Comic book fans from across the land can now rejoice, as the wait for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally over! We've been counting down the days, ever since the first announcement at the San Diego Comic-Con, and now that it's finally here, I don't think we can control our excitement! If like us you're a huge fan of both Batman and Superman, then we have some good news!

Here at Gadget Inspector, we know exactly how hard it is to find the perfect gift or gadget that's right for you, especially with our extensive range of products. So, to make it easier for you to find the perfect superhero product for you, we've listed our top Batman and Superman products! You're bound to find something from this list you'll love!  

We're pretty proud of how great our Batman range is and we have a whole manner of different products from mirrors to multi tools to even wall mounted lights! If you're a fan of the caped crusader, you're certainly going to love our range of Batman goodies!


Batman Logo Mirror 
Was £29.99, Now just £19.99 
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Place this Batman Logo Mirror in any room, and it'll immediately turn it into the ultimate Batcave! If you're a fan of the caped crusader, then you're going to love this bat shaped mirror! It's great for long hard stares at yourself while you question if you have capabilities to be Bruce Wayne... If that's what you're into!
Batman Eclipse Light 
Just £14.99
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We've all wanted to have our very own bat signal, don't pretend you haven't, we can tell when you’re lying. And now you can, with this Batman Eclipse Light! Brighten up your room with this USB powered light, and you never know, he may appear in your room, mistaking it as his bat signal. 

Batman Multi Tool: Keychain, Bottle Opener & Screwdrivers
Just £5.99 
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Batman would be a mere mortal without his famous utility belt and the endless variety of tools housed within. That crafty belt has helped the caped crusader escape from many a tight spot, and with this Batman Multi Tool, you can find out how it feels to be as well-equipped as Batman himself!

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If like us, you're a fan of the man of steel, then you'll love the following products we've got lined up for you. From wallets to water bottles, we've a whole manner of accessories that you can benefit from!

Superman Bi-Folding Boxed Wallet
Just £14.99 
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We're pretty sure if Clark Kent was vain enough to carry a wallet bearing his own insignia, we're pretty sure that he would choose this Superman Bi-Folding Boxed Wallet! There's no better way to keep all your notes, coins and cards safe! 

Superman Water Bottle
Just £9.99 
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Scientist are always blabbering on about how we should be keeping hydrated and drinking loads and loads of that stuff they call H2O, but water can be pretty boring and bland, don't you think? Introducing, the Superman Water Bottle. This water bottle seems although it has crazy superpowers of its own, the way it makes even the most plain water, taste like nectar of the gods. This Superman Water Bottle is the perfect for fans of the man of steel, that like to keep themselves hydrated.

Superman Classic Flexible Keyring
Was £3.49, Just £1.00 
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This Superman Classic Flexible Keyring is the perfect keyring for fans of Superman. It's super flexible and is super hard wearing, almost like it's made out of steel, like the man himself! It's great for someone who’s looking for a cool keyring to attach to their keys to. 

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We had our fair share of fun over the Christmas break, but now it's time for us to get back to reality and back to work. Faced with the daunting task of endlessly hearing the same question of  "Good Christmas?", and giving the same drab reply on auto-repeat, it's already feeling like a bit too much to deal with this soon after the holidays! 

To cheer you all up, we thought we'd share some of our brilliant office gadgets, which are all sure to brighten up your workplace!

Just £8.50 

It's a stapler, shaped like a bunny rabbit! Surely you can't get more cheerful than that? This adorable stapler is the cutest desktop accessory in all the land, and is guaranteed to make stapling be the most enjoyable part of the day! 

Just £4.99 

It's the first day back and you're guaranteed to make some mistakes, so what better way to correct them than with this set of Novelty Rubbers! Whether zombies or soldiers are more your thing, these characterful erasers are sure to bring some fun to your stationary selection.

Just £8.00 

If you turned over a new leaf during the Christmas break and decided you want a nice clean desk to start the new year with, then this Genius Paperclip Holder is perfect for you! Save yourself the torture of having paper clips all over your desk, just stick them on Albert's head instead!

Just £9.99 

There is always one person (or a dozen) in the office who likes a good moan, but at this time of year you really don't need any more negativity. This Complaint Department Grenade Ornament is the perfect gift for to put them in line, and is guaranteed to get a few chuckles around in the office.

Just £4.99

After having so much fun during your Christmas break, you're bound to be slightly miffed about getting back to your regular nine to five! If that's the case, then why not brighten up your mood with one of our desktop game sets? After a few heated sessions of our desktop games you may even completely forget that you're back in work, so just remember to finish off your tasks by the end of the day! 

Just £14.99 

The mess from your lunch break stands no chance against this mini R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum! It's the perfect way to indulge your inner big kid, whilst also honouring your promise to keep your desk tidy!


Just £4.99 

These Desktop Standees are the perfect accessories to brighten your desk and add a little humour to your workspace! We realize that it's not quite like having a real office minion, but it's most certainly the next best thing (unless you plan on selecting a not-so-lucky employee to participate in spot of fancy dress!)

