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Party Pong
Party Pong
Party Pong
Party Pong

Party Pong

Have a beer pong party!

We love beer pong, but we've always felt that it could be a little more inclusive - a good party game should get EVERYBODY involved, not just two people at either end of a table!

Still, if you're sick of sitting on the sidelines while other people play beer pong, we have the perfect solution: Party Pong! This awesome party game is played in much the same way as a normal round of beer pong, but the game-changing 'Party Forfeit' cards will ensure that everyone's having fun and getting in on the action!

Key Features:
  • Beer pong for the whole party!
  • Comes with 24 'Party Forfeit' cards
  • Any number can play
  • Cups and balls included
  • Instructions printed on the box

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Product Description

Before you start organising your beer pong party, you'll probably want to know exactly how Party Pong works. Just how much does it differ from the classic beer pong rules?

Don't worry - the game is extremely easy to pick up. Here's a quick summary:


Each Party Pong set contains:

  • 7 x red cups
  • 7 x blue cups
  • 2 x ping-pong balls
  • 24 x 'Party Forfeit' cards

How to Play Party Pong

  1. Find a long table. Arrange 6 of the red cups into a triangle at one end of the table; do the same with 6 blue cups at the opposite end of the table, then fill all 12 cups with beer.
  2. Shuffle the 'Party Forfeit' deck and place one card under each beer cup.
  3. Select two people to be the 'shooters'. The shooters must stand at opposite ends of the table; everybody else should form a circle around the play area. Make sure everybody has a drink handy!
  4. The two shooters now take it in turns to throw a ball towards the other shooter's cups. If a ball lands in a cup, the cup's owner must drink the contents of that cup before reading out the 'Party Forfeit' card underneath.
  5. Here's the fun part! Everybody must follow the instructions on the 'Party Forfeit' card - see below for some examples of what you might have to do.
  6. Once the card's command has been carried out, play continues as normal until one shooter runs out of cups and is declared the loser. Once it's over, choose two new shooters and set up a new game!


The 'Party Forfeit' Cards

Wondering what the cards will ask of you? Here are a few examples of what's written on those 'Party Forfeit' cards:

  • CATEGORIES - Choose a category (e.g. American states). Everyone takes it in turns to name something that fits the category (e.g. Texas, Ohio) - if someone can't think of an answer, or repeats somebody else's answer, they have to take a drink!
  • BUST A RHYME - Say any word. Going clockwise around the circle, all other players must say a word that rhymes with the original word - failure to do so will incur a drinking penalty!
  • SUBSTITUTE - You may choose any other member of the party (besides the opposing shooter). This person must take your next 2 shots for you.

As you can see, just about anything can happen in a game of Party Pong! Order your set now, and get the beer pong party started!

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jason, Barry
Brilliant fun!