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Tipsy Tower
Tipsy Tower

Tipsy Tower

Will you topple the Tipsy Tower?

Tipsy Tower is the nerve-jangling drinking game that will have everybody on the edge of their seat. The rules are simple: players take it in turns to remove a block from the tower, and if anyone knocks the tower down, that player must do a shot as a forfeit!

The Tipsy Tower drinking game includes 60 wooden blocks and 4 shot glasses (each printed with the Tipsy Tower logo). All you need is alcohol and a few people to play with!

Key Features:
  • Suitable for 2-4 players
  • More can play if you have extra shot glasses!
  • Instruction book included

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Product Description

The Tipsy Tower drinking game is perfect for pre-drinking sessions and other small, boozy gatherings. The set includes 4 x shot glasses60 x tower blocks, and 1 x instruction booklet.

Want to win? Try mastering this trick: