Everybody loved the Despicable Me films, right? And everybody is SUPER excited for the Minions movie that's slated for release next summer, right?!

That's what we thought. Well, we've got good news for everybody: there's a brand new toy in town, and he looks suspiciously similar to those little yellow critters you love so much...

Inflatable Minion Toy

Yes, our Inflatable RC Minion toy is BACK IN STOCK, and he's had a big of a makeover since last time he was here. For one thing, he looks a lot more like his movie counterparts now - who could resist those big brown eyes and that adorably cheeky grin?

But that's not the only improvement, no sir. The best thing about our new minion toy is not how he looks...but how he sounds.

That's right: this is a TALKING minion toy, and he's just itching to say hello to you! He says nine different phrases, all in the original minion voice from the movies. Being a minion, most of what he says is gibberish, but recognisable sayings include "Banana!", "Whaaat?" and "Woohoo!", along with various laughing, kissing, sighing and babbling noises.

Of course, some things don't need to be changed: our minion toy is still super-cute, super-squishy, and very easy to inflate. You can play with him anywhere - indoors or out - and the RC controller allows you to steer him forwards, backwards, left or right. He can perform 360-degree pirouettes, and if he falls down, he'll get right back up again, all by himself!

So what are you waiting for?! The Talking Minion Toy is just £39.99, and he's sure to make a fabulous gift for the kids this Christmas. Order yours now!
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