Glastonbury is only one week away, and you know what that means - festival season is here! Time once again for the music lovers of Britain to don their wellies, pitch their tents, and sacrifice their children to the Weather Gods in the hope of a rain-free weekend.

Now, some people will tell you that you're crazy for going to a festival, that it's not worth enduring several days in the mud for a distant glimpse of Elbow on the Pyramid Stage. Those people are losers, of course, but they do have a point - festival life is hardly the good life! You'll have a great time at Glastonbury, certainly, but unless you're some sort of Grylls-esque wildling, you'll be sick of camping long before Kasabian bring proceedings to a close on Sunday night.


Ultimate Festival Kit


And so, being of a helpful nature, the Gadget Inspector team have put together a Festival Survival Kit. This nifty little package contains a handful of essential items that will make your festival weekend that little bit easier. The kit costs just £19.99, and here's what you'll get for that price:

  • Festival Feet - Wear them over your shoes to keep out the mud!

  • Power Bank - This ultra-slim backup battery ensures that your phone will always have an extra bit of juice.

  • Can Bong - Fancy one more drink before pegging it to the John Peel Stage for your favourite band? This is the fastest way to empty your can!

  • Purple & Green Bong Go - This is a fun-size beer bong that's designed for portability. No festival-goer should be without one!

Whether you're going to Glastonbury, Reading, Latitude, or some other festival, make sure you don't leave without your Gadget Inspector Survival Kit! Those four items would usually cost you £30, but the kit costs just £19.99 - that's a saving of more than ten pounds!

At the heart of it, Gadget Inspector is all about one thing and one thing only: having fun! Here are five four of the funnest, funkiest gadgets we have to offer:

Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer

At first glance it just looks like a coaster, but trust us, the Hot Cookie is much, much more than that. It comes with a USB lead - plug it into your computer and the cookie will heat up, keeping your tea or coffe nice and toasty for longer!


DIY Calculator

DIY Calculator

It's the calculator that you can doodle on! Draw the numbers on yourself (in the wrong order, if you want to confuse people) and decorate the calculator in your own unique style.


Pixel Time Clock

If you're an avid fan of retro video games, this clock is a must-have addition to your home. The blocky look is in right now, we're told!


Katana Bookends

Katana Bookends

Don't merely store your books on a shelf - impale them on a cool samurai sword! (Note: you don't actually have to drive a sword through your books. It's an optical illusion.)

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#AmericansvsBritish is currently trending on Twitter. There have been plenty of good arguments from both sides - not to mention all kinds of colourful insults - but we at Gadget Inspector thought we'd put the whole issue to bed in one fell swoop. Let's compare what these two great nations have to offer:

  • Size
    Well, America obviously wins this one. According to Google, the USA boasts an area of over 9.8 million square kilometres - that's more than forty times the size of Great Britain. USA 1-0 UK
  • Age
    The Brits get the point here. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was founded in 1707 (although its constituent countries are obviously much older); the Americans won their independence in 1776, so we've got about seventy years on the Yanks. USA 1-1 UK
  • Famous Inventions
    British people gave us telephones, televisions, and the World Wide Web - three cornerstones of modern society. Americans gave us the beach ball. Point goes to the UK. What's that? Thomas Edison? Yeah, but even he needed help from an EnglishmanUSA 1-2 UK
  • Celebrities
    It's hard to argue with America here. The website (which lists the 100 most famous people in the world) currently has Michael Jackson at #1, followed by Lady Gaga. Both American, sadly. The most famous Brit is Robert Pattinson of Twilight, who ranks at #23 on the MFP list. USA 2-2 UK
  • Movies
    You might think that the Americans have this one sewn up, and...well, you'd be right. The highest-grossing movie of 2013 was Iron Man 3, directed by an American and starring two Americans. We could argue that British cinema is better, but you can't argue with numbers. USA 3-2 UK
  • Music
    One Direction are British, and everyone loves them, so we're gonna go ahead and give this point to the UK. USA 3-3 UK
  • Food & Drink
    Cheeseburgers and beer? Or Sunday lunch and a cup of tea? We know which option we'd take. USA 3-4 UK
  • TV
    If you believe IMDb, the most popular TV series of all is currently Game of Thrones. It's hard to decide who gets the credit there - the programme airs on HBO (an American network), and it's based on books by George R. R. Martin (an American author), but almost every actor in the show is from the UK (with the honourable exception of Peter Dinklage). We were all set to call this one a draw, but then we remembered that both Sherlock and Doctor Who came straight out of Britain, so we're giving the UK another point. USA 3-5 UK

So there you have it - proof positive that Britain really is better than America. Well done, chaps. Let's all celebrate with a spot of Marmite.

Oh, and in case you're, we're not biased.

Here at Gadget Inspector, we love a Disney Pixar movie and everything that is involved with it! It isn't long now until the big day that is Christmas, so if you're doing some last minute Christmas shopping we have the ideal Christmas gift to give for all ages! We know how much everyone loves Disney Pixar, so in the run up to Christmas we have decided to reduce the price of the Disney Planes Inflatable and the Inflatable RC Lightning McQueen [no longer available] by a whopping £5! 

Don't forget though, the last chance for Royal Mail 2-5 working days delivery is ordering your products before Thursday 19th December at 2pm! We also offer Next Day Delivery until 9am on Saturday 21st December! What are you waiting for? Get one of the Disney Pixar Inflatables in time for Christmas! 

Why not have a look at the rest of our Inflatables that we stock at Gadget Inspector. 

Think you are the man of the house? Or maybe you are often in the dog house? And if you love a big meal then you are going to love the Man Bowl! This bowl is the perfect comical gift to give, and who ever eats out of it will sure look hilarious! It gets even better, because for one week only, for our deal of the week, we are reducing the price of the Man Bowl from £14.99 to £10.99! Make good use of this awesome deal and buy this as a gift for someone else or even yourself!