Talking Minion Offer

With a mere 149 days to go until the Minions movie is released (149 days, you guys!), excitement is running high here at Gadget Inspector HQ. So high, in fact, that we've decided to indulge you all in a minion-themed deal to make the wait for the movie that little bit more bearable.

So here's the deal: if you purchase an RC Talking Minion from Gadget Inspector, we'll throw in not one but TWO Despicable Me Masks absolutely FREE! Not only will you get to play with your very own minion, you'll also get to look like a minion while you do so!

Bear in mind, though, that our talking minions are selling like HOTCAKES right now. You may not have long left to take advantage of this offer, so click here and purchase your own minion now, before we run out!
Gadget Inspector deals

Christmas is a time for giving, and so we at Gadget Inspector are embracing the Yuletide spirit and giving our customers a whole bunch of amazing discounts and deals to choose from!

Here's how the game works: we'll be announcing a new deal via Facebook...ooh, every 30 minutes or so. Keep an eye on our December Deals album this afternoon; we've already revealed 3 of our 16 deals, but while there are clues to what the other 13 will be, you'll have to wait a little while before we let you know for sure.

In the meantime, here are the deals that we've already announced:

Brew your own cider
These home brewing sets usually cost £14.99, but for a limited time, you can make 10 pints of your very own cider for just £7! The 20 pint version is also reduced - from £24.99 to £15.

hovva copter
This cool RC chopper takes off at the push of a button, hovering in the air until you give it further commands! It normally costs £34.99, but we've knocked a tasty ten quid off that, so now you can have it for just £24.99!
Final Touch Skull Beer Pint Glass
This one's a little more complicated, so pay attention. This awesome pint glass costs £12.99, but if you enter the code TH1RSTY at the checkout, you'll get a rather nice 15% discount. Remember to use the code!

That's yer lot at the moment, but be sure to keep checking our December Deals album on Facebook - new deals will be revealed throughout the day!
It's Friday, folks! The weekend is mere hours away, and we're in a pretty generous mood. Oh, and obviously, all we can think about right now is getting nice and drunk.

All of which has resulted in not one but TWO awesome drinking-themed deals. We've got some truly great discounts ready to kick off your weekend - read on to find out more!

RRP: £149.99 Sale Price: £70
This professional-standard beer pong table has long been one of the most expensive items in the Gadget Inspector catalogue, but since it's almost the weekend, we've decided to cut that price in half...and then some!

Usually £149.99, the Headrush Beer Pong Table is currently going for just £70. Oh, and we'll even throw in a free beer pong set, just to sweeten this already-pretty-sweet deal!

RRP: £69.99 Sale Price: £40
Not content with having slashed the price on our beer pong table, we then proceeded to likewise with this awesome six-way beer bong. Bongzilla would usually set you back the best part of £70, but as we've already established, everyone here at Gadget Inspector is in a generous, weekendy sort of mood this afternoon.

So what have we done? We've knocked almost £30 off Bongzilla's price! This colossal drinking accessory is now going for just £40 - if six of you were to chip in and buy a Bongzilla for your next party, it would currently cost you less than £7 each!

If THAT doesn't start your weekend on the right foot, we're frankly not sure what will! Enjoy your days off, people of Great Britain, and we'll see you on Monday (assuming we haven't drunk ourselves blind by then!)
We're feeling particularly generous here at Gadget Inspector today. Maybe it's the knowledge that Christmas is just around the corner, or maybe it's just the fact that we survived another Bonfire Night without any firework-related injuries; either way, we're in the mood for a freebie or two.

If you buy any of the following items, you'll get an extra gift for absolutely NOTHING! Here's what we're giving away...


Buy any item from our Wallets section and get a FREE Blink Watch!

Beer pong table

Buy a Headrush Beer Pong Table and get a free Beer Pong Set to play with!

Star Wars models

Buy any Star Wars Model Kit and get a random Matchbox Puzzle thrown in for free!

Beer bongs

Buy anything from our Beer Bong section and get a free Can Bong to go with it!

Pet bowls

Buy a Bone Bowl or Fish Bowl and get a free Key Rock!

Marvel accessories

Get a Marvel Comics iPhone 5 Case and a matching pair of earphones for just £14.99!

Smartphone charger

Buy a Rocket Power smartphone charger and get a free App Writer for use with your touch screen!

Stunt quadcopter

We've saved the best 'til last. If you buy an X-Bladez Stunt Quadcopter, we'll throw in an iConheli - that's a whole other RC helicopter - absolutely free of charge!

These offers are only good while stocks last, so be quick and grab your gadget-y freebies today! It might just make Christmas that little bit easier!
We recently re-launched the Gadget Inspector website with a brand new design, and while we don't like to toot our own horns, we must say that we've been overwhelmed by the feedback that we've been receiving!

Here's what the good people of Twitter have been saying about the new 'n' improved

Tweets about Gadget Inspector

It seems like everybody is smitten with our snazzy new site and the glut of glorious gadgets to be found thereupon! Thank you to everybody who has shared their thoughts - in return, we thought we'd do a little something for you...

That's right - if you enter the code 'GOGOGADGET' at the Gadget Inspector checkout, we'll take 10% off the price of your entire order! Consider it a little 'thank you' for checking us out.

Mind you, you'd better be quick if you want to take advantage of our GOGOGADGET offer - that discount code expires on the 31st of October, so you've only got until Halloween to grab you gadgets for 10% less!