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Vintage Racer USB Hub: Car Shaped USB Port
Vintage Racer USB Hub: Car Shaped USB Port

Vintage Racer USB Hub: Car Shaped USB Port

In this digital age, it seems like absolutely everything comes with a USB cable. Whether you're charging your phone, putting a new album on your iPhone, or even just keeping yourself warm, you can't do anything without a spare USB port!

And that's where this nifty USB hub comes in. The slick silver racecar has 4 USB slots, and since it only takes up one, it effectively quadruples your USB capability!

And it looks awesome, too!

Key Features:
  • Fantastic vintage car-shaped USB hub
  • 4 USB ports
  • When you pull it back it accelerates and goes!
  • A fantastic little desktop gadget

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Product Description

Have you run out of USB ports? Grab this nifty little USB hub and turn one port into four! Simply plug the car into a USB port, open the bonnet, and plug everything else into the car!

USB Hub - Features:

  • 4 USB ports
  • More accessible than the back of your machine
  • Light-up headlights
  • Pull-back acceleration: a great desk toy!

Please note: we recommend keeping large, permanent items such as printers plugged directly into your computer. The racing car USB hub is better for items such as phone chargers and USB sticks.