty Micro Drone 2.0 is still a pretty awesome toy. Get yours now!

In a world that's full of fear and loathing, few things warm the heart like a good old-fashioned bromance. Many a life-affirming bromance has been forged on our TV screens; here are five of our favourites from recent years...

Note: We'll do our best to keep things spoiler-free but do proceed with caution if you're still catching up on any of these shows.

Samwell Tarly and Jon Snow (from Game of Thrones, 2011-Present)
It's hard being a man of the Night's Watch, but it would be even harder without a friend. Jon - the handsome bastard of Ned Stark - took fat, cowardly Sam under his wing and they soon became the best of buddies. Not even wildlings could tear them apart!

Defining Bromance Moment: Jon and Sam kneel down to 'take The Black' (i.e. swear an oath of duty to the Night's Watch). Once finished, they are told to 'rise now as men of the Night's Watch' - Sam can't quite get to his feet, so Jon helps him up, and they hug.


Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing (from Friends, 1994-2004)
They weren't supposed to be roommates in the first place - Chandler's first choice was a photographer whose sister was a model - but we're glad that things happened the way they did. Even when Chandler moved in with Monica, they remained stone cold bros until the end (well, until Joey got his own spin-off, at least).

Defining Bromance Moment: In the final episode of the series - the one that, like, ten jillion people tuned in for - Joey and Chandler are saying goodbye (Chandler and Monica, who have just adopted two babies, are preparing to move to a new house in the suburbs). They wonder aloud whether to part with an "awkward hug" or a "lame cool-guy handshake"; initially, they opt for the lame handshake, but then they hug and ten jillion viewers well up.


Christopher Turk and John 'JD' Dorian (from Scrubs, 2001-2010)
Being a doctor, like being a brother of the Night's Watch, is not without its trials and tribulations. But JD and Turk got through them all - even when Turk found out that JD had been sleeping with a lawyer who was suing him (Turk) for malpractice, their bromance didn't sputter out.

Defining Bromance Moment: This song. How could it not be?

Abed Nadir and Troy Barnes (from Community, 2009-2014)
Troy and Abed are our favourite bros, simply because they're even bigger TV/Movie geeks than we are. When Abed discovers Inspector Spacetime (a show-with-a-show that's seriously indebted to Doctor Who), he and Troy immediately start playing The Inspector and his sidekick, Constable Reggie, with surprising levels of dedication. They also have their own friendship handshake, not to mention their own fake morning show ("Troy and Abed in the mooor-ning!")

Defining Bromance Moment: When Troy decides to head off on a round-the-world cruise in Season 5, Abed organises a school-wide game of 'Lava Floor' to see him off. The results are...well, epic.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (from Sherlock, 2010-Present)
And finally, how could we have a blog about bromances without mentioning the internet's favourite crime-fighting couple? John's bromance with Sherlock (a lot of Johns in this list, aren't there?) isn't always plain sailing - sometimes, in fact, he seems to very much dislike the man - but the interplay between these two (along with the regular hints that they may, one day, take things to the next level) has had tumblr users in hysterics for several years now.

Defining Bromance Moment: When John (okay, this one definitely warrants a SPOILER ALERT) visits Sherlock's grave in the final episode of Season 2, he is very, very not happy. It's a tearjerker all right, and the 'aaw' factor is only somewhat alleviated by the knowledge that (SPOILER ALERT AGAIN) Sherlock isn't really dead.

Did we forget your favourite bromance? Let us know on Twitter!

Cool mugs

The prospect of a hot drink is exciting enough for some people, but if your daily tea break has become a little bit boring, we've got the perfect remedy right here at Gadget Inspector.

And the name of that remedy is novelty mugs. We've got loads of cool mugs available on our website - here are some of our favourites:

Camera Lens Cup

Camera Lens Cup

It looks just like an actual camera lens, but it's really a super-cool receptacle for your tea and/or coffee! As a bonus, the lens cap doubles as a great place to put your biscuits.

Darth Vader Mug

Darth Vader Mug

The perfect tribute to one of the best movies - and one of the best-known movie quotes - of all time. 'I am your father' - what a great father's day gift this mug would make!

Don't forget your Hot Cookie Mug Warmer - it will keep your drink warmer for longer!