To mark the release of Burnt in UK cinemas today, we thought we would give you the ultimate, Christmas gift guide for the food and drink lover in your life.

Manly Bar Tools: Tool Kit Drinking Accessories 

This is the perfect gift set for people who always talk about re-creating that awesome cocktail the Spanish barman made for them last summer. Complete with a selection of DIY themed bar accessories, you’ll be squeezing, chopping and mixing all the way into 2016!

bar tools and tipsy wine glasses

Tipsy Wine Glasses

Do you have a friend who thinks their dinner parties are worthy of Michelin star status, but are actually more like a bad episode of Come Dine with Me? Well, these glasses are as dodgy and unbalanced as the seafood risotto that they've forced you to endure more times than you care to remember. With a strange, side-leaning design, this glassware set will have everyone at the dinner table questioning their alcohol intake.

IGGI Angry Chef Paper Towel Holder

Is your resident chef short-tempered and sweary enough to give Gordon Ramsay a run for his money? Perhaps you share a home with a kitchen clean-freak who goes spare at the sight of a single crumb? Whatever pushes the buttons of the angry soul that occupies your kitchen, This Angry Chef Paper Towel Holder will have you wincing every time they reach for a sheet of kitchen roll, to mop of the mess you've made on their shiny kitchen counter…

angry paper towel holder and rocking whiskey glasses

Whiskey Rockers - Set of 2 Rocking Whiskey Glasses 

Are you beginning to get the impression that the Whiskey enthusiast in your life, is becoming a little tired of receiving the same bottle of their favourite tipple year after year? Why not mix it up this Christmas, and give them something to serve it up in instead? These rocking whiskey glasses are a cool and unusual way to serve up your favourite whiskey, whether you’re partial to a blend, bourbon or single malt. You shouldn't get any complaints after giving these as a gift, but if you do, just tell them that all they will be getting next year is ‘scotch mist’… (ba dum tshhhh)

BBQ Rocks - Guitar Tongs

Does anyone else remember hearing about Australian Christmases as a child, and  how instead of having turkey dinners they all had ‘barbies’ on the beach in the glorious, summer sun? BBQ season may be a long way away for us in the UK, but it’s never too early to prepare! These tongs are an awesome way to serve up your favourite burgers, or even your Christmas roast!

guitar bbq tongs and bbq branding iron

Personalized BBQ Branding Iron

We've all witnessed the petty arguments that kick off at the family dinner table, over which person has dibs on the best piece of meat. Now, the lucky owner of this Personalized BBQ Branding Iron can take pleasure in saying; "That one has my name on it". This iron is perfect for people who are particularly possessive of their food, as well as those who like to add a personal touch to every meal. Just make sure you don’t mix up this gift with the one intended for the angry chef... 

And there you have it! That's our 2015 Foodie Christmas Gift Guide. Be sure to check back here soon for more gift guides! 

Freshers Week 2015 is here! It's a week where you will drink copious amounts of alcohol into the wee hours of the morning, trying to drink everyone under the table and then ending up dancing on that table! You'll probably wake up not knowing where you are, how you got there or what happened that night, but that's all part of the booze fuelled fun! 

Of course, an epic freshers night out can't start without having a totally awesome pre-drinks party! But sometimes it's hard to think of ways to make the party epic. This is where we step in to help - we've listed our top 5 fresher essentials that will make your freshers week as epic as can be! 
Just £9.50!

Beer pong is the daddy of all drinking games! It's been played at parties since the stone age! But this is no ordinary pong set. Twist Pong is a spinner game that puts a fun twist on the classic beer pong rules: for every cup you lose, you have to twist the spinner board of doom and do a forfeit! That forfeit could be anything from missing a go to switching sides with your opponent - anything can happen in Twist Pong! 
Just £6.99!

Beer bongs have been popular since your parents were young, and for good reason - they can always be relied upon to liven up any party! The Ultimate Beer Bong is the perfect way to turn a few quiet drinks into an exciting challenge; just pour your drink into the funnel and attempt to drink it all in one go. You'll either become the legend of the party or get shamefully soaked, but either way, fun is guaranteed!
Just £69.99!

It's kind of difficult to play beer pong without a table. Sure, you could always use your dinning table but if you spill beer all over it, which is highly likely, that table is going to get really sticky. So why not get yourself a proper beer pong table instead? This Sunken Cup table is perfect for all your beer pong needs, and it even shows you where to put the cups!

  Bottle Bong
Just £3.99!

Don't you just hate the long, tedious wait for your drink to dribble out of the bottle? It has angered many for centuries! Well, no longer! This brilliant Bottle Bong just fits onto the bottle like a glove and, by some strange black magic, it makes the liquid come out faster! Your drink will be gone in seconds...if you can handle it....
Just £10.99! 

