A-level results banner

Last Thursday (14 August), a nation held its breath as thousands of envelopes were opened and thousands of sixth formers discovered just how well they'd done in their A-levels. There was far more than pride at stake that morning; university places were on the line, and only a decent stack of grades would guarantee students a spot in the uni of their choice.

So...how did you do? Did you get the results you needed? If so, congratulations - you're off to university! Term doesn't start until September (and even later for some courses), but it's never too early to stock up on the essential bits and pieces that no self-respecting university student should be without. Obviously, you'll need your textbooks and your stationery and your eating utensils, but let's not be coy here - the most important part of one's first year at university begins with an 'A' and ends with you passed out on the floor of your communal kitchen.

That's right - it's alcohol! Very few freshers complete the first year without enjoying a few drinks along the way, and so we heartily recommend that you check out our Party Essentials section and stock up on drinking accessories before you head off to uni! Good luck!

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