We speak for burgeoning alcoholics everywhere when we express just how uncomfortable it is to hold a freezing cold beer (we know, we know, first world problems). After a while, your hand practically becomes frozen solid, and all you can do is sit there and remember all the good times you had when your hand wasn't so numb. Of course, you could just wait for it to warm up a bit, but who wants to drink a warm beer? Not us!

With The Fist Beer Cooler, you no longer have to struggle with this dilemma.

As you can see, beer cans fit perfectly into the huge fist, and it will keep your drink extra-chilly for whenever you fancy a little slurp.

All you have to do is slide your arm into the fist - it couldn't be easier. The Fist also works quite well as a boxing glove (although that's not what it was made for, and we certainly aren't recommending that you use it as such!)

Oh, and just when you thought The Fist beer cooler couldn't get any better...it's now HALF PRICE! That's right - you can now get your hands on a First for a mere £7.50. Absolute bargain! 

So what you waiting for? Click here to purchase your very own Fist and prevent yourself from getting beer-related frostbite in future!