It ain't a party without jagerbombs, and these 'Bomber' Jagerbomb cups are perfect for them. The design is simple, yet effective: it's a cup inside of the cup, and the smaller cup is shaped like a cool rocket! Just add your Jager and energy drink and you're ready to go! 

Click here for more great drinking accessories from Gadget Inspector!

Assorted drinking products

Man, Tuesdays are the worst, right? At least you can spend Monday talking about what you did over the weekend - Tuesday is just a no man's land, lightyears from the warm embrace of Friday.

But we at Gadget Inspector want to change your attitude towards The Lamest Day of the Week. It's time to stop seeing Tuesday as a thankless slog when it's really the PERFECT TIME TO START PREPARING FOR THE WEEKEND. Think about it - The Perfect Weekend doesn't just happen without a bit of forward planning. As Confucius once said:

"He who waits 'til Friday lunchtime to make plans for Friday night will end up spending Friday in his jammies, watching old Simpsons episodes on his own."

- Confucius, probably

However, the man who starts planning his weekend on Tuesday is pretty much guaranteed to have the time of his life. Conveniently enough, we've just added a bunch of new drinking accessories to the Gadget Inspector catalogue - why not start with these, and take it from there?

Yard of Ale Glass

Drink a whole yard of ale and find out whether you're a 'Wimp' or a 'Solid Legend'. What better way to kick off your weekend?

Chemistry Shot Glasses

If you're gonna do shots, you might as well do 'em from miniature lab beakers. Oh, and if you want the full set of scientific drinking paraphernalia, check this out...


Erlenmeyer Flask Decanter

It's the perfect way for science boffins to store their wines and spirits!


Manly Bar Tools

If the party is happening at your house this Friday, somebody's bound to ask you for a bottle opener at some point. How cool will you feel when you hand them a bottle opener that's shaped like a HAMMER?


LED Bar Caddy

We've saved the best 'til last - this revolving drinks caddy has room for 4 different bottles, and it lights up when you pour, AND it's spring-loaded to give a perfect 1.5oz shot without any effort on your part! How awesome is that?

We hope that's given you a few good ideas for the coming weekend. And next time you come down with a case of The Tuesday Blues, remember: you're never more than 120 hours from the next weekend!

Our Ultimate American Beer Pong Set is a force to be reckoned with indeed! This handy and fun beer pong kit contains everything you need (minus the beer - we're not generous) to have a seriously epic game of beer pong and one hell of a good night! Our Ultimate Beer Pong Set has proved extremely popular since we unveiled it a few months ago, and has been racking up the positive reviews, so we thought we'd share! 

Colin said our Beer Pong Set was "Very fast delivery and in good condition, great purchase and after two games and two hangovers well worth it!" 

Karen thinks that it's a "Super product, lots of fun. Plus super fast delivery A++++" .

And we have many more reviews as testament to how good this nifty little kit really is.

When you purchase an Ultimate Beer Pong Set you will recieve

  • 12 red game cups
  • 2 additional cups for washing
  • 2 ping-pong balls
  • 2 beer pong pitches

Aka everything you need to have the best beer pong party of your life. So what are you waiting for? You've seen the product, read the reviews and we're sure you're itching to get your Beer Pong uniform on and throw your way to victory (and drunk-dom!).

We've also got the Original Beer Pong Kit, which allows you to play in teams of red or blue. 

The festive season is in full swing which means many a drink will be consumed. Especially this week, because on Friday the 20th of December it is 'Black Friday'. Black Friday celebrates the last working Friday (for the lucky ones) over the festive period, and is a night where everyone goes out and gets more than a little tipsy to welcome a few days off over Christmas with open arms. If you're planning on heading out for Black Friday then you need to get prepared, and here at Gadget Inspector we've got the goods you need to have a great night. 

Just head over to our 'Party and Drinking' section where you'll be greeted with an abundance of gadgets and gizmos which will aid you to get very merry and crack out your best dance moves. 

1. Jagerbomb Goodies

Every good night starts with a jagerbomb right? Now you can enjoy the experience in your own home with our massive range of jagerbomb cups! If you click on the link you'll be taken to a page filled with Bomber products perfect for shotting your jaeger/red bull combos which are guaranteed to get the party started! You can wash and re-use them and bring the jagerbomb magic to every party. 


2. Mini Hip Flask - Dutch Courage

Once your night has kicked off with a bang thanks to our Bomber range make sure you keep the good vibe flowing right through Black Friday with our mini hip flask. Not only will you feel like James Bond carrying your favourite drink in your pocket but you'll be able to ensure your good mood carries on all night!