Apple users will have upgraded to the new operating system iOS7 last week. The snazzy update with its bold colours, swooshing screens and finger flicking movements hasn’t quite managed to capture the hearts of everyone, with many stating that the software resembles a child’s drawing. Having said this, whether you love it or hate it, it’s undeniable that the software has given your products a new lease of life. What better way to celebrate your apple personality transplant than rewarding it with a cheeky facelift? Get your mitts on one of our amazing offers here…

Protect your iPad with one of our glorious iBallz Shock Absorbing Harnesses [no longer available]. These balls of fun which slot over the corners are made from rubber, elevating your tablet to avoid spillages and absorbing shock – perfect if you’re a tad clumsy! Choose from classic black, steel grey, neon pink and vibrant teal.

Treat yourself and kick it old-school with the Arcadie for iPhone [no longer available]. The iPhone component for retro gaming, all you need to do is download an app, slide your device into back of the mini arcade unit and get ready for some serious gaming. The following arcadie games are available from the app store: 

  • arcadie Blasteroids
  • arcadie Alien Invaders
  • arcadie Defender
  • arcadie CLASSICS - Ping
  • arcadie CLASSICS - Stacker
  • arcadie CLASSICS - Invaders 

If you figuratively place your mobile on a pedestal, then The Wedge is the perfect product for you to show it how much you really care. Acting as a sort of bean bag for phones (only the best for Apple), this brightly coloured triangle is the ideal prop for your phone – perfect for watching TV or movies on your phone, FaceTime or for those times you just don’t want to pick up your handset. Available in grey, pink, black, blue and red at a discounted price of just £4.99!

With these sensational offers you really don’t have an excuse not to treat yourself, and your phone!

If you're a gadget lover like us, there's a good chance you're going to own some sort of Apple product. It might be an iPhone, an iPad or even something else with the 'i' prefix. We're also sure that if you're anything like us, you're a little bit clumsy and need to be a bit more protective than the average joe.

After all, you've spent a mint on your gadgets, so it makes sense to get hold of a decent gadget protector or case!

Luckily here at gadget inspector we've got a decent selection to choose from, and there's no need to break the bank either. 


First up, there's the Star Wars Stormtrooper iPhone 4 case. Perfect for Star Wars fans everywhere, the nifty silicone case gives your precious iPhone all the protection one could need, courtesy of a stonkin' big Stormtrooper helment. There's even a larger version in the shape of the Star Wars Stormtrooper iPad case. These aren't the droids you're looking for...



If however you're looking for something a bit more heavy duty, gadget inspector's got some ballz to offer up. iBallz, that is. The iBallz Lid Folding Sleeve for iPad is a case designed to cater for the careful clutz. It's got a plush faux-fur lining to keep your gadget free from dirty marks, and a tough nylon weave exterior with a velcro fastener for protection. It also leaves space to combine with the iBallz Original Shock Absorbing Harness. This badboy has your corner covered, with an elastic fastened shock absorber on each edge of the iPad. It also keeps the gadget elevated from any surface to guard against any spills and dirt (not that we're suggesting there's dirt on your desk). 


All these gadgets can be found on the website, or just click the links above if you're already here. You don't have to break the bank to get even more out of your Apple products!

Protect your gadget with our sturdy and stylish iPad accessories!

There are loads of things you can do with an Apple iPad - read books, play video games, surf the web - but whatever you're using it for, you'll always want to be sure that your precious tablet is safe from harm. That's where we come in: Gadget Inspector has got a great selection of iPad cases and iPad accessories to ensure that your tablet makes it through each day unscathed.

We have some great iPad accessories from iBallz, who seem hell-bent on making sure that your iPad never gets a scratch on it. The iBallz Shock Absorbing Harness consists of four rubber balls that slot onto the corners of your tablet and, rather brilliantly, prevent it from ever touching the ground. We've also got the iBallz Folding Sleeve and the iBallz Hard Case, both of which work alongside the balls to make your iPad as safe and as stylish as possible!

Still, if those iPad accessories don't take your fancy then check out our awesome and eye-catching Star Wars iPad cases! You can choose between R2-D2 and an evil-looking Stormtrooper; we love our iPad accessories here in the office and to be honest we had a lot of difficulty picking our favourite!

No matter what your iPad does for you, Gadget Inspector have got loads of great ways to protect it from life's little bumps and scrapes. Check out our brilliant range of iPad accessories now!

We have new stock of the following items coming tomorrow, so if you are looking for a cool gadget as a gift then check these out..

iBallz Original

iBallz Lid Folding Sleeve

iBallz Hard Case

Ninja Coat Hook

iMusic Chair