These days, people put almost as much thought into their choice of iPhone case as they put into their choice of network. Heck, some people put even more thought into the case: "Vodafone? Whatever mate, just as long as I can get a case that makes it look like a VW campervan."

There are all kinds of awesome iPhone cases on the market nowadays, but beware - there are some truly horrendous ones out there too. Here are some of the worst we've seen:

Chunky Retro iPhone Case

You know how mobile phones get smaller and smaller every year? Extremely clever people have spent their lives trying to make all that technology fit in your pocket - imagine how those people must feel when you put your slim 'n' sexy iPhone in one of these monstrosities. You're basically telling them that all the work they've done since 1985 was a big waste of time.


Hand iPhone Case

What on Earth was the thinking behind this? 'It'll feel like you're holding your lover's hand while you're on the phone'? Nope, sorry - it'll feel like you're holding a severed hand, and that's just creepy. It's like something out of The Addams Family.

Nose-Picking iPhone Case

Cripes. It's bad enough that someone thought a case with a nose on it would be a good idea, but the promotional imagery makes it clear that you're supposed to hold it in a very particular way. Gross.

Breast iPhone Case

Oh, and if you thought that the nostrils and the severed hand were a bit too tasteful, here's an iPhone case that's shaped like a single boob! Can we just agree that iPhone cases should never be modelled on human body parts?

Giant Isopod iPhone Case

You'd never pick up the phone again, would you?

Bathing Woman iPhone Case

Do people actually find this sort of thing arousing? Why can't they just type naughty words into Google Images like the rest of us?

Bulletproof iPhone Case

"What case have you got for your phone?"

"Oh, I've got this awesome bulletproof case."

"Why? Have people been trying to shoot your iPhone?"

"No, but it means that I can drop it and it won't break."

"Where is it?"

"I had to leave it at home because the case was too heavy."

"You're an idiot and we are no longer friends."

That Thing from Your Nightmares


Lobster Phone iPhone Case

Oh look, a reference to surreal artist Salvador Dali! Allegedly with an iPhone buried somewhere inside it! If there's one thing worse than idiocy, it's pretentious idiocy.

Switchblade iPhone Case

A great accessory for the stylish, 21st-century gang member, this is probably the only case on this list that could actually get you arrested. Unless the police think that the severed hand case is actually, well, a severed hand.

Want a half-decent case for your iPhone? Click here!

It's been well over a year since we first found out that a seventh Star Wars film was in the pipeline. And yet we still know relatively little about Episode VII - plot details, character info, and even the proper title are still cloaked in mystery.

Still, we're not completely in the dark. Here's what we do know about the new Star Wars:

  • The movie will be released on December 18, 2015 (that's only 506 days from now!) This means that Episode VII will be the first proper Star Wars film not to be released in May ("December The Force Be With You" just doesn't have the same ring, does it?)

  • JJ Abrams (of Lost and Star Trek fame) will direct the new film. The screenplay was a collaboration between Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan, whose previous writing credits include The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Neither writer had anything to do with the prequel trilogy, which can only be a good sign.

  • The film will be set roughly 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi (which, as it happens, was released just over 30 years ago). This chronological leap makes allowances for the wrinkles of...

  • ...the original cast, most of whom will be reprising their roles from Episodes 4, 5 and 6. Mark Hamill (Luke), Carrie Fisher (Leia), Harrison Ford (Han), Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and Kenny Baker (R2-D2) have all been confirmed as Episode VII cast members.

  • It's not all about the veterans - the film will feature a decent number of newcomers, too. Among the confirmed cast members are Gwendoline Christie (Brienne from Game of Thrones), John Boyega (Moses from Attack the Block) and Andy Serkis (Gollum from The Lord of the Rings).

And you thought Gollum was CGI.

  • Much of the film will be shot at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire. Other filming locations: Iceland (that's another leaf this film is taking from the Game of Thrones playbook)and Abu Dhabi.

