Jägerbombs, Boilermakers, Skittle Bombs, everyone hates to love them, but we just can't stay away from them when we go out to party! These bomber drinks work by dropping a shot of hard liquor into a glass partially filled with beer, but you can use other beverages if you want to. The goal is to drink your drink as quickly as possible, but we have to admit that we're not always that sharp..

These The Bomb: Shot Glasses give you an awesome way to chug your bombs! Complete with a smaller shot glass moulded into the cup, it allows you to separate both beverages easily without the need for extra shot glasses. Once you've poured in all of your drinks, it's time to chug and drink,drink,drink! 

You'll be happy to know that these awesome little cups are our Deal of the week, and are now only £4.50! What a bargain! If you're looking for that perfect bomber cup to spice up your next party, look no further than our The Bomb: Shot Glasses

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Are you looking for the ultimate gadget that will change your life forever? Well look no further, because we've found it! This Connector: Stylus/Pen/Charger won't solve world hunger and pay your taxes, but aside from that it can do just about everything.
There's never been a more hi-tech pen than the Connector, it's the ultimate gadget for creative types and smartphone addicts, because of its awesome three-in-one function!

You're probably wondering by now how this Connector Pen actually works, so, we'll tell you: 
You can use this pen as stylus for your tablet or your touch screen phone, but if you twist the end of the Connector, a nib will pop out and you can use it as a normal pen, cool right?
The real ace up the connector's sleeve is its built in charging cable, which allows you to charge your tablet or smartphone without the use of mains power. The charging function is universally-compatible, and the connector itself is charged by plugging it into your computer USB port; really simple and endlessly useful! Thanks to its super slim design it also fits easily into your pocket, so it's always on hand and ready for action when you need it! 

You're probably thinking this amazing piece of tech will set you back a few bob, but, you'd be wrong! This hi-tech pen will  cost you just £9.99! An absolute bargain, when you consider it can do just about anything! 

What you waiting for? Click here to purchase your very own Connector Pen, and make your life a whole lot easier! 
January Sale

January is a pretty depressing time of year. Christmas is over, the weather is dreadful, and the Eurovision Song Contest is still several months away. It's easy to feel trapped by this long, unforgiving month - no wonder February 1st is called 'National Freedom Day' in the USA.

Still, if you want to rid yourself of the January Blues sooner rather than later, we at Gadget Inspector have the perfect antidote: a massive January Sale! We've reduced the prices on loads of different products from every corner of our website - whether you're looking for a cool RC helicopter or something nice for your living room, we think that you'll be very happy with what we're offering.

Our Top 10 Deals

Now, our January Sale is made up of over 100 deals, and while we're pretty proud of ourselves, we appreciate that you may not have time to scroll through that whole list yourself. So we've done the hard work for you - here are 10 of the very best offers we're currently, um, offering:

£99.99 £68.50
The Micro Drone might just be our best-selling gadget of all time. It's fun to play with, it's easy to fly, and it's now thirty pounds cheaper than it was before! You even get a spare battery and an attachable camera along with it!

£54.99 £49.50
Nothing battles back the January Blues like a bit of rest 'n' relaxation. This chair is perfect for avid gamers and couch potatoes - it's super comfy, there are plenty of pockets and compartments for all your stuff, and the headrest has a pair of built-in speakers!

Selfy Stick for iPhone and Android
£17.95 £14.99
It was the gadget of 2014, and it may well prove to be the gadget of 2015 too - if you haven't got a selfie stick yet, what are you even doing with your life? Don't worry, though, because this is your chance to atone for your mistake and grab a stick of your own for a little bit less than everyone else.

Beer pong table
£149.99 £105.99
You haven't played beer pong until you've played it on a proper beer pong table! We've knocked a whopping £44 off the price of this Headrush table, and you even get a free beer pong set along with it!

Hovva Copter
£34.99 £24.99
If you're looking for a smooth, supremely straightforward RC flight, the Hovva Copter is exactly what you need. The helicopter takes off at the push of a button, then hovers in mid-air until you start steering!

£29.99 £24.99
We know that it's January, and that we're all supposed to be on a diet right now, but a few biscuits never hurt anyone, right? And look at Vader's face - he wants you to eat those cookies.

£19.99 £15.19
Yeah yeah yeah, Christmas is over, move on, we know. But wearing a onesie feels good no matter what time of year it is, and when you're struggling through the swamp that is the month of January, you need all the added comfort you can get.

Heat 'n' Eat Popcorn Maker
£20.00 £14.99
Since you already ruined your January diet with those Vader cookies, why not keep going and scoff some delicious home-made popcorn while you're at it? You may gain weight, but if nothing else, the extra fat will help you to stay warm for the rest of winter!
Bladez Target: RC Helicopter with Missiles
£42.00 £28.00
This helicopter shoots little red missiles - need we say more? What better way to release that pent-up January frustration than by declaring war on your living room (and saving £14 while you're at it)?

£14.99 £10.00
Finally, we come to another of our all-time favourites. This mug warmer plugs into your computer's USB port and heats up to ensure that your tea/coffee doesn't cool down while you work.

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It's Friday, folks! The weekend is mere hours away, and we're in a pretty generous mood. Oh, and obviously, all we can think about right now is getting nice and drunk.

All of which has resulted in not one but TWO awesome drinking-themed deals. We've got some truly great discounts ready to kick off your weekend - read on to find out more!

RRP: £149.99 Sale Price: £70
This professional-standard beer pong table has long been one of the most expensive items in the Gadget Inspector catalogue, but since it's almost the weekend, we've decided to cut that price in half...and then some!

Usually £149.99, the Headrush Beer Pong Table is currently going for just £70. Oh, and we'll even throw in a free beer pong set, just to sweeten this already-pretty-sweet deal!

RRP: £69.99 Sale Price: £40
Not content with having slashed the price on our beer pong table, we then proceeded to likewise with this awesome six-way beer bong. Bongzilla would usually set you back the best part of £70, but as we've already established, everyone here at Gadget Inspector is in a generous, weekendy sort of mood this afternoon.

So what have we done? We've knocked almost £30 off Bongzilla's price! This colossal drinking accessory is now going for just £40 - if six of you were to chip in and buy a Bongzilla for your next party, it would currently cost you less than £7 each!

If THAT doesn't start your weekend on the right foot, we're frankly not sure what will! Enjoy your days off, people of Great Britain, and we'll see you on Monday (assuming we haven't drunk ourselves blind by then!)
If Friday the 28th of November isn't already marked in your calendar, we'd advise you to go and put a big red circle around that date right now. Why? Because it's Black Friday, silly!

Black Friday, of course, is one of the single biggest shopping days of the year, and while it started - as many things do - in the USA, it has long since spread across the Atlantic and established itself as a pretty big day for British retailers, too. All of your favourite shops and websites will be running big discounts this Friday, and we at Gadget Inspector are no exception.

Still, we don't want to stuff all the fun into one day, and besides, it seemed a shame to keep y'all waiting. Here, then, are EIGHT awesome deals for Black Friday week - beat the rush and place your order now!

Micro Drone deal
Save £24 on your Micro Drone!

Christmas Onesies
Save almost £5 on Christmas onesies!

Hovva Copter deal
Hovva Copter Pro: More than 20% off!

Clocky offer
Clocky, the running and jumping alarm clock, is down from £40 to £24.99!

RC Bubble Blaster
Save £9 on this awesome bubble-blasting RC helicopter!

Victor's Drinks (Cider)
Brew 10 pints of your very own cider for just £12.99!

Drinking Snakes & Ladders

These amazing deals won't last forever, and nor will our stock - so be fast!