The winter is coming to an end, and if you are anything like the Gadget Inspector team, you will be planning which sun-soaked country you'll be visiting for your summer holiday, planning your day trips to the beach, and eagerly watching the band announcements from your favourite festivals.

So imagine that you are at your favourite festival or your favourite beach with your best mates around you, and you have just taken the perfect selfie. You know, the one that everyone will see on Instagram and instantly be jealous of?

Then, suddenly, your phone battery dies and you can’t upload the picture until the end of the day...or worse, the end of the weekend!

We have all been in that situation, and that's why the Ultra Power Bank has made our Gadgets We Cannot Live Without This Summer list.

Ultra Power Bank

This super-powered battery charging device can fully charge your iPhone 5 times on one charge! This makes it super-useful for those days when you want to just lay by the sea, catching some rays.  

If you are unlucky enough to have the battery die in your tablet and your smart phone at the same time, don’t fear - the power bank can charge up two devices at once! Maybe you can lend your charger to your friend if they get stuck (in return for a drink, of course!)

Hopefully you are now convinced that this is the gadget that you can’t imagine spending your summer without this year. The good news is you can buy the Ultra Power Bank today from Gadget Inspector for only £40.00, leaving you with a bit of extra cash for your summer plans!

It seems like just about everyone owns a smartphone nowadays. 10 million people bought the iPhone 6 when it came out in September, and even that gargantuan figure is peanuts compared to the number of people who own Androids, Galaxies, Blackberries, Nokias, and so forth. There's no doubt about it: we are the smartphone generation, and our mobiles are just as dear to us as Benny Goodman was to our parents and grandparents.

And, with Christmas coming up, this universal obsession with all things smartphone ensures that you've got a whole bunch of great gift ideas right at your fingertips. It doesn't matter who you're shopping for, because everybody - old and young, male and femal - has a smartphone nowadays, and each of those smartphones has a whole arsenal of accessories and add-ons to go with it.

Don't know what we're talking about? Here are some choice cuts from our own Smartphone Accessories section, ranging from the relatively mundane to the utterly amazing...

Plug in your phone using the audio cable provided and get ready to ROCK OUT!

Ideal for: Music lovers, particularly those with a fondness for classic rock
Compatible with: Any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone port (i.e. most smartphones)
Our Price: A rockin' £15.

Touch Screen Gloves (Black)
Stay toasty this winter (without impeding your ability to fiddle with your smartphone!)

Ideal for: Perpetually chilly gadget geeks.
Compatible with: Any device with a touch screen.
Our Price: A cool £3 per pair!
iPhone 5 Dual Sim Card
Got more than 1 sim card? No need to get a second phone - just use this sim card switcher to flick between the two instantaneously!

Ideal for: People with two SIM cards and only one phone.
Compatible with: iPhone 5 and 5s.
Our Price: £29.99, which is considerably cheaper than buying a second iPhone.

Click here for even more awesome smartphone accessories!

These days, people put almost as much thought into their choice of iPhone case as they put into their choice of network. Heck, some people put even more thought into the case: "Vodafone? Whatever mate, just as long as I can get a case that makes it look like a VW campervan."

There are all kinds of awesome iPhone cases on the market nowadays, but beware - there are some truly horrendous ones out there too. Here are some of the worst we've seen:

Chunky Retro iPhone Case

You know how mobile phones get smaller and smaller every year? Extremely clever people have spent their lives trying to make all that technology fit in your pocket - imagine how those people must feel when you put your slim 'n' sexy iPhone in one of these monstrosities. You're basically telling them that all the work they've done since 1985 was a big waste of time.


Hand iPhone Case

What on Earth was the thinking behind this? 'It'll feel like you're holding your lover's hand while you're on the phone'? Nope, sorry - it'll feel like you're holding a severed hand, and that's just creepy. It's like something out of The Addams Family.

Nose-Picking iPhone Case

Cripes. It's bad enough that someone thought a case with a nose on it would be a good idea, but the promotional imagery makes it clear that you're supposed to hold it in a very particular way. Gross.

Breast iPhone Case

Oh, and if you thought that the nostrils and the severed hand were a bit too tasteful, here's an iPhone case that's shaped like a single boob! Can we just agree that iPhone cases should never be modelled on human body parts?

Giant Isopod iPhone Case

You'd never pick up the phone again, would you?

Bathing Woman iPhone Case

Do people actually find this sort of thing arousing? Why can't they just type naughty words into Google Images like the rest of us?

Bulletproof iPhone Case

"What case have you got for your phone?"

"Oh, I've got this awesome bulletproof case."

"Why? Have people been trying to shoot your iPhone?"

"No, but it means that I can drop it and it won't break."

"Where is it?"

"I had to leave it at home because the case was too heavy."

"You're an idiot and we are no longer friends."

That Thing from Your Nightmares


Lobster Phone iPhone Case

Oh look, a reference to surreal artist Salvador Dali! Allegedly with an iPhone buried somewhere inside it! If there's one thing worse than idiocy, it's pretentious idiocy.

Switchblade iPhone Case

A great accessory for the stylish, 21st-century gang member, this is probably the only case on this list that could actually get you arrested. Unless the police think that the severed hand case is actually, well, a severed hand.

Want a half-decent case for your iPhone? Click here!

Smartphones can be difficult to use, especially when the touch screen icons are so small, and you're all fingers and thumbs! With the App Writer Touch Screen Stylus, using your touch screen smartphone becomes a lot easier. This nifty little gadget enables you to have faster gaming, easy messaging and better drawing! The App Writer plugs into your headphone socket, and is attached on an elastic cord, so it is so easy to use! It also includes a precision touch stylus tip, and it really is precise allowing you to press any button you wish! We have lots of different designs for you to choose from, so however you want to portray your personality, you can!

At just £4.49, this is an absolute bargain and a great idea for Christmas stocking fillers! So what are you waiting for? You'll never mistype anything ever again, and you'll be completing all of your games with ease now that you have the App Writer!

With Christmas not too far away, present shopping is mostly well under way for the majority of you! So we have some of the latest gadgets for you to add to the gift ideas list! Your family and friends are going to love you this Christmas! 

The Micro Drone 2.0 is an absolute favourite, and such a bargain at our special offer of £39.99! This is a must have remote control gadget, that has so many impressing features!! These features include; ability to support a camera (must be bought separately), it is ultra-stable and very responsive, it has a strong metal structure to withstand any crashes - just to mention a few! So if you know someone who loves remote control gadgets, this is the ideal gift.

If you have a smart phone that has the panoramic feature available, this is a must have gadget! The Panoramic Pod allows you to take amazing panoramic photographs, without the annoyance of a shakey hand! All you have to do is fit your phone within the clamp and wind up the pod - then the gadget does the rest and the end result is a stunning panoramic image! 

Another smart phone must have is the Magnetic Induction Speaker Plus! This nifty gadget amplifies the sounds coming out of your smart phone, no wires or connectors are necessary! You simply place your smart phone/tablet/mini tablet (it works with any device that has an internal speaker) onto the stand with the internal speaker close to one of the induction points and the sound is 'magically' amplified. Cool right? You can even use the USB to charge your mobile device whilst you are listening to music. This is one snazzy speaker, and perfect for travelling and being on the go! 

Hopefully showing off some of our latest gadgets has eased the stress that is Christmas shopping! These gadgets are so good, you may be tempted to buy them for yourself!