Spin pong, BBQ branding iron and butterfly bottle opener

We're always adding new products here at Gadget Inspector, and so we thought it was high time for a quick round-up. Here are three of the newest and awesome-est additions to the Gadget Inspector catalogue:

Spin Pong: Spinning Beer Pong Rack

Spin Pong

If you're a seasoned beer pong player and the sport has sort of lost its challenge, why not up the ante a little bit? This spinning beer pong rack will make it even more difficult to get your ball where it needs to be!


Branded BBQ burger

BBQ Branding Iron

Brand your burgers and label your lamb chops with this customisable branding iron! It comes with 52 letter tiles, so you can spell out anything you fancy and singe it onto your steaks.


Butterfly bottle opener

Butterfly Bottle Opener

Ever used a butterfly knife, where the blade is concealed within the handles? Well this is a butterfly bottle opener - same principle, but it opens bottles. Great for doing tricks while you tend the bar!

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