For day 5 of our wonderful '12 days of Christmas' here at Gadget Inspector, we've knocked a whopping 15% off all our Houdini products. These are the perfect stocking fillers for children and grown-ups alike this Christmas and are guaranteed to keep the little ones quiet all day as they try and work out these puzzles! The Houdini products included in this massive discount are:

So what are you waiting for? Grab them while you can, the discount only lasts 24 hours! 

With all the rush around Christmas you need to make sure you take a break now and then. This is all too easy when you have some of the Take a Break products! 

The Take a Break Mug is ideal when you've had a long tiring day of Christmas shopping and all you want to do is get home, sit on the sofa, watch your favourite film and have a cuppa. If you're going to be having a cuppa, you're going to need the Take A Break - Four Coasters! These eye-catching coasters are the perfect way to prevent a surface staining emergency and since there are four, there are plenty to go around! We also have the Take A Break - Food Tin [no longer available]. It is the perfect container for your biscuits, sweets or any other food you fancy putting in there and looks just like one of those 'In Case of Emergency' alarms that you probably remember well from your school days!

All of the Take a Break products are perfect for Christmas stocking fillers, and Christmas presents! 

Christmas stocking fillers can be such a chore to pick, and a great deal of effort when you have to buy a million other gifts for a million different people. To save you guys the hassle, we have compiled our very own Christmas stockings to negate the problem of picking what to put in each stocking! The one we are focusing on today is the Dad Christmas Stocking. If you want to get your dad something special, and ensure that he loves it then this is the stocking for him! This red and white stocking is packed with gadgets that any dad will just love! The stocking includes:

  • Red Santa Stocking
  • Comfort Rules Back Scratcher
  • Rock Glass and Ice Ball
  • Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
  • Stromtrooper Mints
  • Rock Twister Lollipop

Sounds great right? Your Dad is sure to love this amazing Christmas stocking, this will definitely be a favourite present for him on Christmas day! Why not check out our whole range of Christmas Stockings, there is something for everyone. 

Searching for Christmas presents and Christmas stocking fillers? Putting together a Christmas stocking for someone can be a bit of a nightmare! Luckily we have designed 5 Christmas stockings so that you don't even have to think or stress! Every day this week we are going to tell you all about our amazing Christmas stockings, each designed for different kinds of personalities. The stocking I will be discussing today, is the Workaholic Christmas stocking! So if you know someone who is an absolute workaholic, this is the Christmas stocking for them! 

The Workaholic Christmas Stocking comes with everything a workaholic would need to make those long working days slightly better! To start we have popped in a Tea Tool. This is such a handy tool, as it ensures that your workaholic can make the perfect cup of tea to keep them going throughout the day! If they're going to be drinking lots of tea or coffee, they need the Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer! This plugs into the USB port, and keeps the drink nice and toasty as the workaholic keeps working away! So no worrying about getting distracted with work, and coming back to a cold cuppa - it's going to be lovely and warm when they return to drink it! Next up is the awesome Boom Ball, which turns any object into a speaker when plugged into a music playing device. If your workaholic is on their lunch break, or maybe they need some soothing music for the long day at work - this is the must have accessory for your desk! If your workaholic friend often works late into the night, they are going to need the Tiny Tim Booklight - a portable minature lamp! Not only does the Workaholic Christmas stocking include all these goodies, but it also comes with the Santa Sack, and a yummy Twister Rock Lollipop, because everyone needs a treat now and again don't they? 

So that is our Workaholic Christmas Stocking, hopefully you can think of the perfect person to buy this stocking for, and you're feeling a little less stressed about the yearly Christmas shopping!  Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow, for a mention about our Student Christmas Stocking - it is full of everything a student needs!