After yesterday's rather sombre post, we thought we would give you two things to cheer you all up in today's blog: food, and novelty aprons! We'll be sharing a few fun, festive recipes for you to try over the holiday season, based on the 'chef' stereotype you fit best!

Cookie Monster: The Dessert Expert 

If your cookies, crumbles and creme brulee all put Mary Berry to shame, then why not try making your own festive dessert this Christmas?

Why not try this Peppermint Bark Cheesecake from Cooking Classy, or these delicious Rolo Christmas Cookies from Living Locurto:                                     

The Impatient Cook  

If you're looking for something quick and easy to whip up in the kitchen, then why not try out these simple 3 Ingredient Candy Cane Lollipops from BBC Good Food, or these Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts With Bacon if you're after something savoury.

Kitchen Hero 

If you're a bit of a wiz in the kitchen, you'll want to try something extra special this Christmas to wow your dinner guests.  Why not try out this incredible Roast Duck recipe from Jamie Oliver, or this incredible Chocolate Cake With Homemade Marshmallows for dessert! 

Batman (The Dark Knight) Adult Apron
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Foodie Frankenstein

If you like to try something a little different in the kitchen, then what better time of year is there than Christmas to test out some new and interesting recipes?

If you're looking for some interesting combinations to have a crack at, then take a look at this Brussels Sprouts, Chilli and Thyme Jam, or these Pork and Cranberry Sausage Rolls, both from

Danger - Man Cooking (Apron and Hat Set)
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Boozy Baker

For a flashy fish dish with an added kick, have a go at this Beetroot and Vodka-Cured Salmon from Woman and Home. If delicious bakes are more your speed, take a look at this fantastic Hazelnut Liquor pastry dish from Half Baked Harvest.

6 Pack Apron
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Childhood Christmases usually meant hours of playing board games with your family, whether that meant setting up the ones you'd just received that year, or getting out some old classics to relive the post-lunch slump. 

At Gadget Inspector, we have loads of great game sets that would make awesome gifts for your friends and family this Christmas, putting a new spin on the group game sessions you knew so well growing up. 

Mini Football Table Shots Game

This 'penalty shoot out' style shot game is ideal for whipping out at parties and Christmas get-togethers with old school friends, allowing you to relive the embarrassing days of your childhood while getting suitably hammered. If you're as rubbish at table football now as you were in your youth club days, you may want to swallow your pride and quit while your ahead..
Mini Football Table Shots Game

Tipsy Tower Drinking Game

We're sure there can't be many people who have failed to encounter the traditional version of this nervy, tower trashing game at some point in their lives. The principal for this one remains the same, but now the looser will have to risk becoming more and more tipsy as they cause the tower to topple! Naturally, the game becomes more and more difficult each time a player is unsuccessful......
Tipsy Tower

Bush Tucker Trial Challenge

If you've ever fancied becoming king or queen of the jungle, then this game could be the one for you, although it won't be easy to win! Complete with a selection of foods ranging from fairly pleasant to utterly disgusting, this set will provide you with the closest thing to competing on 'I'm a Celebrity', from the comfort of your own home!

Bush Tucker Trial Challenge

Party Pong 

This classic American drinking game is great for getting all your friends involved in a night of boozy hilarity, and is sure to keep everyone entertained for the duration of your pre-drink session. Putting a unique spin on the original game, this kit contains 'Party Forfeit' cards to make sure everyone joins in with then fun, regardless of weather or not they're the one taking aim!
Party Pong

BeanBoozled Spinner Game

BeanBoozled Spinner Jelly Bean Gift Box
Although this is probably the most 'child-friendly' game on our list, we think you'd be pretty harsh to inflict some of the nastiness contained in here on your younger family members.The game is pretty easy to understand, you just spin to see which colour bean you'll be consuming. Of course, letting you choose from the good and bad flavours would be far too easy, which is why each colour has a set of two flavours in the same hue. It could be peach, it could be vomit; you'll just have to wait and find out...

Be sure to check back for more gift guides and Christmas posts soon, but in the meantime, pop over to our Twitter page for more Gadget Inspector news.

Victor Frankenstein comes out in UK cinemas today, so we decided to share a few science themed gifts with you all! We have everything you need to treat the science savvy person in your life, from handy desktop gadgets to super cool drinking accessories! 

Genius Paperclip Holder 

Regardless of whether or not you take any interest in how magnets actually work, this quirky papeclip holder is a great little novelty for your desk. It gives the owner free reign to create their own hairstyle for famous physicist Albert Einstein, comprised solely from an assortment of odd paperclips that may be scattered amongst their stationary. Both fun and functional, this guy will give you a handy storage solution, while also providing a spot of entertainment for your procrastination breaks.. 

magnetic paperclip holder

Rechargeable AA Batteries 

It can be a pain having to buy a new pack of batteries every time you're gadgets run our of juice, so why not buy a set that you can keep reusing? No complicated charging kits are needed in order to jig these batteries back into action, just plug them into your computer's USB until they've recharged and you're good to go!
USB rechargeable batteries
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Periodic Table Stoneware Mug

Now you may think that the connection between 'Victor Frankenstein' starts and ends with the science theme we've picked out for our gift guide, but you'd be wrong! This mug is a great way to aid your retention of the table of elements, providing the perfect tool with which to serve your revision coffee. Now, here is where the movie connection comes in. Another way of committing your table of elements to memory, is buy learning the 'Elements Song', something that 'Victor Frankenstein' star Daniel Radcliffe knows all about
periodic table mug

'Danger- Man Cooking' Apron Set

Did you ever have to learn the scientific hazard symbols in school? Do you remember what this one means? In case you didn't remember, it's a bio-hazard sign, which could be a rather apt analogy for the gent who's not so good in the kitchen.

