Party Pong
The trouble with beer pong as a party game is the fact that only two people can play (or four, if you're doing it in teams). The average party has, like, way more people than that, and this means that, if you're having a beer pong party, most of your guests can expect to be sat on the sidelines doing nothing for the whole evening.

But it doesn't haven't to be that way. Party Pong is a brand new game that takes the basic idea of beer pong and gets EVERYBODY in on the action! Here's how it works...

  1. Two 'shooters' are chosen - these are the people who will actually be playing beer pong. The shooters stand at opposite ends of the beer pong table while everyone else forms a circle around them.

  2. Fill 12 cups with beer and place them on the table (6 at each end). Then, shuffle the 'Party Forfeit' deck and place 1 card under each beer cup.

  3. Play beer pong! Shooters take it in turns to throw their ball at the other shooter's cups; if a ball lands in a cup, that cup's owner must drink the cup's contents, remove it from the table, and read out the 'Party Forfeit' card that was underneath.

  4. Here's where things get fun for everyone else: the WHOLE PARTY must now follow the card's instructions, whatever they may be. Usually, you'll end up playing some sort of mini-game like Fuzzy Duck or Categories, but there are 24 different cards in the Party Pong set, so it could be pretty much anything!

  5. Once the card's instructions have been carried out, play resumes as normal until another cup is hit. When one player runs out of cups, elect two new shooters and start the game again! Woo-hoo!
Now, we know what you're thinking: "That sounds like a heap of fun! How can I play?"

Well, you can either click here and purchase a shiny new Party Pong set from the Gadget Inspector website...or you can enter our Twitter competition and try to win one!

Win a Party Pong set

We're giving away a complete Party Pong set - including cups, balls, and those all-important forfeit cards - to one lucky tweeter, and all you have to do to be in with a chance is follow @GadgetInspector and retweet this post!

The winner will be announced in a week's time. Best of luck!
Talking Minion Offer

With a mere 149 days to go until the Minions movie is released (149 days, you guys!), excitement is running high here at Gadget Inspector HQ. So high, in fact, that we've decided to indulge you all in a minion-themed deal to make the wait for the movie that little bit more bearable.

So here's the deal: if you purchase an RC Talking Minion from Gadget Inspector, we'll throw in not one but TWO Despicable Me Masks absolutely FREE! Not only will you get to play with your very own minion, you'll also get to look like a minion while you do so!

Bear in mind, though, that our talking minions are selling like HOTCAKES right now. You may not have long left to take advantage of this offer, so click here and purchase your own minion now, before we run out!
Twist Pong logo

Beer pong is a bit of a favourite here at Gadget HQ. When the day's work is done, we can often be found tossing balls at cups and getting progressively tipsier in the process.

But here's the problem: practice, as you know, makes perfect, and most of the GI staff can end the game in half a dozen throws nowadays. The challenge is fading, and the whole boozy endeavour has become significantly less thrilling than it used to be.

Thank goodness, then, for Twist Pong. True to its name, this game puts a fresh new twist on the beer pong we all know and love - you still have to throw balls at cups, but if your opponent's ball lands in one of your cups, your fate will be decided by the spinner!
Twist Pong
In a normal game of beer pong, you would simply drink the contents of your slain cup and carry on with the game. In Twist Pong, the drinking of the beer is preceded by a twist of the spinner, whose instructions must then be followed without question. Here's a list of the possible outcomes:
  • BUZZKILL (Miss a turn)
  • DIZZY (Spin around 8 times before taking your next shot)
  • DOUBLE UP (Drink two cups instead of the usual one)
  • GO LONG (Take 3 steps back before taking your next shot)
  • SAFETY (You may keep the cup that your opponent just hit)
  • SWITCH (Switch sides with your opponent - their cups are now yours)
  • TRICK (Perform a trick shot on your next turn)
  • 1UP (Refill one of the cups you have lost and put it back in play)
As you can see, anything can happen, and it won't necessarily be good news for the player who just scored!

Twist Pong is a boon to beer pong fans everywhere. That spinner breathes new life into a classic party game, and with all those different rules, you'll be on the edge of your seat until the very last cup!

Here's what the Twist Pong set contains:
Twist Pong
1 x spinner, 2 x balls, 7 x red cups, 7 x blue cups, box with instructions

Click here to order a Twist Pong set for your next party, or visit our Party Games department for more like this!
The second trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron was released today, and while we were already pretty excited for the sequel to end all sequels, this second glimpse of what's to come has pushed us back to fever pitch. The movie will be released here in the UK on Friday the 24th of April; here are some of the things that have us most excited for that very special day...

