Hello there, RC enthusiasts! We have some cracking news for you: the Micro Drone Quadcopter, one of our best-selling products of all time, is now BACK IN STOCK!


Better still, there are now three different ways to buy the Micro Drone. Which of the following options will you choose?

Without Camera - £45.99
Select this option if you just want the drone itself - no frills, no add-ons, just the quadcopter and the essential bits and pieces that you'll need to use it!

With Camera - £69.99
An extra twenty-four pounds will net you an attachable camera to go with your quadcopter. It can take photos AND record video footage while it flies!

With Camera & Spare Battery - £70.99
This is the deluxe package, as it were. Not only will you get a quadcopter AND an attachable camera, you'll ALSO get a spare battery for the drone. This allows you to charge one battery while you fly with the other, keeping the RC fun going for twice as long!

Don't fancy the Micro Drone? Click here to see our other RC helicopters.

After the resounding success of Dave, our inflatable RC Despicable Me Minion last Christmas (we completely sold out time and time again!) - we've been inundated with questions about when we're going to get more of the little guy back in stock. Great news - he's back! We've finally got a new shipment of these hilarious inflatable little guys...just in time for Christmas! 

If your little one loves Despicable Me then this large inflatable RC Minion is the perfect Christmas gift for them. Pump and Play Dave is easy to steer and manouver and his big googly eyes make him one seriously adorable character that any child would love to see under their tree this Christmas. 



Here are some of his vital stats:

  • He's more than 2ft (60cm) tall
  • He moves backwards, forwards, left or right 
  • He can spin clockwise or anti-clockwise 
  • He's got a 27mhz radio control
  • The pump is included! 

He needs 4x AA batterfies to function and the handset runs on 1 x 9V battery which is included. Our Dave is an officially licensed product. Despicable Me & Despicable Me 2 are trademarks of Universal Pictures. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your mitts on our Despicable Me RC Inflatable Dave Minion while stocks last! 

Helicopters, cars, inflatable Disney characters...we've got 'em all, and they're all on sale!

RC Sale

The school holidays are just around the corner, and parents all over Britain are wondering how on Earth they're going to keep their kids occupied for six whole weeks.

Well, we at Gadget Inspector have the answer, and the answer is remoted-controlled! We're having a colossal sale on our entire Remote Control department - all RC helicopters, RC cars, and RC toys are now 25% OFF (or better!)

This means that your summer is well and truly sorted - head over to our RC Toys department now and see the great deals that we're offering!

Some of Gadget Inspector's RC Helicopters

It's amazing to read about the chaos that remote control helicopters can cause. We're pretty keen RC pilots here at Gadget Inspector, but nobody here in the office has ever run into this sort of trouble:

RC Helicopter Takes Down Gigantic RC Plane

The bigger they come, the harder they fall. Watch in awe as a majestic 80-inch Mitsubishi fighter plane is sent crashing to the ground by a relatively tiny RC chopper:

 Video no longer exists - sorry! :(

It's like David and Goliath, except in the air.

Dutch UFO Watchers Fooled by RC Drone

This forum post tells the rather amusing (but also slightly sad) story of a UFO sighting organisation in the Netherlands who recorded several false sightings because someone was out flying their quadrocopter after hours. Lesson learned, we suppose?

RC Helicopter Smuggles Tobacco Into a Prison

 We're not quite sure of the law here in Britain, but in Georgia, USA, you're not allowed tobacco in prison. It's contraband. Still, that didn't stop some bright sparks from flying an RC helicopter over the prison wall in an attempt to give the prisoners on the other side their nicotine fix. Incidentally, the four people responsible were apprehended, and they may face up to 20 years in prison for smuggling contraband goods. Somewhere, the Gods of Irony are chuckling to themselves.

If you are looking for some awesome remote control helicopters, Gadget Inspector is more than equipped to deal with your query! Here are a few of our favourites - all of which make for excellent Christmas presents. Boys like their toys, and these ones come with some epic features:


This Bladez Transporter helicopter comes with bright lights which can be controlled by the user! Not only that, but this chopper also comes with an electronic winch which can pick and transport up to 10grams of weight - mightily impressive.


The clue is in the name with this Bladez masterpiece - water blaster! Not only is this a brilliant little flying machine, but it also comes equipped with a water gun you can control using the remote! Airbourne water-fights anyone?


If you like bubbles, you're going to love this cheeky chopper! Bladez make high-quality remote control machines, and with this one they have even added a bubble gun - as if it needed another cool feature!


Great things come in small packages in this case - the RC Micro Copter! You'd be amazed at just how agile this thing is, and it isn't much bigger than a 50 pence piece! You will be keeping up with wasps with this stunning machine.


All of our helicopters are cool, but this one may just take the biscuit. Along with being a competent, air-worthy machine, this chopper also comes with a built in camera - just imagine the remote-controlled air surveillance opportunities...