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Mini Table Tennis

Mini Table Tennis

This awesome Mini Table Tennis set is just perfect for relieving the everyday stress of office-life - just don't blame us when deadlines get missed.

Key Features:
  • Table-top fun
  • 2 x ping-pong bats, 1 x ping-pong ball and 1 x net
  • Great gift for the stressful office worker
  • Classic sports at your very fingertips

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Product Description

Want to feel like a big-shot executive? What you need are desktop toys - after all, only an executive has time to play ping-pong during working hours!

This Mini Table Tennis set is perfect for killing time when you're trapped in the office. The questions is: can you complete a whole game without your boss noticing?

Mini Table Tennis Set:

  • 2 x ping-pong bats
  • 1 x ping-pong ball
  • 1 x miniature tennis net

The table tennis toy isn't just good for breaking up the day - you can hold inter-office games to decide who has to make the tea and answer the phone to that one particularly pesky client!