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Beer pong is a bit of a favourite here at Gadget HQ. When the day's work is done, we can often be found tossing balls at cups and getting progressively tipsier in the process.

But here's the problem: practice, as you know, makes perfect, and most of the GI staff can end the game in half a dozen throws nowadays. The challenge is fading, and the whole boozy endeavour has become significantly less thrilling than it used to be.

Thank goodness, then, for Twist Pong. True to its name, this game puts a fresh new twist on the beer pong we all know and love - you still have to throw balls at cups, but if your opponent's ball lands in one of your cups, your fate will be decided by the spinner!
Twist Pong
In a normal game of beer pong, you would simply drink the contents of your slain cup and carry on with the game. In Twist Pong, the drinking of the beer is preceded by a twist of the spinner, whose instructions must then be followed without question. Here's a list of the possible outcomes:
  • BUZZKILL (Miss a turn)
  • DIZZY (Spin around 8 times before taking your next shot)
  • DOUBLE UP (Drink two cups instead of the usual one)
  • GO LONG (Take 3 steps back before taking your next shot)
  • SAFETY (You may keep the cup that your opponent just hit)
  • SWITCH (Switch sides with your opponent - their cups are now yours)
  • TRICK (Perform a trick shot on your next turn)
  • 1UP (Refill one of the cups you have lost and put it back in play)
As you can see, anything can happen, and it won't necessarily be good news for the player who just scored!

Twist Pong is a boon to beer pong fans everywhere. That spinner breathes new life into a classic party game, and with all those different rules, you'll be on the edge of your seat until the very last cup!

Here's what the Twist Pong set contains:
Twist Pong
1 x spinner, 2 x balls, 7 x red cups, 7 x blue cups, box with instructions

Click here to order a Twist Pong set for your next party, or visit our Party Games department for more like this!
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