1. Scarlet Witch
She's one of the two new heroes joining the team this time around (the other is Quicksilver, who will be portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson), and the new trailer finds her strutting towards the camera while nonchalantly fireballing Iron Man into a nearby wall.

2. Robots! Everywhere!
Ultron was already shaping up to be a pretty kickass villain (we love how deadpan he sounds when he speaks), but the new trailer suggests that our intrepid heroes may have more than one Ultron to deal with. At one point, you can see a whole swarm of them, crawling over rocks and up the face of some poor soul's house. Heaven help us all.

3. Hulk <3 Black Widow?
There's a rather touching moment in amongst the chaos of that new trailer, and it involves Black Widow and Bruce Banner's big green alter-ego. The Hulk looks a lot less angry than usual as he holds hands with BW and looks utterly, utterly doomed. What does this mean? Can we expect to see a Hulk/Widow ship in Age of Ultron?

4. Hulk vs. Iron Man
On the other end of the 'heroes interacting with each other' spectrum, we have that rather promising fight between Hulk and Tony Stark in a bigger-than-usual Iron Man suit. Why are they having an awesome, big-budget fight? Aren't they supposed to be on the same team?

5. ???
We've no idea what's happening here (who is this shadowy figure, and why are they getting naked?), but golly are we EXCITED to find out.

Who'd have thought that a <2 minute long trailer could have so many highlights, eh? There are exactly 100 days until Age of Ultron is released - while you wait, why not check out our awesome collection of Marvel merchandise?
January Sale

January is a pretty depressing time of year. Christmas is over, the weather is dreadful, and the Eurovision Song Contest is still several months away. It's easy to feel trapped by this long, unforgiving month - no wonder February 1st is called 'National Freedom Day' in the USA.

Still, if you want to rid yourself of the January Blues sooner rather than later, we at Gadget Inspector have the perfect antidote: a massive January Sale! We've reduced the prices on loads of different products from every corner of our website - whether you're looking for a cool RC helicopter or something nice for your living room, we think that you'll be very happy with what we're offering.

Our Top 10 Deals

Now, our January Sale is made up of over 100 deals, and while we're pretty proud of ourselves, we appreciate that you may not have time to scroll through that whole list yourself. So we've done the hard work for you - here are 10 of the very best offers we're currently, um, offering:

£99.99 £68.50
The Micro Drone might just be our best-selling gadget of all time. It's fun to play with, it's easy to fly, and it's now thirty pounds cheaper than it was before! You even get a spare battery and an attachable camera along with it!

£54.99 £49.50
Nothing battles back the January Blues like a bit of rest 'n' relaxation. This chair is perfect for avid gamers and couch potatoes - it's super comfy, there are plenty of pockets and compartments for all your stuff, and the headrest has a pair of built-in speakers!

Selfy Stick for iPhone and Android
£17.95 £14.99
It was the gadget of 2014, and it may well prove to be the gadget of 2015 too - if you haven't got a selfie stick yet, what are you even doing with your life? Don't worry, though, because this is your chance to atone for your mistake and grab a stick of your own for a little bit less than everyone else.

Beer pong table
£149.99 £105.99
You haven't played beer pong until you've played it on a proper beer pong table! We've knocked a whopping £44 off the price of this Headrush table, and you even get a free beer pong set along with it!

Hovva Copter
£34.99 £24.99
If you're looking for a smooth, supremely straightforward RC flight, the Hovva Copter is exactly what you need. The helicopter takes off at the push of a button, then hovers in mid-air until you start steering!

£29.99 £24.99
We know that it's January, and that we're all supposed to be on a diet right now, but a few biscuits never hurt anyone, right? And look at Vader's face - he wants you to eat those cookies.

£19.99 £15.19
Yeah yeah yeah, Christmas is over, move on, we know. But wearing a onesie feels good no matter what time of year it is, and when you're struggling through the swamp that is the month of January, you need all the added comfort you can get.

Heat 'n' Eat Popcorn Maker
£20.00 £14.99
Since you already ruined your January diet with those Vader cookies, why not keep going and scoff some delicious home-made popcorn while you're at it? You may gain weight, but if nothing else, the extra fat will help you to stay warm for the rest of winter!
Bladez Target: RC Helicopter with Missiles
£42.00 £28.00
This helicopter shoots little red missiles - need we say more? What better way to release that pent-up January frustration than by declaring war on your living room (and saving £14 while you're at it)?

£14.99 £10.00
Finally, we come to another of our all-time favourites. This mug warmer plugs into your computer's USB port and heats up to ensure that your tea/coffee doesn't cool down while you work.

Click here to see the rest of our January deals!