The fifth season of Game of Thrones came to a jaw-dropping end last night, and so - being big fans of GoT - we at Gadget Inspector thought that now would be a good time to look back over the last ten weeks and pay tribute to the characters who met their deaths along the way.

Needless to say, there will be LOADS OF WHOPPING GREAT SPOILERS from here on out. If you haven't watched ALL of Season 5 yet, we recommend that you go elsewhere until you're all caught up. Maybe check out our beer pong department instead.

You have been warned!

In Memoriam: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Mance Rayder (S5E1, The Wars to Come)

Wait, who? The King Beyond The Wall.
How he died: Mercy-arrowed by Jon Snow moments before being burned to death by Melisandre
What we'll remember him for: Organising the epic attack on Castle Black that dominated Season 4's penultimate episode.

Mossador (S5E2, The House of Black and White)

Wait, who? A former slave in the city of Meereen. One of the many people freed by Daenerys Targaryen.
How he died: Executed by Daario Naharais.
What we'll remember him for: Murdering a Son of the Harpy who was awaiting trail, then getting beheaded for it.

Janos Slynt (S5E3, High Sparrow)

Wait, who? Commander of the City Watch. Later, a man of the Night's Watch.
How he died: Executed for insubordination by Jon Snow.
What we'll remember him for: Being a slippery, slimy piece of work to the very end.

Ser Barristan Selmy (S5E4, Sons of the Harpy)

Wait, who? A member of the Kingsguard in King's Landing. Then, a member of Daenerys's Queensguard.
How he died: Murdered by the Sons of the Harpy in Meereen.
What we'll remember him for: Being a total badass in spite of his advancing years.

Maester Aemon Targaryen (S5E7, The Gift)

Wait, who? Maester for the Night's Watch at Castle Black.
How he died: Natural causes (which is quite an achievement in the Game of Thrones universe!)
What we'll remember him for: Giving sage advice and casting the deciding vote that made Jon Snow Lord Commander.

Lord of Bones (S5E8, Hardhome)

Wait, who? Some crazy wildling.
How he died: Beaten to death by Tormund Giantsbane.
What we'll remember him for: His unique fashion sense.

Karsi (S5E8, Hardhome)

Wait, who? A wilding chieftainess.
How she died: Mauled by zombie children.
What we'll remember her for: Making an immediate impression with her leadership, plain-spoken attitude, and fighting skills. Then dying just as quickly. Damn you, Game of Thrones!

Princess Shireen Baratheon (S5E9, The Dance of Dragons)

Wait, who? Daughter of Stannis Baratheon. BFF of Ser Davos 'Onion Knight' Seaworth. The little girl with the scaly face.
How she died: Burned at the stake by Melisandre as her father looked on stoically.
What we'll remember her for: Being adorable and making us hate Stannis, who - stern though he was - really did seem like one of the good guys until his heel turn in The Dance of Dragons.

Hizdahr zo Loraq (S5E9, The Dance of Dragons)

Wait, who? An aristocrat from the city of Meereen. Dany's fiancé, until he went and died.
How he died: Stabbed by the Sons of the Harpy.
What we'll remember him for: Um...crying when he thought he was going to get eaten by a dragon? Not all that much, to be completely honest - he was kind of lame.

Queen Selyse Baratheon (S5E10, Mother's Mercy)

Wait, who? Stannis Baratheon's wife. Shireen Baratheon's mother. Crazy religious fanatic.
How she died: She hanged herself (presumably).
What we'll remember her for: Being a terrible mother who was ONLY TOO EAGER to burn Shireen to a crisp...up until the latter was tied to a pyre, at which point she realised it was a terrible idea and tried in vain to save the fruit of her bonkers loins. Jeez, make up your mind, Selyse!

Myranda (S5E10, Mother's Mercy)

Wait, who? Ramsay Bolton's nasty girlfriend.
How she died: Pushed off a battlement by Theon 'Reek' Greyjoy.
What we'll remember her for: Tormenting Sansa Stark, mostly.

Ser Meryn Trant (S5E10, Mother's Mercy)

Wait, who? Knight of the Kingsguard. Name #1 on Arya Stark's death list. Horrid, horrid man. 
How he died: Violently stabbed, eye-gouged, and throat-cut by Arya 'Faceless Man' Stark.
What we'll remember him for: Killing (?) Syrio Forel, beating up Sansa Stark, having a rather too young taste in women, being nasty ALL THE DAMN TIME.

Of course, there were lots of other apparent deaths in Mother's Mercy - Stannis Baratheon, Princess Myrcella, and (*sniff*) Jon Snow are all presumed dead, while it's not entirely clear what became of Sansa and Reek. That being said, we're cautious types here at Gadget Inspector, and we're refusing to list those people until the show confirms that they're really dead and gone.

Because, y'know...Jon can't really be dead, can he? CAN HE?!
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