Thinking about Christmas presents and stocking fillers for the family and friends now that Christmas isn't too far away? We have the perfect puzzles for anyone who loves a challenge and has the patience of a saint! Introducing our maze puzzles, do you think you have the skills to complete them?

First up is the Mini Maze Ball, which is perfect for taking anywhere with you as it is mini! Pop it into your bag or try and solve it in the car, so you can always play whilst on the go. You have to steer the ball bearing through the layered maze, through all the twists and turns that you stumble upon. There are also easier missions for you to take, if you start further along the maze at a different bay, it is a lot easier to complete. If you prefer things to be on a bigger scale, then the Maze Ball is an absolute must have! This is just like the Mini Maze Ball but on a larger scale. You steer the ball bearing through the layered maze to the finish.

The Maze Racer is a great maze puzzle if you want to time your mission, and compete against yourself and other friends. This maze is slightly different as you steer the ball bearing around the race track holding onto the steering wheel! This maze even has a LCD display that shows your time and fastest maze time - so competing against family and friends just got so much easier. To add to the tension, this maze has sound effects, and comes in two options of colours.

You can see from the pictures just how well designed the mazes are and how challenging they can be, making these the perfect Christmas gifts, and Christmas stocking fillers.

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