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BBQ Rocks! - Guitar Spatula
BBQ Rocks! - Guitar Spatula
BBQ Rocks! - Guitar Spatula

BBQ Rocks! - Guitar Spatula

Put some music into your food tonight with this awesome guitar-shaped spatula! This is the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys rock 'n' roll as much as bread rolls.

Key Features:
  • Guitar-shaped spatula
  • Including the wooden handles length: 45cm
  • Spatula weighs: 210g
  • Create your very own soul food
  • Unique fret-board design allows for drainage

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Product Description

Want to make sure that your BBQ party really rocks?

Better grab a Guitar Spatula! This metal barbecue spatula is shaped like an electric guitar - it's perfect for all the barbecues that you''ll be hosting this summer!

Use this guitar-shaped spatula to flip your burgers and grill your sausages in style.

What you'll especially love about this beautiful utensil is the effort in detailing it contains - we epsecially love how they have created functional slots in keeping witht he guitar design.

Always exercise caution when barbecuing on open flames.

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