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Brain Money Box

This gift is ideal for the 'brain box' in your life, or that person you know who has 'more money than sense' (sorry, we can never resist bad puns). Not only does this Brain Money Box make a cool and creepy ornament for your shelf, it also gives you a great place to store all your loose change. Note: No graves were robbed in the making of this money bank...
brain money box

Chemistry Drinking Accessories 

Be honest, the best gift you ever got for Christmas was your chemistry set, wasn't it? Why not reminisce this year while having your Christmas drink, with these awesome Chemistry shot glass sets? Choose from our colourful test tubes or our teeny tiny measuring beakers, and see what strange concoctions you can come up with.
chemistry drinking accessories

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Last week we published our 'Gifts for Him' guide ready for Christmas, so we thought it was only right to follow up with a 'Gifts for Her' guide to even out the score! We know how hard it can be to think of unusual gifts and quirky stocking fillers, so this guide is intended to give you a helping hand with your gift-giving efforts this year.

Canar Money Bank

These Canar Bankers are both practical and cute, with 4 unique ranges and 4 styles to choose from in each of them! These little ducks can help you to keep all of your loose change in order, with easy access any time you need to grab a few bob!
duck money bank

1-Up Cup Cake Mould Set

These quirky cake moulds are ideal for girls who love gaming and baking, or those who just love to make cool, unusual kitchen creations! Once the batter has baked and risen, their cakes should resemble the adorable Mario mushrooms; with any luck they'll let you share the delicious end product too! 
Mario mushroom cake mould
Turbulence Wine Glasses 
Sometimes, it can be a lot harder than you would think to treat the wine lover in your life. A bottle of their favourite tipple can seem a bit too obvious and predictable, while a glass set can be a practical but bland choice. The Turbulence range is an attractive and innovative solution to this problem, which provides a winning combination of aesthetic beauty and taste-improving design. Thanks to the unique swirled pattern in the crystal, these glasses provide a truly sensual experience, improving the taste and aroma of any wine.
aerating wine glasses

Family Time Photo Clock

This modern and unusual clock would make a great gift for the family matriarch, who loves to adorn their home with photographs of their nearest and dearest! For added impact, fill the frames with a collection of photographs before gifting it, so that the full impact can be truly appreciated from the moment it's opened. 
clock multi photo frame

iPhone Clutch Bag Case

These iPhone Clutch Bags are an ideal way to turn your iPhone 5 or 5S into a glamorous accessory, prefect for nights when your travelling light! It can be hard work attempting to fit your phone into your clutch bag at times, but these are specifically designed to mould to the shape of your phone. The handy gold strap makes it easy to hang onto, while the pockets give you space to keep your cash and cards on hand for when you need them!

iphone clutch case

If you fancy any of the items on this list, be sure to send some cheeky hints to your loved ones on Facebook and Twitter. For more awesome gifts and gadgets, take a look at the gift ideas page on our site!
Teenagers are notoriously hard to buy for, so to give you a helping hand this Christmas, we've written you a little gift guide to help you get that perfect gift for the teenager (or, heaven forbid, teenagers) in your life.  

Teenagers are always on their mobile phones these days - whether they're tweeting or messaging their friends, they never put them down! If they're all fingers and thumbs when typing, there's no better solution than this touch screen stylus. Simply connect it to the headphone socket and you'll be good to go.

The stylus is connected to an elastic cord, so the user can reach any part of their screen with ease. The Pad Writer works with all touch screen devices.

What better gift is there for a teenager than a Beer Pong Kit? (Assuming, of course, that the teenager in question is aged 18 years or above.) All their future parties or gatherings will become far more entertaining with this gift - the only thing that isn't included is, sadly, the beer!


Teenagers are always taking selfies these days, so help them take the perfect selfie with this IGGI Pocket Selfie Stick. Sadly, human arms aren't always long enough to get that perfect angle, and this is why a selfie stick is the perfect gift for any teenager. They'll now be able to get everyone in for the perfect group photo! 


Teenagers everywhere are now using emojis - they're the perfect way to communicate how you're feeling without using any words. Well, now their favourite emojis have come to life in the form these super-comfy plush pillows! They're great for decorating the bedroom or snuggling up with when watching a film. We guarantee your teenager will love these!  

Finally, your teen will be more than happy this Christmas if they receive one of our Happy Cables! These charger cables are colourful, fun, and at 1 metre long, extremely handy. So whether they're plugged into the laptop or into the socket, your teenagers will no longer have to deal with a dead battery!

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