Our Ultimate American Beer Pong Set is a force to be reckoned with indeed! This handy and fun beer pong kit contains everything you need (minus the beer - we're not generous) to have a seriously epic game of beer pong and one hell of a good night! Our Ultimate Beer Pong Set has proved extremely popular since we unveiled it a few months ago, and has been racking up the positive reviews, so we thought we'd share! 

Colin said our Beer Pong Set was "Very fast delivery and in good condition, great purchase and after two games and two hangovers well worth it!" 

Karen thinks that it's a "Super product, lots of fun. Plus super fast delivery A++++" .

And we have many more reviews as testament to how good this nifty little kit really is.

When you purchase an Ultimate Beer Pong Set you will recieve

  • 12 red game cups
  • 2 additional cups for washing
  • 2 ping-pong balls
  • 2 beer pong pitches

Aka everything you need to have the best beer pong party of your life. So what are you waiting for? You've seen the product, read the reviews and we're sure you're itching to get your Beer Pong uniform on and throw your way to victory (and drunk-dom!).

We've also got the Original Beer Pong Kit, which allows you to play in teams of red or blue. 

In case you haven't seen today's Google Doodle, today is the 40th birthday of the Rubik's Cube. If you haven't got a cube of your own, you can go over to the Google homepage and play a virtual version of the puzzle online today.

If you want to mark the occasion in style, check out these cool Rubik's Cube costumes:

Unisex Rubik's Cube Costume

£20.20 (Was £24.98!)

Female Rubik's Cube Costume

£21.84 (Was £27.98!)

At the heart of it, Gadget Inspector is all about one thing and one thing only: having fun! Here are five four of the funnest, funkiest gadgets we have to offer:

Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer

At first glance it just looks like a coaster, but trust us, the Hot Cookie is much, much more than that. It comes with a USB lead - plug it into your computer and the cookie will heat up, keeping your tea or coffe nice and toasty for longer!


DIY Calculator

DIY Calculator

It's the calculator that you can doodle on! Draw the numbers on yourself (in the wrong order, if you want to confuse people) and decorate the calculator in your own unique style.


Pixel Time Clock

If you're an avid fan of retro video games, this clock is a must-have addition to your home. The blocky look is in right now, we're told!


Katana Bookends

Katana Bookends

Don't merely store your books on a shelf - impale them on a cool samurai sword! (Note: you don't actually have to drive a sword through your books. It's an optical illusion.)

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