After the resounding success of Dave, our inflatable RC Despicable Me Minion last Christmas (we completely sold out time and time again!) - we've been inundated with questions about when we're going to get more of the little guy back in stock. Great news - he's back! We've finally got a new shipment of these hilarious inflatable little guys...just in time for Christmas! 

If your little one loves Despicable Me then this large inflatable RC Minion is the perfect Christmas gift for them. Pump and Play Dave is easy to steer and manouver and his big googly eyes make him one seriously adorable character that any child would love to see under their tree this Christmas. 



Here are some of his vital stats:

  • He's more than 2ft (60cm) tall
  • He moves backwards, forwards, left or right 
  • He can spin clockwise or anti-clockwise 
  • He's got a 27mhz radio control
  • The pump is included! 

He needs 4x AA batterfies to function and the handset runs on 1 x 9V battery which is included. Our Dave is an officially licensed product. Despicable Me & Despicable Me 2 are trademarks of Universal Pictures. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your mitts on our Despicable Me RC Inflatable Dave Minion while stocks last! 

American beer pong set

Bored of 'Drink While You Think' and 'Never Have I Ever'? Looking for a kickass new drinking game to play this weekend? We've got the perfect solution, and its name is BEER PONG. Perhaps you've heard of it.

Beer pong is huge - hugemongous, in fact - in the States, but it's still a pretty new concept here in Blighty. In case you're unfamiliar, here's a quick primer:

You will need:

  • 12 pong cups
  • 2 water cups
  • 2 ping-pong balls
  • A table (preferably a proper beer pong table)
  • 2 or more players
  • Lots of beer!

Note that our American Beer Pong Set contains more or less everything you'll need for a game of beer pong.

How to play:

  1. At both ends of the table, arrange 6 cups in a pyramid formation (1 at the front, 3 at the back, 2 in the middle).

  2. Pour beer into each of the 12 cups. Keep the two water-filled cups nearby in case the balls need a wash.

  3. Players stand at either end of the table, taking it in turns to throw their ball at the other player's cups.

  4. If your opponent's ball lands in your cup, you have to drink the contents of that cup and remove it from play.

  5. The first player to run out of cups is the loser.

Those are just the basics, mind you. There are endless variations and additional rules - some people will tell you get an extra shot every time you sink a ball, which means that, if you've got crazy good aim, it's possible to clear the whole table before your opponent has even had a turn. Others enforce the '3 Misses, 1 Cup' rule, which means that you lose a cup if you miss three shots in a row (this is a good way to speed the game along!)

Now, once you've mastered beer pong in its most rudimentary form, you'll probably start itching for a new challenge. And that, dear reader, is where we can help - here are some twists on the classic beer pong format that will push even the most seasoned pong veteran to the limits:

Twist Pong

Spin the spinner after every successful shot - anything could happen, including trick shots, cups coming back into play, and players SWITCHING SIDES of the table!

Shot Glass Pong

Can you land a shot when the cups are teeny-tiny?

School stuff from Gadget Inspector

If your kids haven't already gone back to school, well, don't worry - it won't be long now! In the meantime, here are 4 awesome school accessories from the Gadget Inspector website:

DIY Calculator

Why send you son or daughter into school with the same boring calculator as everyone else? This DIY Calculator allows the owner to decorate and doodle on it as they please - they can even write the numbers on in their own unique style!


Vitapens Highlighters

Highlighters always come in handy, no matter what subjects you're taking or which exams you're studying for. These cool highlighter pens are shaped like vitamin pills, and you get loads of different colours in the tub.


Slap-It-On Watch

Remember slap bracelets? They were all the rage in the '90s - you just slapped them on your wrist, and by some black magic, they curled around your arm to form a gaudy fashion accessory. The 'Slap-It-On' Watch follows the same basic principle, and it tells the time, too - no more losing track of time and showing up late to Geography!


Retro Superman Bag

Every pupil needs a bag, of course (for books and pens and bits of lint), and you'll struggle to find a more striking school bag than this spectacular Superman design. Perfect for comic book fans!

Assorted drinking products

Man, Tuesdays are the worst, right? At least you can spend Monday talking about what you did over the weekend - Tuesday is just a no man's land, lightyears from the warm embrace of Friday.

But we at Gadget Inspector want to change your attitude towards The Lamest Day of the Week. It's time to stop seeing Tuesday as a thankless slog when it's really the PERFECT TIME TO START PREPARING FOR THE WEEKEND. Think about it - The Perfect Weekend doesn't just happen without a bit of forward planning. As Confucius once said:

"He who waits 'til Friday lunchtime to make plans for Friday night will end up spending Friday in his jammies, watching old Simpsons episodes on his own."

