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Houdini Puzzle Lock - Ace Of Hearts
Houdini Puzzle Lock - Ace Of Hearts

Houdini Puzzle Lock - Ace Of Hearts

Two heart-shaped keys, one heart-shaped padlock. The challenge? Simply open the lock. It sounds straightforward, but rest assured that all is not as it seems with the Ace of Hearts puzzle lock! Trying to unlock it as you would a normal padlock will result in miserable failure; you'll have to think outside the box if you want to overcome this tricky lock-cracking puzzle.

Key Features:
  • Houdini Puzzle Lock - Ace of Hearts
  • Part of the Houdini puzzle series
  • Inspired by the legendary man himself
  • Made by Professor Puzzle
  • Miniature metal puzzle
  • Fantastic gift idea
  • Brilliant for stocking fillers
  • Will keep your mind (and hands) busy for hours

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Product Description

DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO! (Unless you're really stuck and you want to know the solution)

Harry Houdini  never left a lock uncracked. Now it's your turn to try your hand at the art of lock-breaking; is your grey matter up to our puzzle? Figure out the solution (it might take you a while!) and, once you've done that, challenge your family and friends to open that heart-shaped lock. They'll be just as baffled as you were!

Suitable for all ages.

You'll find the Ace of Hearts solution in the video. This is a level 1 brain teaser, which means that it's one of our easier lock-cracking puzzles. If you fancy something a little more challenging, try Under Lock and Key (level 2) or Dead Lock (level 3).