  • Even though Episode VII is still a solid 16 months away, we can already be relatively certain that Episode VIII and Episode IX will follow soon afterwards. Rian Johnson - director of Looper, Brick, and several episodes of Breaking Bad - is reportedly pencilled in to direct the eighth instalment.

  • Finally, are you wondering what role (if any) George Lucas will play in the seventh episode of his beloved sci-fi brainchild? He's a creative consultant, which basically makes him a walking, talking series bible. He tells everyone else the rules of the SW universe (e.g. "the cars don't have wheels, they fly with antigravity") and makes sure that they stick to them.

Even with all these exciting details (more or less) set in stone, the actual movie is still a long way off (consider bookmarking if you're keen to keep track of exactly how long). If you're struggling to get your Star Wars fix in the meantime, check out this cool Star Wars stuff:

Have you ever wondered where we get all of our cool remote control toys? Well, our suppliers are many and varied, but many of our favourite gadgets come from the same place: Bladez!

Bladez Toys are among Britain's biggest suppliers of remote control gadgets. You've probably seen their wares on our website already - here are some of Bladez' greatest hits, all of which are available to buy from Gadget Inspector right now. Oh, and sicne we're in the middle of a massive RC mega-sale, all of these toys are currently 25% OFF!

Bladez Water Blaster

The RC helicopter that shoots water!

Was £34.99 // Now £25.99!


Bladez Bubble Blaster

A remote control helicopter that sprays bubbles - put on your own airborne bubble display!

Was £34.99 // Now £25.99


RC Inflatable R2-D2

Everyone's favourite Star Wars droid is now a pump & play RC toy!

Was £39.99 // Now £29.99

So you've treated yourself to a cool remote control helicopter, and it didn't even cost that much because Gadget Inspector were having a massive sale. Awesome! Now, what are you going to do with it?

Here are five fun ways to test your skills as an RC helicopter pilot. Please note that Gadget Inspector will not be held responsible for any damage caused while attempting these challenges!


Challenge #1: Thru the Window

Open your ground floor window and your first floor window. Place your chopper on the ground floor windowsill. Standing in front of the house, attempt to fly the helicopter out of the lower window, up the face of the house, and in through the top window. Alternatively, ask the people opposite you to open their bedroom window and fly your helicopter across the street!


Challenge #2: Treetop Slalom

Find a good tree with a lots of criss-crossing branches. Fly your copter up through the branches and attempt to reach the top of the tree without bumping into any bark!


Challenge #3: Over the Water

Go to a lake or, failing that, run a bath. Fly your helicopter over the water, and see how close you can get to the surface without falling in! Can you skim your chopper across the water?


Challenge #4: Cargo Drop

This one is specifically for the Bladez Transporter. See, the transporter has an adjustable winch that can be raised and lowered in-flight. It also comes with a cargo basket - to complete this challenge, you must successfully pick up the basket using the winch, carry it across the room, and safely deliver your cargo without dropping it.


Challenge #5: The Floor is Made of Lava

Clear a space in your living room. Dot some cushions around the floor (or anything that could serve as a 'landing pad'). The floor is now made of lava - you must successfully pilot your helicopter from one side of the room to the other, landing on each cushion in turn without ever touching the floor itself.


RC Sale

Here's what you need...a wall-mounted bottle opener!

We've all been there: you're at somebody's house, enjoying some good company, and you decide to crack open a beer.

"Anybody got a bottle opener?" Your simple request is met by naught but silence, until the host eventually says something vague like, "Oh, I think there's one in the drawer. I'll go and have a look."

With that, they leave the room, and you don't see them again for the rest of the night. No bottle opener ever materialises, and your thirst goes unquenched for the remainder of the evening.

If only every house had a wall-mounted bottle opener! That search for the (possibly non-existant) opener or corkscrew would never have to happen - everybody would know the location of their own bottle opener, and that location would never change.

Obviously, we've no way of forcing everyone to install a bottle-opening station in their home, but you can start today. Add a wall-mounted bottle opener to your living room today, and encourage your friends to do the same!