Every man has dreamt about having their very own Batcave at least once in their life. Who wouldn't? It's the ultimate Man cave! Now, that dream of yours can become a reality! Well, sort of...  

This Batman Logo Mirror is the ultimate decorative item for fans of the caped crusader! It's perfect for your long, hard, moody stares at yourself, contemplating how much it would actually cost to become Batman, and practising your best Dark knight impression: " Where is she!". 

So, if you're looking to give your regular old room an upgrade, you'll be happy to know that this Batman Logo Mirror is our Deal of the week, and is now just £23.99! What a bargain! 

Whether you're a fan of the Dark Knight, or are simply looking for that special accessory to spruce up your home, Bruce Wayne style, this mirror is perfect! Give your home a dose of crime-fighting, villain-bashing high-flying awesomeness!
Last week we published our 'Gifts for Him' guide ready for Christmas, so we thought it was only right to follow up with a 'Gifts for Her' guide to even out the score! We know how hard it can be to think of unusual gifts and quirky stocking fillers, so this guide is intended to give you a helping hand with your gift-giving efforts this year.

Canar Money Bank

These Canar Bankers are both practical and cute, with 4 unique ranges and 4 styles to choose from in each of them! These little ducks can help you to keep all of your loose change in order, with easy access any time you need to grab a few bob!
duck money bank

1-Up Cup Cake Mould Set

These quirky cake moulds are ideal for girls who love gaming and baking, or those who just love to make cool, unusual kitchen creations! Once the batter has baked and risen, their cakes should resemble the adorable Mario mushrooms; with any luck they'll let you share the delicious end product too! 
Mario mushroom cake mould
Turbulence Wine Glasses 
Sometimes, it can be a lot harder than you would think to treat the wine lover in your life. A bottle of their favourite tipple can seem a bit too obvious and predictable, while a glass set can be a practical but bland choice. The Turbulence range is an attractive and innovative solution to this problem, which provides a winning combination of aesthetic beauty and taste-improving design. Thanks to the unique swirled pattern in the crystal, these glasses provide a truly sensual experience, improving the taste and aroma of any wine.
aerating wine glasses

Family Time Photo Clock

This modern and unusual clock would make a great gift for the family matriarch, who loves to adorn their home with photographs of their nearest and dearest! For added impact, fill the frames with a collection of photographs before gifting it, so that the full impact can be truly appreciated from the moment it's opened. 
clock multi photo frame

iPhone Clutch Bag Case

These iPhone Clutch Bags are an ideal way to turn your iPhone 5 or 5S into a glamorous accessory, prefect for nights when your travelling light! It can be hard work attempting to fit your phone into your clutch bag at times, but these are specifically designed to mould to the shape of your phone. The handy gold strap makes it easy to hang onto, while the pockets give you space to keep your cash and cards on hand for when you need them!

iphone clutch case

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The new Star Wars Battlefront game was released in Europe today, which made us even more excited for the release of the new film next month! Here are ten reasons why we're reeeeaaaally looking forward to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

1. It's Been 10 Whole Years Since the Last Instalment 

Revenge of the Sith came out way back in 2005, which means that the latest instalment of our favourite franchise is long overdue! Plus, we get to see brand new material as opposed to a back story, making room for brand new characters in our sci-fi loving hearts!

2. Han and Chewie are Back!

This awesome duo will be back in action in this film, along with many of the other characters from the original trilogy. Princess Leia actress Carrie Fisher also appears in the trailer for the film, although her brother Luke was apparently absent. Don't worry though, Mark Hamill appears on the cast list, which means that we should be seeing more of our favourite Jedi very soon!

3. Return to Practical Effects 

Many people had problems with the over-use of computer generated effects in the prequel series, but it looks like the newest film will mark something of a return to the much-loved practical effects of the first films. Although it's sure to contain some modern, digital alterations in addition to these effects, the combination of the two if done right, could make for a highly effective end product.

4. The New Director is a Lifelong Fan

While it would be ridiculous to disregard what George Lucas has achieved with his creation over the years, it was clear that the franchise needed a fresh injection of talent to get it back on its feet again. J.J Abrams will not only bring a new approach to the beloved series, but will also ensure that it's treated with great care, thanks to the fact that he is a lifelong fan off the movies himself!

5. Expanding the Star Wars Universe 

As I mentioned in point 1, it's been a long time since we've seen new characters and locations, but the overall reboot will also contain spin-off films which tell untold stories of the Star Wars universe. This means that the new film will be getting us in the mood for a whole host of new Star Wars stories! The first of these films will be Rouge One: A Star Wars Story, and will star Hannibal and Casino Royale star Mads Mikkelsen! 

6. John Williams' Score

The composer is back on board to give us more of the iconic Star Wars music that we all know and love!

7. The new Lightsaber 

While the new, mysterious crossguard lighsaber has caused some controversy amongst fans since the trailer was released, we honestly can't wait to see it in action!

8. Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma

As avid Thrones fans, we're super excited to see the Brienne of Tarth actress in a new and wildly different role. Since pictures were first released of her wearing the silver Captain Phasma suit, we've been wondering what role this new antagonist will have to play in the Star Wars story. 

9. Cute Robots 

R2-D2 and C-3PO are two of the most iconic and well loved characters of the franchise, so it only seemed right to add a brand new addition to the droid family in the newest film! The best part about loveable new robot BB-8, is that it is actually real! The technology was shown off at the Star Wars Celebration, where JJ Abrams invited the droid on stage to the amazement of the audience.

10. The Mystery of a New Plot

The final reason we're so excited for the new film, is simply due to the fact that we know so little about it! Although the names of many new and returning characters have been released, along with several trailers, we know virtually nothing about the new plot (a rare thing in cinema these days). Unless you've been trawling fan sites for info, most of the new content should be a (hopefully) pleasant surprise for all of us!

Today is International Men's Day, so we thought it would be the perfect time to share our 'Gifts for Him' guide with you! Here at Gadget Inspector, we have a great range of unique gifts and novelties for your loved ones, which is perfect if you're struggling to think of ideas! 
Below are just a few of our cool gifts and gadgets, but remember to check on our site and blog for more cool and creative ideas!

Batman Logo Mirror 

Let him spruce up his very own Batcave, with this awesome Batman Logo Mirror! Perfect for fans of the films and comics, this mirror adds a dose of Gotham glamour to any room. Just don't get too alarmed when the recipient starts moodily staring at themselves, and mumbling in a low, husky voice...

batman mirror

Racing Car Alarm Clock

Does the man in your life dream about waking up to their very own supercar on Christmas morning? Well, now they can wake up to that every morning! (I mean, sort of..) This car motif alarm clock is fitted with flashing headlights and the sound of a V12 engine, ensuring that the owner is fully awake and ready to start their day.
car alarm clock

Man Flu Mug

This novelty mug is an ideal gift for the guy who's prone to a good old moan when he's feeling under the weather. Great for sipping a hot lemon or chicken soup, this mug is a perfect way to combat the common cold. 

man flu mug
Vintage Racer USB Hub

This one would be a handy and fun little gadget for all the tech-savvy fellows you know. Not only does is quadruple your USB capability, but it also functions as a working toy race car! Just flip open the bonnet to reveal the USB ports, or pull back to accelerate and watch it speed across your desk.

race car USB hub

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

These Stainless Steel Ice Cubes bring a whole new meaning to the phrase 'on the rocks', keeping your drink ice cold without diluting any of the alcohol or bold flavours. Perfect for fans of whiskey and other spirits, these cubes are a sleek and superior alternative to the humble water-based cube. 

stainless steel ice cubes
The Gnominator Garden Gnome 

I like this gift, which is why I'm going to kill.. I MEAN  talk about it last...  This witty garden gnome depicts a certain, popular action movie star in one of his famous roles, in case you couldn't tell. Perfect for guys who like to 'let off some steam' in their gardens, this Gnome will have you saying 'hasta la vista' to all those boring, old garden gnomes. 

terminator garden gnome

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Some days it can be dull when you're working in an office. You're sat down staring at the same four walls and having the same old conversations everyday, it's inevitably going to get a little boring. That being said, here at Gadget Inspector we have some of the best desktop novelties and gadgets to brighten up those dull days! 

just £6.99 
This Basketball Desk Tidy is the perfect solution to your break time boredom. Shoot some hoops if you have writers block, and get those creative juices flowing! It's the perfect place to store all your stationary, plus It also comes with a handy dry wipe backboard, so you can remind yourself of important tasks or when it's someone's birthday in the office. 

Basketball Desk Tidy

Was £9.99, Now £8.50
This Bunny Stapler is the perfect desktop pet! It doesn't need feeding or cleaning, and as well as being cute also doubles as a stapler! Just push down on the ears and it'll hop to it, stapling your documents with utter precision. Three cheers for a gift that's both adorable and efficient!

From £10.00 
This USB mug warmer is ideal for workaholics who survive on coffee! Simply plug it into your computer's USB port, plonk your mug down on top of it, and it will keep your beverage cosy and warm no matter how long you're at your desk. The mug warmer pad is also shaped like a delicious-looking cookie, which won't help the cravings but will certainly look good!

From £7.95 
This Mini Table Tennis is perfect for relieving the stress of everyday office life. Simply turn off your monitor, clear away those papers, and set up the net. Et voilàyou can have your very own game of table tennis at your desk! Don't blame us if you get too into it and you start missing deadlines though... 

Mini Table Tennis
Just £4.99 

This Stuart Desktop Standee is the perfect work companion! You won't be able to stop yourself from smiling, every time you take a glimpse of his dopey facial expression while you're typing away. Your work friends will all want one of their own once they've spotted him!

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