As Christmas is very nearly here, we though we would share some fun festive trivia to keep you all entertained!

Toilet Brush Tree

Fake Christmas Trees date back to 1886, and were made in London from green raffia, which was more commonly used to make grass hula skirts. Other early versions were made from dyed goose feathers, and bristles more traditionally used to create toilet brushes!

Banana Christmas Trees

In the absence of the traditional fir tree, Christians in India celebrate by decorating banana and mango trees instead!

KFC for Christmas?

In Japan, KFC has become an important part of the Christmas tradition, with five to ten times the normal sales being made over the festive season!

Gifts in Shoes?

We're all familiar with the famous Christmas stocking, but in the Philippines, they have slightly different version on this tradition. Children leave their polished shoes and freshly washed socks on the window sill, for the Three Kings to leave presents in as they pass through the house at night.

This Nativity Stinks! 

In Catalonia, a figure called 'Caganer' is included in their nativity scenes, which displays the form of a defecating man!

Pick the Pickle

In the United States, families hide a pickle decoration somewhere on the Christmas tree, for family members to hunt out. The first person to find it is usually rewarded with a small gift, and is said to have good fortune for the following year. Although this tradition was originally thought to have originated in Germany, people now believe it to be wholly American Christmas idea.  

'Hark the Herald (silence)'

There is no mention of angels singing anywhere in the Bible, which means that your entire childhood nativity memories were all a lie!

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