Now that November has ended, the time has come for us to announce the winners of our Movember competition. Throughout the entire month we've been encouraging you lot to grow out your majestic moustaches, and tweet us your fan-tache-tic movember attempts to win prizes while showing your support for a great cause, and you didn't disappoint! We've been inundated with brilliant moustache pics from far and wide, making it really difficult for us to choose the best three. If we could, we'd send you all a moustache-themed prize for being such great sports!

We started by shortlisting our moustache donning competitors before choosing our favourite three, but before we announce our winners, we'd just like to thank everyone for entering once again; you should be so pleased with yourselves for supporting such a worthy cause!
So, in 3rd place, who will be winning this ZAP - Mullet and Tache Set is... @grinnerlynn! We love the arts and craft moustache, and we salute you for that pose! 
Congratulations to @crummey15, you're our runner up and the winner of this classy Anchorman Wallet and Moustache Set. We loved your White Goodman style moustache! 
And finally, the entrant who stood out to us most and will be winning this fantastic Thabto Moustache Door Mat, is @leeinroyston! Your Double moustache was well and truly spectacular and is deservedly our winner

To the 6 entrants we've shortlisted - you made cracking attempts, so we thought we'd add your pictures to show our appreciation. Please feel free to enter again next year, you may well end up in the top three!

Congratulations to our lucky winners and thanks to everyone who entered. Keep your eyes peeled for more awesome Gadget Inspector competitions coming soon. 

November is here, which can only mean one thing: Movember! It's that time of year when men from all corners of the globe neglect to shave their upper lip hair for a month, all in the name of charity.

To celebrate this spectacular occasion, we've decided to run a competition! We want all you guys who are participating in Movember to give us a follow on Twitter, then tweet us a picture of your magnificent moustache. This will put you in with a chance of winning one of three marvellous moustache-related prizes for your efforts!

The competition closes at midday on Monday 30th November, which gives you plenty of time to grow your moustache and send in the pictures! We will announce the top 3 moustaches along with their owners on our website and on social media; each one will win a prize!

Thabto Moustache Door Mat

Anchorman Wallet and Moustache Set

ZAP - Mullet and Tache Set

As the judges of this competition, we want to see individuality, significant growth, thickness, effort, and an all-round well-groomed 'tache!

So what are you waiting for? Start growing and tweet us your pictures! Good luck!

With Halo 5: Guardians being released today, we at Gadget Inspector thought it would be a great idea to celebrate the new game with a give-away! One lucky winner will bag themselves this spectacular Warthog 3D Halo Model Kit - it's a great prize for gaming fans and keen modellers alike! 

So, to be in a chance of winning this great prize, all you have to do is:
This competition will close at 3pm on Monday the 2nd November. A winner will be chosen at random and announced at 12 noon on Tuesday the 3rd of november. Good luck!  

To view some of our other model kits, click here.
Superman alarm clock

Are you an avid comic book geek? Do you struggle to get out of bed on weekday mornings? Would you like to snazz up your home with a cool, retro-themed piece of pop culture merch?

If you answered 'Heck yeah!' to any or all of those questions, you may well be interested in our Superman Alarm Clock. Its bold blue design is very striking indeed, and the addition of the iconic red-and-yellow 'S' logo makes it stand out a mile.

Want one? Of course you do! And the good news is that you might just be able to win one in our latest competition. We've buddied up with Hyper Recruitment Solutions on Twitter, and we'll be giving away a Superman clock to one lucky winner this coming Friday.

Of course, you have to be in it to win it, so here's what to do:
Alarm clock competition

That's all there is to it - as it says above, the competition closes at 10am on Friday (March 27), so make sure you get your entry in before then!

Click here to see more of the Superman Alarm Clock.
Party Pong
The trouble with beer pong as a party game is the fact that only two people can play (or four, if you're doing it in teams). The average party has, like, way more people than that, and this means that, if you're having a beer pong party, most of your guests can expect to be sat on the sidelines doing nothing for the whole evening.

But it doesn't haven't to be that way. Party Pong is a brand new game that takes the basic idea of beer pong and gets EVERYBODY in on the action! Here's how it works...

  1. Two 'shooters' are chosen - these are the people who will actually be playing beer pong. The shooters stand at opposite ends of the beer pong table while everyone else forms a circle around them.

  2. Fill 12 cups with beer and place them on the table (6 at each end). Then, shuffle the 'Party Forfeit' deck and place 1 card under each beer cup.

  3. Play beer pong! Shooters take it in turns to throw their ball at the other shooter's cups; if a ball lands in a cup, that cup's owner must drink the cup's contents, remove it from the table, and read out the 'Party Forfeit' card that was underneath.

  4. Here's where things get fun for everyone else: the WHOLE PARTY must now follow the card's instructions, whatever they may be. Usually, you'll end up playing some sort of mini-game like Fuzzy Duck or Categories, but there are 24 different cards in the Party Pong set, so it could be pretty much anything!

  5. Once the card's instructions have been carried out, play resumes as normal until another cup is hit. When one player runs out of cups, elect two new shooters and start the game again! Woo-hoo!
Now, we know what you're thinking: "That sounds like a heap of fun! How can I play?"

Well, you can either click here and purchase a shiny new Party Pong set from the Gadget Inspector website...or you can enter our Twitter competition and try to win one!

Win a Party Pong set

We're giving away a complete Party Pong set - including cups, balls, and those all-important forfeit cards - to one lucky tweeter, and all you have to do to be in with a chance is follow @GadgetInspector and retweet this post!

The winner will be announced in a week's time. Best of luck!