The second trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron was released today, and while we were already pretty excited for the sequel to end all sequels, this second glimpse of what's to come has pushed us back to fever pitch. The movie will be released here in the UK on Friday the 24th of April; here are some of the things that have us most excited for that very special day...

1. Scarlet Witch
She's one of the two new heroes joining the team this time around (the other is Quicksilver, who will be portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson), and the new trailer finds her strutting towards the camera while nonchalantly fireballing Iron Man into a nearby wall.

2. Robots! Everywhere!
Ultron was already shaping up to be a pretty kickass villain (we love how deadpan he sounds when he speaks), but the new trailer suggests that our intrepid heroes may have more than one Ultron to deal with. At one point, you can see a whole swarm of them, crawling over rocks and up the face of some poor soul's house. Heaven help us all.

3. Hulk <3 Black Widow?
There's a rather touching moment in amongst the chaos of that new trailer, and it involves Black Widow and Bruce Banner's big green alter-ego. The Hulk looks a lot less angry than usual as he holds hands with BW and looks utterly, utterly doomed. What does this mean? Can we expect to see a Hulk/Widow ship in Age of Ultron?

4. Hulk vs. Iron Man
On the other end of the 'heroes interacting with each other' spectrum, we have that rather promising fight between Hulk and Tony Stark in a bigger-than-usual Iron Man suit. Why are they having an awesome, big-budget fight? Aren't they supposed to be on the same team?

5. ???
We've no idea what's happening here (who is this shadowy figure, and why are they getting naked?), but golly are we EXCITED to find out.

Who'd have thought that a <2 minute long trailer could have so many highlights, eh? There are exactly 100 days until Age of Ultron is released - while you wait, why not check out our awesome collection of Marvel merchandise?
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