If you are looking for some awesome remote control helicopters, Gadget Inspector is more than equipped to deal with your query! Here are a few of our favourites - all of which make for excellent Christmas presents. Boys like their toys, and these ones come with some epic features:


This Bladez Transporter helicopter comes with bright lights which can be controlled by the user! Not only that, but this chopper also comes with an electronic winch which can pick and transport up to 10grams of weight - mightily impressive.


The clue is in the name with this Bladez masterpiece - water blaster! Not only is this a brilliant little flying machine, but it also comes equipped with a water gun you can control using the remote! Airbourne water-fights anyone?


If you like bubbles, you're going to love this cheeky chopper! Bladez make high-quality remote control machines, and with this one they have even added a bubble gun - as if it needed another cool feature!


Great things come in small packages in this case - the RC Micro Copter! You'd be amazed at just how agile this thing is, and it isn't much bigger than a 50 pence piece! You will be keeping up with wasps with this stunning machine.


All of our helicopters are cool, but this one may just take the biscuit. Along with being a competent, air-worthy machine, this chopper also comes with a built in camera - just imagine the remote-controlled air surveillance opportunities...

Trying to find presents for people is hard enough, but finding stocking fillers can be even more difficult. Suddenly your quest to find one or two things that your loved one will enjoy turns into an ardous battle to fill an entire stocking! We've recognised this issue here at Gadget Inspector, and that's why we have come up with a whole a range of pre-filled stockings - and today we're going to talk to you about our Practical Joker stocking!

We all know one, we all have been on the receiving end of one and wanted to hit them, but deep down, we love them really - practical jokers! Forget about having to find stocking fillers ever again, this pre-filled baby comes with a whole array of gifts, gadgets, and grub that any practical joker is going to go wild for!

We have thrown in a Boom Ball portable speaker, a plunged door hook, and a beer fund piggy bank; because even serial pranksters need to listen to music, hang their coats up, and save their pennies too! And for a little piece of electrifying revenge, we have also thrown in a shock lighter, because then you get the beautiful gift of revenge.

Don't fret this Christmas with what stocking fillers to get that lovable scamp in your life - make sure they wake up to a stocking from Gadget Inspector!

A girl wearing one of our Christmas onesies.

We're doubly excited this week at Gadget Inspector - the arrival of our Christmas onesies not only means we're nearing the festive period, but we now finally have a season-appropriate form of loungewear to enjoy the holidays in! Gadget Inspector now have an inspiring selection of Christmas Onesies that'll have you yearning to slip into something more comfortable...

If you are not familiar with the onesie, who are you and what have you been doing for the past few years? What started out as a bit of a student-esque fancy dress costume has now become a full-fledged form of clothing.

All ages, sizes, and tastes have been seen sporting their various versions of the jumpsuit, so it was only a matter of time before we sprinkled a bit of classic Christmas cheer on proceedings.

We have three different coloured Christmas onesies, and each one is guaranteed to give you a full-bodied hug while keeping you extra-toasty for December. With our fuel bills set to rise, and with the inevitable flurries of frosty forecasts, make sure you have a onesie that works this winter!

We're selling Star Wars iPhone 4 cases for a quid, that's all - one pound! We like to think we offer you a wide selection of well-priced gadgets, but this offer really is out of this world!

This is the bit where we talk briefly about Star Wars and phone cases: we know that most of you gadget lovers will also be massive Star Wars fans, and we're with you on that one! As such, we're not going to insult your extra-terrestrial intelligence by explaining who R2-D2, Darth Vader, and a stormtrooper is. What we can tell you is that you can have their iconic effigies emblazoned on your iPhone 4 for just a pound!

What can you buy with a pound these days (we say sounding a little like a war-veteran)? We know it is not much! You cannot even buy two small Mars bars for £1; so why not save your money, stretch your imagination, and get something from deeper into space still - these awesome Star Wars iPhone 4 cases!

We have some really cool gadgets that are sure to make excellent gifts for gizmo-lovers, or even yourselves! Everybody loves cool gadgets, and we are constantly scanning the markets to make sure our range is fresh!

Take this fine 50 calibre shot glass as an example. Cool gadgets like this heavyweight shot glass definitely have something pretty neat about them - just imagine handing out 50 calibre bullets replicas filled with your favourite tipple, that's one way to make sure your night goes off with a bang!

Each shot glass also comes with its own bullet chamber-style stand to stop it tipping over, though we cannot promise you'll stay as upright! Made from resistant borosilicate glass these bullet shots are extremely tough - this means that your shot glass should hold up no matter how hazardous conditions get!

This is just one of a whole website full of glorious gadgets. If you enjoy gizmos and products with the 'woah' factor give our website a browse. We have a range to whet the appetite of any gadget-lover, or anyone who enjoys items that little bit special.