Jenga, camera tin, and golf game

We know, we know. We only just showed you a bunch of cool new stuff - surely we can't deliver the goods again so quickly?

O ye of little faith. We're always adding awesome new products to the Gadget Inspector catalogue, and we wouldn't want to leave you in the dark, so here are some more of our latest additions...

Drinking Jenga

Everybody loves Jenga, and everybody loves drinking, so this game is a match made in heaven. Each brick has an instruction (usually drink-related) for the player to follow, and obviously, the person who knocks the tower down earns himself a nice big forfeit.

Photobox: Retro Camera Tin

The Photobox would make a great gift for any photography nut. It's a handy storage tin that can be used for just about anything, although its most obvious function is as a place to put your favourite photos.

Drinking Golf

We'll end on another drinking game, because it's Wednesday morning and we're looking forward to the weekend. This miniature putting green comes with six shot glasses - score a hole in one and make your opponent drink!

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