- Confucius, probably

However, the man who starts planning his weekend on Tuesday is pretty much guaranteed to have the time of his life. Conveniently enough, we've just added a bunch of new drinking accessories to the Gadget Inspector catalogue - why not start with these, and take it from there?

Yard of Ale Glass

Drink a whole yard of ale and find out whether you're a 'Wimp' or a 'Solid Legend'. What better way to kick off your weekend?

Chemistry Shot Glasses

If you're gonna do shots, you might as well do 'em from miniature lab beakers. Oh, and if you want the full set of scientific drinking paraphernalia, check this out...


Erlenmeyer Flask Decanter

It's the perfect way for science boffins to store their wines and spirits!


Manly Bar Tools

If the party is happening at your house this Friday, somebody's bound to ask you for a bottle opener at some point. How cool will you feel when you hand them a bottle opener that's shaped like a HAMMER?


LED Bar Caddy

We've saved the best 'til last - this revolving drinks caddy has room for 4 different bottles, and it lights up when you pour, AND it's spring-loaded to give a perfect 1.5oz shot without any effort on your part! How awesome is that?

We hope that's given you a few good ideas for the coming weekend. And next time you come down with a case of The Tuesday Blues, remember: you're never more than 120 hours from the next weekend!

As of this coming December, The Simpsons will have been on the air for 25 years. The very first episode, 'Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire' (that's the Christmas episode in which Homer and Bart adopt Santa's Little Helper at the dog racing track), premiered on 17 December, 1989, almost a quarter of a century ago! to celebrate this auspicious occasion? Well, for starters, you can load up on cool Simpsons stuff - from cufflinks to mugs, we've got plenty to go around here at Gadget Inspector.

Still, this is one heck of an anniversary, and we figure that simply hawking our wares would not be doing justice to those endlessly influential yellow folk. So, in tribute to 25 years of The Simpsons, here are Gadget Inspector's Top 5 Moments from America's funniest TV show:

5. Mr Snrub (from 'Marge vs. The Monorail')

In this classic episode, Mr Burns gets fined several million dollars for dumping nuclear waste in a city park. A town meeting is called to decide how the money should be spent - the people of Springfield eventually opt to buy a monorail, but not before Mr Burns has tried to get the $3 million back in his own vault:

Mr Burns [wearing cunning disguise]: Hello, my name is Mr Snurb, and I come from...uh...someplace far away. Yes, that'll do. Anyway, I say we invest that money back in the nuclear plant.

Smithers: I like the way Snrub thinks!

4. Strapped for Cash (from 'Rosebud')

Another vintage Burns moment. The frail old billionaire is searching for his beloved teddy bear, 'Bobo', and Homer realises that Maggie is playing with the tattered old toy. He takes the bear to Burns, expecting a big reward:

Mr Burns: Naturally, I can't pay you much of a reward because I'm strapped for cash.

[The ceiling collapses, showering Burns with gold and jewels. A crown lands on his head.]

Mr Burns: As you can see, this old place is falling apart!

Well saved, Monty.


3. Not the Elephants! (from 'Cape Feare')

When most people think of this episode, they think of the infamous 'stepping on rakes' scene. If you ask us, though, there's a funnier moment in 'Cape Feare', and it arrives when Sideshow Bob confronts his nemesis Bart while lying in the road:

Sideshow Bob: Surely there's no harm in lying in the middle of a public street?

[Bob is then trampled by a large parade, including a marching band and several elephants]

2. So Long Dental Plan! (from 'Last Exit to Springfield')

Dental plan!

Lisa needs braces!

Dental plan!

Lisa needs braces!

Dental plan!

Lisa needs braces!



1. Ghost Car (from 'Marge on the Lam')

Yep, this is our all-time favourite. Marge and her friend Ruth are driving down a dark highway with Chief Wiggum (and Homer) in hot pursuit:

Ruth: Look Marge, there's no reason for you to get dragged into this. Once we lose the cops, I'll let you out.

Marge: Well, I don't think they'll be that easy to lose. These are professional lawmen, and-

[Ruth switches off the car's tail lights]

Wiggum [in the other car]: OH MY GOD, IT JUST DISAPPEARED!! IT'S A *GHOST CAR*!!

It's the Chief's completely horrified reaction that really sells this one. Classic.

What do you think of our choices? Agree? Disagree? Let us know on Twitter!

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