Get the good times flowing with our brilliant novelty shot glasses!

Whatever you're drinking, Gadget Inspector's range of novelty shot glasses are guaranteed to get the party jumping! We've got a great little collection of fun shot glasses that are great for any boozy occasion, so pour yourself a drink and dive in!

These 12 gauge bullet shell shot glasses are perfect for Friday nights, and the red and gold design makes them look cooler than your average shot glasses. Then you've got our test tube shot glasses, which are perfect for science swots who want to get sozzled.

If those don't take your fancy, how about these awesome fist-shaped shot glasses? Or this shot glass Bandolier Belt that holds 28 shot glasses, each of which comes with a lid to prevent spillages! We've got a great selection of novelty shot glasses here at Gadget Inspector, so head over to our Party & Drinking section, grab your liquor of choice, and get ready to knock 'em back!

Deck out your kitchen with our cool range of kitchen accessories!

Preparing delicious meals shouldn't be a chore, and our great range of cool kitchen accessories is sure to make your kitchen a really fun place to be.

  • Salt & Pepper
    Dip into our collection of kitchen accessories and swap your bland old salt and pepper shakers for something a bit more exciting! Pretend to be James Bond with these dangerous-looking salt and pepper pistols, or drop a blast of flavour into your food with these fantastic Spice Bombs.
  • Aprons
    Another highlight from our kitchen accessories range is this hilarious pair of novelty aprons. They look great, and they're perfect for keeping your food off your clothes while you're in the kitchen. Choose between this great biohazard apron ("Danger - Man Cooking") and this slinky little black number apron - perfect for a really steamy cooking session!
  • Fridge Magnets
    Spruce up your refrigerator's plain white facade with these funky fridge magnets! Our Social Talk and In Disguise magnets are perfect for sticking pictures too the fridge, although they look pretty good on their own, too!
  • Bottle Openers
    Beer, cider, wine...none of it will be any good if you can't get the bottle open! if you enjoy the odd drink, the bottle opener is probably the most vital tool in the kitchen, so how could we put together a kitchen accessories section without including a few funky bottle openers? We've got a great selection, including a wall-mounted bottle opener and a Pac Man bottle opener!
  • Miscellaneous
    We've got loads of other awesome kitchen accessories, like a voodoo doll knife block, stainless steel drinking straws, and a combination lock for your wine bottles! We really do have some of the most imaginative gadgets on the web here at Gadget Inspector, so grab some kitchen accessories and kitsch up your kitchen today!

We've got some amazing superhero costumes here at Gadget Inspector, including Superman Costumes, Batman Costumes & even a Hell Boy Costume.

However there is always one superhero costume that will stand out from the rest and that costume for us is the amazing superhero.. "Batman - The Dark Knight Rises". Run around the streets of Gotham fighting crime in the fabulous looking black suit.... or you could just go to a party and pretend to be Batman! One thing's for sure, you'll have the best costume at the party!

If you’re not into the serious Dark Knight Batman then perhaps you could go as retro batman and get the Batman "The Brave and the Bold" costume!

There's one thing you’re going to need with any of these Batman super heroe costumes, and that is your badass side kick and boy wonder Robin. With the Dynamic Duo costumes you'll be ready to fight any crime in your city, of course you would first need years of training so maybe you could just wear them to charity events or fancy dress costume parties, just while you're training of course!.

Don't worries ladies we know that you are superheros too, which is why we also sell a range of the female Batgirl costumes as well as female Robin costumes.

Don't delay, get your Batman and Robin costumes here at Gadget Inspector..

It looks like summer might have finally arrived, so don't miss this rare opportunity to kick back in your garden and salute the sun with a nice cold drink.

Gadget Inspector has got loads of cool novelty ice trays for you to chill your drink with, so if you'd like to fill your glass with frozen shark fins, head over to our selection of Novelty Ice Trays to see what we've got on offer. Our novelty ice trays are great fun (especially at parties) and you can use them again and again.

So get yourself a couple of novelty ice trays today, and be quick about it! Who knows how much longer this nice weather will last?  

Leave the ground behind with these brilliant RC helicopters!

Remote control cars are all well and good, but if you want a truly awesome remote control vehicle then our RC helicopters are the only sensible option. We've got a fantastic little selection of remote control helicopters, from the extremely clever and intuitive G-Bladez Max [no longer available] to this micro helicopter that isn't much bigger than a fifty pence piece.

RC helicopters are the coolest remote control toys on the market, so if you're sick of being stuck on the ground and you're ready to conquer the skies, Gadget Inspector has got all the awesome remote control helicopters you could ask for. You'll find them all in our Remote Control section.