The Force Awakens is finally heeere! Seeing as we're all as pumped as you are, we thought we'd take a break from the Christmas posts today, to bring you one about our awesome Star Wars gifts and gadgets!

R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum 

This little guy may not be able to project holographic messages, but he can keep your desk nice and tidy. This mini version of everyone's favourite droid has a USB-powered vacuum to suck up all the crumbs and dust from your desk, while also being a cute little companion for your work station.
R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum

Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener 

Forget dull, practical presents, that really isn't our style here at Gadget Inspector. Instead, we like to provide you with useful products that also look awesome, which is certainly true of this Millennium Falcon bottle opener! Depicting all the features of Han's famous ship in a sleek 2D design, this keyring is a unique and subtle way to incorporate your love of the franchise into your everyday life. You'll certainly want to be first on the case at parties when someone asks for a bottle opener when you have this on your keys! 
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

Yoda RC Pump and Play

Ever wanted your very own Jedi Master? Well, this is probably the closest thing you'll get! This awesome inflatable RC depicts the iconic, little green, lightsaber wielding Jedi, and comes with 11 original sounds from the films! Sounds just like the real thing, it does, talk just like Yoda it will. 

yoda rc pump and play

Star Wars 3D Model Kit (Tie Fighter II)

If you're a bit crafty and fancy trying your hand at making your very own models to display in your home, then why not try putting together this incredibly intricate Tie Fighter II kit? With a sleek metallic finish, if you take your time and put it together properly, the end result should be a great addition to your Star Wars memorabilia collection! To see our full selection, click here.
star wars 3D model kit

BB8 RC Pump and Play

We're all ready and willing to love this adorable little droid, even though we haven't even seen the film yet! With the ability to spin 360 degrees and with 14 original sound effects, this little RC companion is almost as good as the real thing! He's super easy to inflate and let down, so you can always put him away neatly once you're done (not that we think you'll want to). 
bb8 inflatable rc
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