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Pool Party Pong: Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Pool Party Pong: Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Imagine a lilo crossed with a beer pong table and you have this radical Pool Party Pong Set! If you have access to a pool you need an inflatable beer pong set.

Key Features:
  • 5 foot long
  • Inflatable design for use on water
  • Space for 20 beer pong cups
  • Perfect for pool parties
  • Handy compartment for beer storage

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Product Description

Beer pong is the ultimate party game, and that includes pool parties! Under ordinary circumstances, you'd struggle to play beer pong in a swimming pool, but this inflatable pong set changes EVERYTHING. Grab yours now, and play pong in the pool!


1 x Inflatable beer pong float

The Pool Party Pong float even includes spots to show you where to place your cups! All you need a stack of cups and a few bottles of beer, and you're all set for the wettest, wildest game of beer pong ever!


Why play beer pong in the pool?

  • Your ball can't roll onto the floor and get dirty

  • You'll stay cool, even in the most fiercely-fought games

  • You're guaranteed to hit liquid (even if it's not your opponent's beer)