The Six Nations Championship is upon us again, and people throughout the UK are once more rediscovering their fondness for rugby (if only so that they can be smug when their country wins).

Of course, you're not one of those fair-weather fans; you're a true supporter. You care about rugby every second you're awake, and you've no time for these clowns who only watch five games a year.

And since you're such a big rugby nut, you'll no doubt be attending a match or two before the end of March. If this is the case, you'll need something to wear...and that, dear reader, is where we come in. We don't doubt that you were already planning to hit the stadium in your team's colours, but why wear a boring old rugby jersey like everybody else when you could be wearing an awesome OppoSuit?

For example, our eye-catching Irish Shamrock Suit will help you stand out from the crowd at the Aviva Stadium...

OppoSuits: Irish Shamrock Suit

...and this ravishing Red Suit is so wonderfully Welsh that Max Boyce himself would turn green with envy!

If you don't support Ireland or Wales, panic not - we've got plenty of other OppoSuits to suit your allegiance:

We don't have any England-themed suits, but if you can overlook the irony of wearing Union flags while you jeer at members of the other home nations, this snazzy blue-and-red number will do just as well!

We were going to suggest that this suit would be good for fans of the French rugby team, but then we realised how terribly trite it would be to suggest that moustaches are somehow inherently French.

America is one of the six nations, right?

Do you like comic books and/or superhero movies? You DO? Then you've come to the right place! Here are some of the cool superhero products that we can provide:

This Superman Wallet is perfect for the pockets of comic book fans!
RRP: £14.99 Our Price: £9.99

Going to a fancy dress party? You need this Captain America Costume!
 RRP: £39.99 Our Price: £18.00

And, yes, we've got costumes for kids as well, including this awesome Iron Man Kids Costume!
  RRP: £20.00 Our Price: £15.00

In case you haven't seen today's Google Doodle, today is the 40th birthday of the Rubik's Cube. If you haven't got a cube of your own, you can go over to the Google homepage and play a virtual version of the puzzle online today.

If you want to mark the occasion in style, check out these cool Rubik's Cube costumes:

Unisex Rubik's Cube Costume

£20.20 (Was £24.98!)

Female Rubik's Cube Costume

£21.84 (Was £27.98!)

Ever wondered why Thursday is called Thursday? It's because it's named after Thor, the Norse God of Thunder (see also: Friday, named after Queen Frigg of Asgard, and Tuesday, named after the Norse Law God Týr). We think that 'Thor's Day' sounds a lot more badass than 'Thursday', and so we've decided that we'll be referring to it likes Norsemen from now on.

Oh, and to celebrate the fact that it's Thor's Day, we thought we'd offer you a couple of cool deals that are tangentially realted to Marvel's third most attractive Avenger (after Tony Stark and Black Widow). Check these out:


Thor Costume (with Muscle Chest)
Was £49.99, Now £20!

Thor Dress-Up Set for Kids
Was £15, Now £7.50!

A girl wearing one of our Christmas onesies.

We're doubly excited this week at Gadget Inspector - the arrival of our Christmas onesies not only means we're nearing the festive period, but we now finally have a season-appropriate form of loungewear to enjoy the holidays in! Gadget Inspector now have an inspiring selection of Christmas Onesies that'll have you yearning to slip into something more comfortable...

If you are not familiar with the onesie, who are you and what have you been doing for the past few years? What started out as a bit of a student-esque fancy dress costume has now become a full-fledged form of clothing.

All ages, sizes, and tastes have been seen sporting their various versions of the jumpsuit, so it was only a matter of time before we sprinkled a bit of classic Christmas cheer on proceedings.

We have three different coloured Christmas onesies, and each one is guaranteed to give you a full-bodied hug while keeping you extra-toasty for December. With our fuel bills set to rise, and with the inevitable flurries of frosty forecasts, make sure you have a onesie that works this winter!