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Victor Frankenstein comes out in UK cinemas today, so we decided to share a few science themed gifts with you all! We have everything you need to treat the science savvy person in your life, from handy desktop gadgets to super cool drinking accessories! 

Genius Paperclip Holder 

Regardless of whether or not you take any interest in how magnets actually work, this quirky papeclip holder is a great little novelty for your desk. It gives the owner free reign to create their own hairstyle for famous physicist Albert Einstein, comprised solely from an assortment of odd paperclips that may be scattered amongst their stationary. Both fun and functional, this guy will give you a handy storage solution, while also providing a spot of entertainment for your procrastination breaks.. 

magnetic paperclip holder

Rechargeable AA Batteries 

It can be a pain having to buy a new pack of batteries every time you're gadgets run our of juice, so why not buy a set that you can keep reusing? No complicated charging kits are needed in order to jig these batteries back into action, just plug them into your computer's USB until they've recharged and you're good to go!
USB rechargeable batteries
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Periodic Table Stoneware Mug

Now you may think that the connection between 'Victor Frankenstein' starts and ends with the science theme we've picked out for our gift guide, but you'd be wrong! This mug is a great way to aid your retention of the table of elements, providing the perfect tool with which to serve your revision coffee. Now, here is where the movie connection comes in. Another way of committing your table of elements to memory, is buy learning the 'Elements Song', something that 'Victor Frankenstein' star Daniel Radcliffe knows all about
periodic table mug

'Danger- Man Cooking' Apron Set

Did you ever have to learn the scientific hazard symbols in school? Do you remember what this one means? In case you didn't remember, it's a bio-hazard sign, which could be a rather apt analogy for the gent who's not so good in the kitchen.

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Brain Money Box

This gift is ideal for the 'brain box' in your life, or that person you know who has 'more money than sense' (sorry, we can never resist bad puns). Not only does this Brain Money Box make a cool and creepy ornament for your shelf, it also gives you a great place to store all your loose change. Note: No graves were robbed in the making of this money bank...
brain money box

Chemistry Drinking Accessories 

Be honest, the best gift you ever got for Christmas was your chemistry set, wasn't it? Why not reminisce this year while having your Christmas drink, with these awesome Chemistry shot glass sets? Choose from our colourful test tubes or our teeny tiny measuring beakers, and see what strange concoctions you can come up with.
chemistry drinking accessories

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From page to screen, comic book heroes and villains have been an integral part of modern popular culture, particularly in recent years. Whether you're a budding Batman or an aspiring Avenger, we stock a wide range of themed accessories and novelties here at Gadget Inspector. To show you some of them, we thought we would put together another gift guide so you can get all of your shopping done in time for Christmas! 

Batman Apron

Bruce Wayne may have Alfred to do all of his cooking, but some of us just aren't that lucky! If you don't have an elderly butler to do all of your work, don't despair, we have the perfect solution to your problems. This easy-tie apron is perfect for whipping up a hearty meal in a hurry, particularly if you find yourself having to pop out between dishes, to deal out a dose of justice on the streets of your city.

batman cooking apron

Hulk Mug

If you find that your tea demands often go unnoticed, this hefty Hulk mug could be the solution to all your beverage bothers. Shaped to resemble the sizeable fist of the green Goliath, this mug not only provides you with a generous helping of your chosen drink, but also sends out the message that you won't take no for an answer! 
hulk fist mug

Joker Wallet and Belt Set.

If badass bad guys are more your speed, then why not show your allegiance with this awesome, Joker wallet and belt set? Complete with a cool, retro comic book design, these additions to your wardrobe are an ideal way to show some love to good ol' Mister J. Just pair them with a purple suit, and you have the perfect combo! 
joker wallet and belt

Superhero Logo Cufflinks 

The Batman v Superman film is being released in the new year, so it's high time that we all picked a side! Wear your allegiance on your sleeve (quite literally), with one of our superhero cufflink sets! Whether your a high-flying businessman or a justice-serving journalist, be sure to show where your loyalties lie. Browse the rest of our selection here.

         superhero suit cufflinks

Stay tuned until next time, when we bring you another gift guide to save the day! To see our full range of gifts and gadgets, visit our homepage now!
Every man has dreamt about having their very own Batcave at least once in their life. Who wouldn't? It's the ultimate Man cave! Now, that dream of yours can become a reality! Well, sort of...  

This Batman Logo Mirror is the ultimate decorative item for fans of the caped crusader! It's perfect for your long, hard, moody stares at yourself, contemplating how much it would actually cost to become Batman, and practising your best Dark knight impression: " Where is she!". 

So, if you're looking to give your regular old room an upgrade, you'll be happy to know that this Batman Logo Mirror is our Deal of the week, and is now just £23.99! What a bargain! 

Whether you're a fan of the Dark Knight, or are simply looking for that special accessory to spruce up your home, Bruce Wayne style, this mirror is perfect! Give your home a dose of crime-fighting, villain-bashing high-flying awesomeness!